Seven Week Old Puppy

by Nat

We got a new dog. It's 7 weeks we don't know what to name it. We were thinking of Lola but we decided no so we thought of Zoey but those are to names for a small 7-week dog. So we will try to get ideas for names for this dog from you guys. Thanks.

Hi, Janice here from Small Dog Place

I hope by now that you have found the best name for your little puppy. It is sometimes difficult to come up with the perfect name, but you can also ask the dog what they would like to be called.

I did this with a puppy I was struggling to name. No one in the family could agree on a name. We thought about Roxie, Rhoda, Rhonda, Lilac and a few more.

We sat down one day and started naming off names, one by one to see what reaction she would have. As it turned out, when we called, Rosie, she got up and ran to us. What a surprise! She is now, Rosie and seems to like that name.

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