Zsa Zsa, My Designer Mongrel

by Kaye
(Napier - New Zealand)

My darling Zsa Zsa is affectionately known as a 'designer mongrel' and I love her so much.

Picked her out when she was 5 weeks old and decidedly, the runt of the litter.

She is now coming up 14 or around 76 in human years I believe and has always had the most wonderful nature.

She is very loving and has slept with us since my husband put her on our bed when she was 3 months old as she kept crying during the night in her sheepskin basket where I also kept a tick tock clock so as to sound like a heartbeat from the mother....

She was often sick in the early months with tonsillitis and, so at eight months old, our Vet removed her tonsils.

She graduated from Puppy School with a degree and has always been very brave around large dogs since then when she got acquainted at her weekly classes.

When she was 18 months old we relocated over the Gold Coast Australia, together with our cat, Precious.

The day we picked them up from Brisbane Airport Quarantine little Zsa Zsa got bitten by a Bull Ant when I walked her in the park across the road from our apartment.

Had to put a packet of frozen peas on her pad to take the swelling down. She and Precious had to get used to the humidity as did we and whenever we had to leave them at home, we left the air-conditioning on to keep them cool.

No water bowls outside because of the cane toads. We walked every day with Zsa Zsa at around 5am so as to avoid the heat.

She did some miles. We came back to NZ 3 years later with them both and they settled again well.

Life wouldn't be the same without Zsa Zsa - she is such an important part of our family and is thoroughly spoiled by us and my mother who lives with us.

It's sad to see her getting older but I hope and pray we have her in our lives for a few more years to come.

She is the child I never had......

Hi, Janice Here from Small Dog Place

Thank you so much, Kaye for sharing your dog, Zsa, Zsa's story with us. What a special dog (and cat) and quite the little world's travelers.

You mentioned something at the end of your post that struck a cord with me.

"She is the Child I never had..."

I wonder how many here consider their dogs as their children (or grandchildren). I certainly do. Any one care to comment?

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Mar 17, 2016
Fur Children
by: Kaye

Thanks for your comments - and so true. When my cat Precious was put to sleep back in 2011, I was heartbroken but it was the kindest thing to do at the time. She lives on in my memory and now I can smile when I tend to her little granite headstone and the patio rose my husband planted in her memory. Always such fond thoughts of Precious and all the happiness she brought into our lives during her 15 years with us.

Mar 10, 2016
💜Zsa Zsa
by: Anonymous

So glad that your furchild has made you happy over the years (and hopefully many more)! When she does pass remember that the sadness you experience with their passing is short compared with EVERY DAY that they gave you love!

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