What Breed is This?

by Melissa
(Kingwood, TX)

What Breed is this?

What Breed is this?

What kind of dog is this? I've looked everywhere and couldn't figure it out.

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Feb 08, 2015
Discovering the Correct Breed
by: Janice

This is one cute dog and my guess is that it is some Spitz-type dog such a Pomeranian or a Toy American Eskimo.

With that said, however, it is really difficult to identify a breed based on a little picture. Other factors that help determine the breed or breeds present include size, texture of hair, and even personality.

If your new dog is of questionable parentage, there are ways to determine which breeds are present in his pedigree.

Scientists have worked hard in recent years to map out the canine genome. With this new genetic information, it is possible to do a simple genetic test to determine what type of dog you have.

Companies like Wisdom Panel (http://www.whatsmydog.com)can run DNA samples to give you this information. Obtaining a sample of DNA is simple. After ordering the sterile kit, a sample is taken from the dog's cheeks using a cotton swab, and then mailed back for analysis. If you go with a company such as this, the results are usually available within 2 to 3 weeks.

If this is your dog, it might be worth it to find out exactly. If it is not your dog, I encourage all our Small Dog Place's Visitors to try and identify the dog thought the picture.

Oh and by the way, Melissa, if you have any further information on the dog that might help our readers determine the breed, please post them.

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