Leo has epilepsy, can you please help?

by Sandy
(Blackburn, UK)



Six years ago Leo's owner Steven had a heart operation and after a consultation he was told that walking was good for him.

Not wanting him to walk around on his own, I got him, "Leo" a whippet cross for company. Leo and his three siblings was just about to be taken to a rescue.

From a puppy up until the age of 4, Leo was fine but then started having seizures that gradually got worse and needed treatment and medication, which is very expensive.

He has in the last 6 months been rushed to a 24 hour care vet because he went into status (ie; could not come out of seizures)

With treatment and drugs he has made a good recovery each time. At the moment the vets are trying to get the right combination of drugs that will help Leo but he is still having seizures.

Diazepam helped him in the last month. That consisted of 5x 10mg rectal and 14x 10mg oral nearly £50.

Thats besides his other drugs, Epiphen and Libromide.

The Diazepam has to be on stand-by at all times in case of emergency.

I have never asked for help before but I am desperate and Leo is such a loving healthy dog when not having seizures and deserves the chance of life.

Steven lives on a minimum income and Leo's visits to the vet is covered by the PDSA but not his medication which Steven can't afford on his own.

If you'd like to make a donation please go to Leo's Gofundme Page

Janice Here, From Small Dog Place.

While we normally would not consider a Whippet to be a small dog, Leo's story caught my attention. What a special dog and such a comfort to his owner.

I hope someone will feel moved too to visit Leo's page and leave a donation.

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