5 Reasons People Prefer Dogs Over Cats

People Prefer Dogs Over Cats  |Published 10-03-20

Pets spark joy in our lives. By taking care of a furry companion, not only do you get smothered with unconditional love (sometimes as bites and scratches) but also feel physically fit, emotionally healthy, and spiritually balanced.

While all creatures are unique, nothing causes heated arguments more than the age-old cat versus dog debate. Of course, there is no requirement to choose between the two and live in binaries; but felines being temperamental and haughty aren't the only reasons most people prefer dogs. 

They're called 'a man's best friend' - let's explore why.

A Pug is playing with a young puppy.Reasons Why People Prefer Dogs over Cats

5 Reasons Why People Prefer Dogs Over Cats

1.   Dogs are Fun-loving

Dogs seem to have unlimited energy to frolic around the house and porch. Nothing better than a goofy smile to wake you up on mornings or a fluffy and small companion to snuggle into bed with at night.

Unlike felines, the presence of a dog, small or big, can make us chuckle at our gloomiest. They show their affection in many different ways: making your hand their favourite chew toy, scratching every corner of your house - leaving no piece of furniture or clothing unscathed.

But that is all in good fun - having no wearable socks is a small price to pay for a warm and cheerful puppy to live with. They are natural comedians! Their joy is infectious and they are always excited for playtime! A dog's love is always in high supply.

P.S.: Their kisses are the best.

2.  A Dog's Love is Unconditional

Dogs experience a range of emotions, just like human beings. However, unlike human beings, these emotions are not attached to complexities - when your puppy licks your face, it does not have any ulterior motives. It simply wants to display its love!

Their emotions are earnest and unconditional. This sincerity is also reflected in the relationship between owners and their dogs. Dog owners are much likely to spend more on their pets for veterinary care, toys, and pet insurance coverage.

Dogs are far more compliant in comparison to cats; owing to which owners develop a strong sense of attachment and affection which prompts them to make sure no harm befalls their pet, and even if something happens they have it covered by insurance.

They are not just pets—they are family.

3.  Dogs Can Save Lives

A dog's nose not only dominates its face but also its brain. They can smell a bowl of chicken from a mile away so don't be surprised when they come running and hopping into the kitchen and look at you with dreamy eyes.

They can smell fears, natural disasters, emergencies and irritation. Not only are canines happy-go-lucky furballs; from time to time they put on their detective hat as well. Research has shown that these little Sherlocks have the ability to detect an oncoming seizure in a human - minutes or sometimes, hours ago.

If this wasn't enough, they manage to sense cancer and infections as well.

4.  Dogs Keep You Fit

Your four-legged friend is your best motivator to get out and lead an active lifestyle. On some days when getting off the couch seems like an unconquerable task - dogs take it upon themselves to tug at the end of your shirt—their innocent eyes cannot be denied an evening walk.

Whether you want to swim, jog, play fetch or go for a hike in the hills—you will find your dog at the door wagging with excitement. Outdoors are their natural habitat—they lick everything in sight, poop in the bushes, urinate on the road to send secret messages to their buddies, and run around.

If they run, you run with them. Not only do dog owners get more exercise, but they also get better quality exercise.

5.  Dogs Improve Relationships

Believe it or not, studies have found that dogs improve social relationships. Owning a dog improves empathy and compassion in us. It is natural to become more caring and attentive when you have a little (or large) creature running around your house.

Right from cleaning excreta to feeding good quality food—becoming a dog owner inculcates responsible behaviour. Their presence improves mood, well being and reduces agitation and anxiety.

It might sound like a ton of work if you don't already own one but loving a dog is the most fulfilling experience one can have. There is inexplicable joy in being licked with love, being pounced upon after getting back home, and tending to them like family. It is im-paw-sible to imagine a home without a furry friend waiting for you at the door.

All animals are special - be it a kitten, fish or a tortoise; but there is no denying that a dog's love is inimitable.

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