About my Morkie

by Taylor
(Miami, FL )

Zachary and Bo- Morkie Brothers

Zachary and Bo- Morkie Brothers

This is my morkie Zachary! He's 7 weeks old in this video. I received him as a house warming present after I closed and finally had a yard for him to play in. As you can see, he's very talkative and LOVES attention. If you ignore him, he will bark as if to say "Hello! Can you see me?!" Lol He plays all day and night and is extremely rambunctious.

My mom has his older brother and they couldn't be any different. His brother is very quiet with a sweet disposition. He'll sit in your lap ALL day if you let him and won't move. He only barks if someone is on the property and is very good at alerting you if someone is at the door. He weighs about 14 pounds and resembles a Maltese. Zachary, however, has only reached 4 pounds and I don't expect him to get nearly as big as his brother.

In all I love Morkies but as described above, no two are the same. But if you want a dog that will never leave your side and will worship you as their owner, I highly recommend this breed.

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