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Jul 18, 2017

Tracheal Collapse in Small Breed Dogs

Tracheal collapse is a progressive disease involving the trachea or windpipe most commonly seen in small breed dogs. Learn more.

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Jul 17, 2017

German Spitz Dog Breed Profile

German Spitz: Breed information including personality, history, care, health, pros and cons of owning this breed.

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Jul 15, 2017

Dog Barking

Small Dog barking can be a problem. Learn how to eliminate this bad habit so you can enjoy your dog's company.

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Jul 15, 2017

Norwegian Lunderhund: All You Need to Know about This Breed

Norwegian Lunderhunds are friendly, active and playful, but are they the breed for you? Find out.

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Jul 15, 2017

All Breeds of Small Dogs | Small Dog Place

Find a complete list of all breeds of small dogs with descriptions and photographs

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Jul 15, 2017

All Small Dog Breed List: A to Z with Pictures & Descriptions

This complete small dog breed list includes common and rare breeds all under 22 pounds. Each picture links to an informative description of the dog.

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Jul 14, 2017

Small Dog Safety

Your small dog safety guide: Articles to help keep your small dog safe in the house and out and about.

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Jul 14, 2017

Children And Dog Safety: Keep Your Child and your Dog Safe

Children and dog safety should always be a priority for parents and caregivers. Everything you need to know.

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Jul 07, 2017

Miniature Pinscher - Small Dog Place

The Miniature Pinscher, also called the Min Pin, is a sturdy, compact little dog. Read about the breed, description, history, temperament, grooming, and health needs of this small breed dog.

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Jul 07, 2017

Mosquito Bites on Dogs: Dangers and Prevention Tips

Mosquito bites on dogs can be potentially dangerous. Find natural ways to protect your pooch.

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Jul 06, 2017

Your Dog Training Career: An Introduction

A dog training career can be fun and fulfilling, do you have what it takes?

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Jul 03, 2017

Should You Microchip Your Dog?

To Microchip or not--What are the pros and cons of microchipping your small dog?

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Jul 03, 2017

Senior Dog Health Tips: Keep You Dog Happy, Active and Healthy

Here are some senior dog health tips to keep your dog in great shape throughout his senior years.

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Jul 03, 2017

Dog Names Based on Drinks | Small Dog Place

Dog names based on drinks include both alcholic and non-alcoholic beverages--the best names for your new dog.

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Jun 27, 2017

Puppy Supplies: Ten Ways to Save Big

Puppy supplies can get very expensive if you're not careful. Here are some tips to save so that furbaby won't break the bank.

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