Allergies to foods PLUS Bladder Stones

by Salaina Hays
(Oregon Usa)

We have had our shorkie for 6 years and had issues with her allergies to foods and itching and than she developed bladder stones and we had to have her get surgery to remove them. We are at a loss as to what to feed her. 1 so she won't itch and 2 so she won't developed bladder stones. I need some help. What can we feed her?

Greetings From Small Dog Place...
Poor little Shorkie. It sounds like she is having multiple problems which means she'll need multiple solutions. Let's start with the bladder stones.

(Before I get into this, I should remind everyone that I am not a veterinarian and this advice is for informational purposes only. You should always consult a veterinarian before making any major changes to diet or medication regime.)

There are different types of bladder stones that dogs can get but struvite stones are the most common. Calcium oxalate bladder stones are also common and both types are found in the Yorkshire Terrier and other small breed dogs. So your dog could have a genetic disposition to these stones. However, Calcium oxalate stones are more common in male dogs.

Urinary tract or bladder infections also bring on stone formation, so preventing infections is also very important.

As long as urine is not very concentrated and the urine does not turn alkaline, stones should not form. The ideal diet after stones have been surgically removed is one that is lower in protein, phosphorus and magnesium and promote acidic urine.

There are some therapeutic diets that can be purchased through a veterinarian that are specifically formulated to prevent stones from reoccurring. They usually come in a can but sometimes you can get them as a dry kibble.

Can food is better because it contains more water. Offering water is critical. If the dog is not getting enough water, try placing more water bowls around the house to "remind" her to drink.

If you want to try a natural supplement, Potassium Citrate Plus Cranberry Granules is a product you sprinkle on their food to help prevent the formation of new stones and it aids in urinary tract health. It is a generic product that you can purchase online.

Please tell me more about her skin allergies and we can go from there.

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