Puppies that stay small, soft & cute...

by Freda
(Hutchinson Kansas)

I am looking for a small puppy that stays small soft & cute. I would be keeping it in a puppy haircut. It would not be for breeding, just for a pet for myself.

Since I am retired now, and the dog would be for my grandkids when they come to visit and also to take to see my 92 yr old mother in a nursing home to give her some fun therapy. Male or female will be considered, and I promise!!, the dog will be so spoiled rotten.

Also, one that loves to take a walk around my safe neighborhood with sidewalks. I would also want it to live with my beautiful cat Jackson.

I have lived in this home since 1985. Hopefully, I can purchase it in Kansas where I live. I don't want to have one shipped to me.

Thank you, Freda

Hi Janice Here From Small Dog Place

I get asked questions similar to this one quite frequently and unfortunately, Small Dog Place does not recommend specific breeds, rescues, or shelters.

With that said, however, may I make a couple of suggestions for finding a great dog?

1. Determine the type of dog breed you would like to have if the breed is important to you. Any of the breeds listed on the previous page would work in your situation. You might also want to consider a hybrid (two breeds that have been combined such as poodle and Maltese.

2. Decide whether you would prefer to have a puppy or an adult dog.

3. Once these decisions have been reached, it is time to start looking for a specific dog to call your own.

Where to Find Your New Best Friend

1. In the last couple of years, Facebook Groups have been a very popular place to find a puppy or older dog. You would need to find a breed specific group, ask to join, then post your request.

2. There are advertising websites that list breeders or puppies/adults for sale. Here are just a couple to try.

Puppy Find: https://www.puppyfind.com/browse
Breeders.net: http://www.breeders.net/

3. Do a Google Search

Here is a couple of search suggestions:

Maltese breeders near me
Shih Tzu breeders in central Kansas
Local puppies for sale near me
Adult dogs for sale in Kansas

4. If you want an AKC (American Kennel Club) registered puppy you might want to check out the AKC marketplace.


5. To locate a rescue, humane society or animal shelter near you:

Google dog rescue near me OR Pomeranian rescue near me

6. If you want to browse through dog pictures that lead to specific rescues:

Pet Finder: https://www.petfinder.com/

I hope this list will get you started on your search for a new dog. Good luck to you.

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