Elsa is a five year old chihuahua/Jack russell? mix rescue

by Heidi
(Syracuse New York)

I usually research dogs types to see what would be a good match. But I had already lost out on one dog that was reserved before I could call the shelter. I wasn't about to lose out on another dog I liked. My Elsa seemed to have a nice temperment and she didn't bark at the shelter but I thought maybe the new surroundings were overwhelming and that may account for her quietness.

We had her about one week before I heard more like a squeek then a bark. Elsa does bark once in awhile but she does it for a reason not just to hear herself bark. Overall she's been amuch quieter than I expected even when she's really excited.

I also have a female King Charles cavalier who is thirteen years old. She also barks for a reason but she seems to have many more "reasons'' ie; I want seconds on breakfast and dinner, I want my treat (aka vitamins), I see deer in the yard, I want your attention, yes I want your attention now!!!!

Lilly also argues back under her breath if she is scolded for more than necessary barking. She will then stop but resort to snorting, grumbling, moving her mouth open and closed with no sound. Whatever way she feels it necessary to let you know she neither agrees nor likes your decision and isn't pleased that you won't just let her carry on.

She's also the loudest dog at the park where we walk and at the pet store. I think she's announcing her arrival and expects everyone in the area to stop and pay attention.

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