Viamonte Portuguese Podengos

by Miguel Sabino
(Leiria, Portugal)

Viamonte Podengo - Vasco

Viamonte Podengo - Vasco

Viamonte Podengo - Vasco
Viamonte Podengo - Elvas
Viamonte Podengo - Agrião
Viamonte Podengo - Carapau

My Podengos are my loyal companions. Wire Hair Portuguese Podengos from Viamonte, top Podengo breeder with dogs in 21 different countries worldwide. The Podengo Pequeno is the best comedian!

Hi Janice here from Small Dog Place

Thank you Miguel for sharing your knowledge and beautiful dog pictures with us. These are amazing dogs and hopefully will become more and more popular worldwide in time.

If you are trying to find a rare dog breed, it always makes sense to look at the breed's country of origin for information and assistance.

While purchasing a dog internationally is never as easy as going down the street to get one, sometimes this is the best option.

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