Can CBD Oil for Dogs be Used with Other Medications?

CBD Oil for Dogs    by Jessica Johnson    |Published 01-21-2021

If you want your dog to stay healthy, you are probably feeding it with some vitamins and supplements. On the other hand, if your dog is suffering from some health issue, you might have to give it some meds until things get better.

A Black and white Shih Tzu is sitting on a brown chair.Can CBD Oil for Dogs be Used with Other Medications?

CBD oil is one of the best supplements for dogs, and it’s used by millions of dog owners who want to improve their pet’s quality of life.

Even though it’s generally very safe, is it a good idea to combine CBD oil with other medications or supplements? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you more about the UK's CBD oil for dogs and how to use it. 

Is CBD Oil for Dogs Safe?

CBD products created a huge fuss the moment they became available for everyone to use. Many people still think that CBD is the same as marijuana because it comes from the cannabis plant. However, the truth is that CBD is just one of the hundreds of chemical compounds found in cannabis or hemp.

It has absolutely no psychoactive effects, and after a few years on the open markets, people have slowly begun to understand that CBD is actually a very good thing. It offers all kinds of health benefits, but without any adverse side effects, toxic ingredients, or the ability to cause an addiction.

People use CBD products because they make them feel better. The same thing goes on with dogs. Special CBD products for animals have lower doses of the compound but offer the same benefits. That includes an improved way of life, boosted energy levels, pain management, and so on.

Does CBD Interact With Other Medications?

While most animals tolerate CBD without any issues, it can interact with some medications if taken in higher doses. Let’s take a closer look at what meds react to this substance and why. 

CBD And Its Effect On Liver Enzyme Activity

CBD has the power to affect certain hormones and enzymes in your dog’s body. The liver enzymes known as cytochrome P450 are one of them. They are the enzymes responsible for breaking down most medications found in today’s markets. 

That includes substances such as ibuprofen, diazepam, anti-epileptics, antidepressants, and so on. Your dog needs those enzymes to break down medication through the process known as oxidation. The enzymes add a molecule of oxygen to the medication, which allows the kidneys to filter it down. 

It turns out that CBD can inhibit cytochrome P450 activity and make it harder for the liver to break down compounds. In other words, CBD can have a negative impact on medicine that has those enzymes. It’s important to know that smaller doses of CBD have a smaller effect on the enzyme. 

What medication does CBD interact with?

All medicine that has the cytochrome enzymes can be affected by CBD. That’s roughly 60% of all medications available on the market. That includes common drugs such as:

  • NSAIDs
  • Steroids
  • Antihistamines
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Fentanyl 
  • Anesthetics
  • Antibiotics

Cannabidiol may boost anti-seizure drug effects!

CBD also has the power to improve the effects of certain drugs by enhancing their effect. Since it affects the P450 enzymes in a way that makes breaking down medicine slower, that could help improve the effects of anti-seizure medication.

By slowing down the time needed to metabolize the drug, it will stay in the body for longer, extending its original effects. That means that combining anti-seizure drugs with CBD will prolong their effect, and your dog won’t have to take the drug as frequently as before.

How to use CBD for your pets

Many dog owners use CBD to help their pets cope with symptoms of serious diseases. CBD activates the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating hormone levels and other natural processes inside the body. As a result, CBD can provide health benefits for dogs suffering from:

  • Chronic inflammation
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Allergies
  • Appetite problems
  • Insomnia

CBD for dogs has the same effects as CBD for humans, but you have to consider other medicaments your dog is taking before using the oil. Remember that some drugs have a better effect when combined with CBD, so make sure that you do your research before giving it a try.

The Bottom Line

CBD is a potent natural compound that has a positive effect on humans as well as animals. It can help your dog cope with symptoms of various diseases, but only if you use it right. Combining CBD with other medicine is possible, but only if done right as CBD can neutralize certain drugs’ effects. 

Always consult your veterinarian before using CBD on your four-legged friend to make sure that he gets the best therapy possible.

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