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Who doesn't love cute small dog videos?  We thought we'd go on a hunt to find a few that might tickle your funny bone, touch your heart, or just plain entertain.  We hope you like our choices. 

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Watch a Couple of our own videos, below.

Hanna and the Snowy Day

Pictures of the same dog, at 7 weeks old and one year old.Hanna and the Snowy Day

Hanna and the Snowy day was one of the first videos we filmed for our other site, Miracle Shih Tzu.  It is about a family of Shih Tzu dogs that want to go out to play. Shih Tzu dogs tolerate the cold well and absolutely love snow, so anytime they see it has snowed outside, they are eager to investigate.

Puppy Diaries:  Kermit a Good Puppy

Face of a eight week old Shih Tzu PuppyStory of Kermit

Kermit was a little puppy and like all good puppies, he was full of energy, loved to play and explore. 

He is now a full grown dog and lives in Pennsylvania, USA. 

This video was taken before he went to his forever home and represents his experiences at the breeder's home.

(That would be me.)

Yorkie Poo Puppies

Yorkshire TerrierYorkshire Terrier: Jewel

Here is a litter of Yorkie Poos that just wanna have fun.  This is a video about a day in the life of seven week old Yorkie Poos. 

Much of their time is still devoted to eating and sleeping, but now puppies want to explore and it is an excellent time to introduce them new experiences, no surfaces to walk on and new dogs and people. 

This is all done in a safe environment. Want to know more about how we made this video?   

First Steps

Here is a group of puppies that have not learned how to walk yet. It often takes awhile to build up those little muscles, but we have some pretty impatient adult dogs that just can't wait for the puppies to learn to walk.  The puppies in this video are about 2 to 4 weeks old.  You'll see that pups go through the same stages as human babies go through:  Crawl, Stand, and then finally walk, followed soon after by running. Enjoy.

Your Cute Small Dog Videos

Now it's your turn.  Have you filmed a video we could add to this page.  We'd love to see it.  Use the form below to provide a description of your video and a link for us.  If your video is appropriate, we will add it to our page.  Remember, we're looking for cute small dog videos that will entertain.

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