Muffasa Verdel

by Laraine Rene Strom
(Farmingville NY)

His name means King Verdel - a king he is! At all of 2.6 lbs, this larger than life puppy is nine weeks old.

He lets me know when he is hungry, thirsty, needs to get down from the couch, or up on the couch.

Watching him "bully" his toys is hilarious. Muffasa dives head first into his cluster of toys that is piled up in a doggie bed.

After spreading them all over the room, this tiny ball of energy will collect item after item and return them to his heap in the dog bed. (Wish I could have trained my husband to clean up, after himself lol)

The funniest thing Muffasa has done to date is he let me know he was hungry, and since it was in between meals, I placed a small puppy sized bowl in front of him with some dry food only.

Well Muffasa Verdel proceeded to bark at the bowl and tried to tumble it over using his paws.
I decided to take some of the kibble out of the bowl and place it on his mat. To my surprise, Muffasa dive bombed on to the food with his entire tiny body, and when the food rolled all over he pounced each grain and ate one at a time repeating this action until all the food was eaten!

Love this pea sized furry loving terrorist (yes he becomes a pinball with razor sharp teeth at about 12 am each morning, grabbing on to what ever he can).

I highly recommend this breed, and the fun has only just begun.

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