Small Dog Place Newsletter 02-2017
February Edition

Your Small Dog Place Newsletter 02-2017 is here.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.  Wishing you all the best for the coming year, small dog lovers.

Happy Valentine's Day

Small Dog Place Newsletter 02-2017

Popular Pet Names:  Our Predictions for 2017

Most Popular Pet Name Predictions for 2017

How fun to speculate what the most popular dog names will be in the New Year.  Will they be just like last year's names or will they take off from Pop Culture trends and Politics.  Read our ideas and then don't forget to ad your own. [Read more]

Puppy Bladder Infections

Most people don't suspect a bladder infection when their puppy is having pottying accidents, but UTIs and bladder infections may be more common than you think.  This article goes into the causes, symptoms, treatments and preventative measures you can take to protect your puppy.  [Read more]

Raw Food Diet for Your Small Breed Dog?

Raw Dog Food Diet

This guest post by Anna Sakila discusses several reasons why eating healthy may mean raw or home cooked.  She even provides a yummy meal idea that you can make and freeze.

[Read more]

Safety at the Beach

Thinking of that special winter holiday that includes fun in the sun, frothy waves and glistening white sands?  If you're in the Southern hemisphere, you are already enjoying some nice weather and this article is especially for you.  

Don't let that favorite beverage keep you from attending to your small dog's safety.  There are some issues you should be aware of even before you set foot on that sandy beach.  

[Read more]

Ways You can Help Your Small Dog Live Longer

What dog lover wouldn't want their small dog to live longer, but alias, our life span over shadows theirs short lives many times over.  There are ways that we can help our dogs live healthy lives, whereby extending their time with us.  Read these helpful hints written by Mackenzie Grove. [Read more]

Canine Valley Fever

Never heard of Canine Valley Fever?  It is not all that common, but if you live in an area where these infections occur, you will want to be well informed.  

This guest post by Catherine A. Bono, describes the symptoms, types, and treatments currently available for this fungal inspection.  Don't know who is affected, check out the article now.

[Read more]

Poop Bag Holders

Poop Bag HoldersPoop Bag Holder

Love to walk your dog?  Know you need to clean up after him? Hate the thought?

You are not alone.  Who relishes the idea of taking a causual stroll or a power walk with your four legged friend hauling a thin poop bag all the way?

This guest blogger has come up with a solution that could make walking your dog so much more pleasant.

[Read more]

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