Overweight Morkie

by Rosalie
(Florida, USA)

I recently rescued a Morkie, she is 7 yrs old, weighs 18 pounds which is much more then the ten pounds your article states. Our vet said she is healthy, but would like her to loose two pounds. Is this weight OK?

She grew up with two big dogs. She is always hungry and eats really fast.

I had heard that the big dogs where over powering her. I read that dogs who eat like she does may have had a problem with other dogs eating her food and not letting her eat.

Is eating very fast a problem for her?
Thank you

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Jul 11, 2015
Solutions for Overweight Small Dogs
by: Janice

Congratulations on your new Morkie.

Morkies can come in many different sizes depending on the size of their parents.

If the veternarian thinks she only needs to loose a couple of pounds, then she is really not that overweight.

The weights that I used in the article were based on the AKC standards for Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers.

Yorkies, according to AKC should weigh between 4 and 7 pounds, and so if you are breeding, that is the size you should strive for.

In reality, there are plenty of big Yorkies out there. I once met up with a Yorkie owner at a vet hospital who weighed 18 pounds. He didn't look fat and he was healthy. When Yorkies were being developed as a breed, in the 1800s they were much bigger than today.

Maltese can be tall, but they are usually not much more than about 8 or 9 pounds because they have fine bones. This of course, is assuming that the Maltese is not overweight. That does make a difference.

So your Morkie probably just had bigger parents. I wouldn't worry about the weight too much. If she gets good exercise she should begin to loose.

As far as feeding is concerned, would it be possible to feed her smaller portions more frequently?

There is also a bowl that owners of large breed dogs use to prevent the dog from eating too fast.

Big dogs that eat too fast can get bloat (a life threatening condition). I looked on Amazon, and found one that might work for you.

It is medium size bowl with partitions that prevent the dog from just gulping down the food. Most of these types of bowls are made for large breed dogs and so the bowl is big enough to contain the amount of food a large or giant breed dog would eat.Brake-Fast Dog Food Slow Feed Bowl - Medium Blue

It might be worth a try at least initially. I would image that as she becomes more comfortable in her new home, where she does not need to compete with large dogs, this feeding behavior will slowly go away.

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