by Robyn

We adopted Luna 6 months ago. She previously lived in an outdoor pen with 16 other dogs. She is currently 2 years old and still adapting to life with her human family. She has strong guarding tendencies toward her human mom, particularly overnight.

She is still very hesitant to go outdoors. She needs a lot of attention, and even with 2 daily walks, she seems to need more activity. We are working on her appropriate interaction with her people, although she seems to be acclimating to the other small dog in the family.

She is 16 lbs compared to the older dogs' 7 lbs, but she is learning to heed the older dogs' "advice". Luna has a strong will when it comes to getting what she wants. She needs us to be good consistent pack leaders to maintain balance in the house.

She is affectionate, attentive, and adorable, and we look forward to many happy years with our little Luna.

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