My companion: A very Special Designer/Hybrid Dog

by Lourdes
(Staten Island New York)

This my little guy, Carlos

This my little guy, Carlos

This is Carlos. He is 2 years old very smart and very energetic. He loves children and gets along well with larger dogs. He's very loyal but can also be stubborn. Carlos is very protective.

----Greetings from Small Dog Place----
Carlos sounds like the perfect dog with all the characteristics that small dog lovers find irresistible in their little canine companions--intelligence, energy and spunk, the ability to get along with other dogs and also with children and serve as a watch dog too.

It's funny that many people report that their dog is stubborn and if I didn't live with a whole pack of stubborn dogs I might think people who report stubbornness in their breed just had expectations that were just too high.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Some dogs are just plain stubborn. I personally believe that having a dog with a stubborn streak shows a high sense of intelligence. Dogs must know they have a choice when they show their stubborn side. You can almost sense what they are thinking...

Do I come to you or stay and finish what I was doing?

Do I eat my dinner or will you make it tastier if I choose not to eat?

What if I choose not to like this new little puppy, what are you going to do?

Stubbornness is definitely inborn in some small breed dogs.

Thank you for sharing Carlos with us. Who else will share their dog's story?

Don't forget to tell us your dog's name, age, and breed if you know it and share your amazing story with the world.

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