Great Black Dog Name

by J.W. Peterson
(Cottage Grove, MN)

I think I came up with a classy yet not so common female black dog name.

I found this name has both Nordic and Celtic origin and has meanings ranging from Raven, Raven haired, Little Raven,Raven haired beauty, and even another meaning "little beacon on a hill" and even "little tear drop."

The name is BRENNA.

Short and sweet and rolls off your tongue and easily understood when you call your dog!

We are planning to replace our 14 1/2-year-old mini schnauzer Zoey who had to be put down due to numerous health issues with a black and silver miniature schnauzer and I think Brenna is a great name for her as it describes the shiny black texture of her top coat and her personality!

Hi, Janice Here from Small Dog Place

Thank you for taking your time to tell your dog's story and to offer such an interesting name for a black dog. It is obvious that did your homework for this name and I'm sure once others see it, they may want to use it too.

I am so sorry for your loss but am glad that you were able to find a new friend who is going to have such an ancient and uncommon name. Good luck with your new dog.

I am going to add your name to our Black Dog Names Page, so you can also check it out there.

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