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10 Things to Consider Before Using CBD for Dogs

CBD for Dogs      by Smridhi Malhotra   |Updated 08-27-2020

As a pet owner, you want the best for your dogs, and there are a lot of options to make them happy. If you see that your puppy or an older dog is in pain, probably it’s high time to consider using CBD for dogs. There is plenty of evidence from pet owners suggesting that it can treat various ailments your furry friend is going through. 

Hemp Oil/ CBD for Dogs

Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from a hemp plant, and it can help your dog with some specific conditions. CBD doesn’t have psychoactive effects contained in the THC compound, so it will not have any negative impact on your dog. This post will share with you some of the things you need to consider before using CBD for dogs. 

Using CBD for Dogs:  10 Things to Consider

1. Is CBD safe for dogs?

As with anything you give your canine, it’s a good idea to know if CBD is suitable for dogs. There is a lot of debate going around as to its effectiveness, but one thing everything seems to agree on is that it has low-risk properties on dogs. 

Giving your dog a proper dosage is the secret to making sure that there are no side effects. But, if your dog ingests a lot of CBD, they may experience dizziness, diarrhea, or dry mouth. Therefore, ensure that you carefully monitor the dosage you give the dog to prevent this from happening. 

CBD is considered safe for dogs. However, you need to consult your vet to find out the type of CBD and the dosage you can use. 

CBD has a different formulation designed to treat various ailments, so you should check how the product is made of so that it doesn’t have some harmful elements that could harm your dog. After use, make sure that you lock away the substance to ensure that your dog has no easy access to it. 

2. Which CBD for Dogs Should I use?

With a lot of options available on the market, always look for the CBD, which is of high quality. Here are a few things you should look for before purchasing CBD for your dog: 

Make sure you choose the CBD for dogs product that has been tested by a third-party laboratory, and the manufacturer should be able to provide you with a certificate of analysis. Only the products that are verified by third parties will give you the expected results on your dog.

The CBD should be tested by an accredited institution to ensure that research and clinical trials have been done by vets at an accredited institution. If the CBD has not been subjected to a clinical trial, you will not know if it’s safe or not on your dog. 

An ideal CBD should be safe for use on your dog. Therefore, a pharmacokinetic study will determine the right dose for your dog, which will improve its health while ensuring that your pet is safe. 

Make sure it comes with instructions because each pet should have a specific dosage. The right dose will help to give relief to your dog. 

It’s essential to purchase the CBD, which is only recommended by the vets. Medication that is sold through the vets passes through intensive quality and safety standards. Therefore, check with your vet to find out if the product is suitable for your pet. 

Buy CBD from the manufacturer who has excellent support staff. The relationship between you and the manufacturer begins once you make the purchase, so make sure that the company has available staff members who can answer your questions or concerns. 

3. Will CBD for Dogs Help My Anxious Friend?

Dogs just like humans go through anxiety, and you can notice it in the way they express themselves. They become sensitive to various environment and noises, making them to consistently bark and begin a destructive behavior. 

Some people have the wrong impression that such canines just require more attention when it could be a far much worse situation. You should be aware that dogs that suddenly change their behavior might indicate that they are going through distress. Therefore, consider using CBD for dogs to calm them.  

If your dog is panting excessively and aggressive, it’s time you use calming agents such as CBD. It will help them within an hour because it’s a natural supplement designed to reduce stress in dogs. Verified CBD dog guide states that CBD performs by acting on the endocannabinoid system. This system can distribute the CBD compound throughout the nervous system, meaning it provides relief to various parts of the dog’s body.

This is an excellent solution as your furry friend will begin living a happier lifestyle, and it will also minimize the pressure which was on you. As a pet owner, you don’t want to see your beloved friend going through such an experience. 

4.  How does CBD for Dogs help with pain and inflammation?

A hemp plant has CBD compounds that have the capabilities of relieving pain and inflammation. It works in the same way it does in people by stimulating the endocannabinoid system that is responsible for managing the inflammation and autoimmune responses. 

It’s never easy to watch your dog undergoing the pain in its body. It doesn’t matter if the pain is in the muscles caused by falling, the best thing you can do is to help the dog. 

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which can also stimulate the cannabinoids in the brain and body of your dog. This causes neurotransmitters to be sent to calm and reduce pain in your canine.

But, if your furry friend has chronic pain involving mobility problems and joint pains, it might take a few weeks to get the expected results. 

You should start with a small dosage to determine the exact amount of dosage that will have effective results. The ideal way of administering the dosage is by applying a few drops of CBD into the dog’s food. 

5. Can I use CBD for my dog who has seizures?

Some dogs suffer from epilepsy and seizures just like people, and it can be heartbreaking to watch your canine going through such episodes. The good news is that CBD has been recognized to have healing effects on dogs. 

A recent study has revealed that CBD is a potential treatment to reduce the extent of epileptic seizures in your dog. It can be challenging to watch your dog miserable, but you realize that there is nothing you can do to help your pet. 

Perhaps consider using CBD for dogs if you have consulted your vet and haven’t found the right solution to your predicament or you are looking for another alternative that you can use to treat your pet. 

Seizures in canines come in the form of uncontrollable shaking or twitching. It depends on a dog because some of them may last for just a couple of minutes while others are over pretty quickly. If you observe these signs, then CBD may be a solution to these epileptic seizures in your dog. 

6.  Is it true that CBD for dogs has cancer-fighting properties?

Tumors in dogs can be a huge problem, and they come about as a result of cancer. It can spread and cause a lot of pain in your pet. 

While CBD is not capable of getting rid of these tumors, it has been seen that it stops the growth by inactivating the cancer cells from having the nutrients they require to thrive. This is the best solution that would help the cancer cells from surviving, meaning there will be less pain in your dog. 

Recent research indicates that CBD is capable of stopping the growth of tumors. Although this study didn’t focus on canines, there is reasonable evidence to suggest that it can help dogs suffering from cancer. Other studies have demonstrated how CBD stimulates the cancer cells in mice to destroy themselves, meaning it can equally be effective on dogs. 

The supplement also stops the process called metastasis. This is a situation when cancer cells start spreading into the bloodstream. Pet owners have also provided evidence and testimonials, suggesting that CBD can treat cancer in dogs. 

Besides this, CBD for dogs  reduces the inflammation caused by the tumors and their symptoms. It means if your dog has cancer, it will have joint pains, arthritis, and pains in its inflamed body parts. 

All these symptoms will be treated by giving your pet CBD. But, use CBD with the prescribed medications from your vet to improve the effectiveness of the cancer treatment. 

7.  Can you give CBD to Puppies with Motion Sickness?

Motion sickness is common in dogs, especially puppies. It’s quite similar to what happens to humans when children suffer more than adults. Pets also are affected by the balancing mechanisms in their ear. If your dog is still young, the ear structures are not yet developed and will have an impact on their balance. 

The solution to helping your dog from these symptoms is by providing them with medication. There are various traditional ways that people use to help their pets, and they are useful. For example, CBD has become a popular method to help your canine with motion sickness. 

CBD is not only safe and effective, but it’s an ideal natural supplement that will enable your furry friend to be healthy and happy when you are driving. The CBD supplement has antiemetic properties and will affect the serotonin receptors to reduce the symptoms.  

8.  My dog is not sick, can I still give her CBD?

CBD performs in dogs in the same way as in humans because of some similarities. Both humans and dogs have an endocannabinoid system used for regulating the physiological process such as pain and mood. 

For this reason, CBD promotes their overall well-being. No wonder, many pet owners find it suitable for use in their dogs as it provides a proper balance in the body and improves their general health. 

Another great thing about CBD for dogs is the fact that studies have indicated that the supplement can treat and even prevent heart problems. CBD goes in the cardiovascular system and in so doing, it treats and also prevents the occurrence of heart diseases. 

Taking this supplement will ensure that your dog is in perfect condition, and you can enjoy a healthy relationship for years. While it won’t make them live forever, CBD will make sure that your dog lives a relaxed and comfortable life. 

9.  Would CBD help my elderly dog?

CBD is known to have various benefits to elderly dogs. As your canine ages, it’s likely to have joint and mobility issues. Senior dogs also have aches and inflammation in most parts of their bodies. 

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties to ensure that it reduces such problems facing your pet. When CBD is used, the same endocannabinoid receptors that reduce anxiety in dogs are also responsible for minimizing pain. They also go to all the painful areas in the dog’s body to treat the problem.  

Most vets recommend CBD for elderly dogs that have joint pains. It might not cure all the types of joint problems, but it reduces inflammation arising from worn-down cartilage. Also, it alleviates pains as a result of intestinal inflammation, and most of the times, a dog is given the medication after surgery and during recovery to stimulate the immune system to work quickly.

10.  Can CBD help a dog who won't eat?

Every dog has to eat to have a healthy life. It’s even more essential when your dog is aging and is going through a poorer health condition. It’s at this point that you need your dog to be given the right diet, especially in situations when it’s going through a severe illness.

They require food to provide them with the energy to battle the disease, but many health conditions affect the dog’s appetite. If your dog is not eating, it’s most likely that they will become weaker and may even suffer from the side effects of the illness. 

CBD is the right remedy because it stimulates the appetite of your dog. It doesn’t matter what the cause of the illness might be, the CBD supplement stimulates the hunger sensations. 

When your dog loses appetite for food, it can be challenging to determine correctly what might have triggered the problem. Most of the times, nausea is the usual culprit for the loss of appetite. A healthy dog will always eat its food without vomiting as they get the nutrients that help them to stay strong and healthy. 


As a dog owner, it can be overwhelming to see your furry friend suffering. It’s always advisable to seek the opinion of your vet if you want to use CBD. They will be in a better position to let you know concerning your canine’s health and diet. There is concrete evidence to show that CBD improves the quality of life for dogs while they defend themselves from other ailments. 

CBD For Dogs:  10 Things to Consider before Giving CBD to Your Dog

Author Bio (CBD for Dogs)

Having more than 9 years of writing experience, Smridhi Malhotra is a professional tech, health, and travel blogger. She loves to gather and share her profound knowledge about the latest developments in technology.

Smridhi is a management graduate and visual graphics artist and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Behavioral Psychology. Her hobbies are practicing mindfulness, counseling children, and reading mystery novels. You can reach her here.

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