Be carful with what u do in life.

by Christine Ramirez
(Bronx New York Untied States of America.)

I had one Shih Tzu Yorkie mix, but it got kidnapped.

Also, it was fun to be around. The first day we got her (Me and my family) it was awsome, and we decided to name her Luna because she was black and white.

Luna is the moon in Spanish. My mom decided to name her that because when the clouds block the moon it is black and when the clouds are not on the moon it is white.

The first day Isaw her I was excited not because I had a dog because I finally had a new friend who was worthy of my time.

When she left right after her birthday, I felt like I wanted to die. Maybe even kill me.
Have you ever had something you loved so much?
Have you ever lost something you loved you loved so much?

Well, I have. I have something to tell everyone who is reading this something imporant if you have something you love so much don’t waste your time to have problems with them.

When you lose them, you will suffer so much, and you will regret ever treating them bad.

Somethings in life need to be treated wth love and care. NOT with HATE or DISLIKE.

You need to learn that everyday you spent having problems with a loved one is every minute you waste. Instead of having problems just injoy the time your loved one and you have left of life.
This story is to teach people and kids to always be there for your loved ones.

Always love your loved ones.

Hi Janice Here from Small Dog Place

Thank you Christine, for sharing your story with us and for advice you have provided. It is devastating to lose a small dog and the thought that our small furbaby could be kidnapped is just unthinkable.

I am so very sorry for your loss. Perhaps someday, you will feel up to starting over with another dog. I hope so because they bring so much joy into our hearts.

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Feb 27, 2017
you are so right
by: dr. tony

i have a shih tzu yorkie, and my wife is jealous of it. this is a problem for me and my wife. but thanks to you, i am reminded of what is important.

when i was young, i had a rare french poodle. very loving, happy and playful. got killed by a car. it took me years before i had another pet, but eventually i got my shih tzu yorkie.

my shih tzu yorkie is loving and playful like my poodle was. now i am very protective to keep her on a leash and away from cars. i know someday she will have to go, but i hope she lives a long life and i can give her a good time of it.

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