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by Anjali

which breed is this??

which breed is this??

This Dog breed is good.

Hi, Janice here from Small Dog Place

By the looks of your picture, I must assume that it is a puppy. It is definitely one of the Spitz breeds. All Spitz dogs, large and small have specific characteristics in common. The have long thick coats, pointed ears and a thick tail that is carried over the dog's back.

Most Spitz dogs are named either for their size or the location where they were first developed. Since there are several dog breeds that are all white, I can't know for sure what breed it is.
However, my guess is that the dog must belong to one of the following breeds:

American Eskimo Dog
German Spitz
Danish Spitz
Japanese Spitz

Some of the large breed dogs that belong to the Spitz family include:

Alaskan Malamute
Siberian Husky
Chow Chow
Akita Inu
If anyone has other ideas, please add your comments below.

Whatever the dog is, he or she is very cute and I'll bet has a personality bigger than she is.

Hope this helps.

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