My shorkie called Rolo

by Meg

Loves the smell of Pringles

Loves the smell of Pringles

I never knew puppy's could hump at such a young age!

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Jul 11, 2015
Puppy Behaviors
by: Small Dog Place

You never told us how old he was?

Sometimes this behavior is related to dominance or play (if it is a very young puppy). People often assume that this behavior has one meaning but when dogs play they can be seen to do this on a number of different situations.

Very young puppies are probably just experimenting with each other. I've seen this between males and males, males and females and females with females as young as 7 weeks of age.

When it involves two dogs that are older, it could have some dominance issues. The dog that is trying to hump may be asserting his dominance over the other. Females will do this with other females.

True sexual maturity does not come until after six months of age and often much later in small breed dogs (although they do mature faster than larger breed dogs.

If this behavior is directed towards people, then it should be discouraged from the very beginning. Sometimes puppies misbehave and we think their behavior is cute and ignore. Puppies that are taught right from the beginning are much less likely to continue later on. It is important to extinguish any unwanted behaviors before they become fixed.

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