Busy Izzy

by Brittan Bennett
(Atlanta, Ga, USA)

Izzy is 8 months old. Female, Shih tzu and Yorkie mix.

She is very energetic. Taught her tricks within a matter of 30 mins, so she is a quick learner. She can play dead, high five, sit, stay, and close my bedroom door when I don't feel like getting up. Pure laziness I tell ya.

It has been difficult to house train her. But I will stick with her because she has almost got it. The only thing I don't like is that she runs up to just about anyone and jumps on them. I don't know how to break her from jumping on people.

I have a friend with both miniature and larger yorkies. She tries to keep up with them but they are much too fast. I don't hear her bark a lot unless she gets feisty and wants something.

She loves to irk my nerves and she knows it. She will look at you and run when you try to get her to come inside. Like it's some game.

Also sometimes she will take her time when she has to poop, as if she knows I have to be some where in a hurry. Haha.

Other then that she is a great dog. I just need to teach her to start pawing at the door when she needs to use the rest room.

Janice Here From Small Dog Place,

Thank you so much for posting, Brittan. Little Izzy certainly sounds like she lives up to her name! I think I might like to learn how to teach a little dog how to close the door so I could sleep in too. That sounds like a very useful skill to know.

It also sounds like she is extremely intelligent and has learned many ways to get her way, typical of both Yorkies and Shih Tzu.

Jumping is a problem with small dogs and if I were to guess, many small dog owners don't do much to eliminate the problem. If you have a large breed dog, that is one of the first things you teach them, so they don't accidentally knock down a small person.

With small dogs, though, there is not much chance of anyone getting hurt so we put that training on the back burner, so to speak.

One thing that works very well for me to get the dogs from jumping up on me, is to physically turn away from them. If they can't see your face, they eventually get the hint. No attention can be paid to them at all when you do this, no talking or sneaking a peak.

It takes a lot of repetitions, though but the behavior eventually diminishes.

Thanks again for posting.

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