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Dog Names Based on Drinks

Buddy or Bud for short is a great example of a dog name based on a type of Beer.Dog Names Based on Drinks

Dog Names based on drinks may be more popular than you think.  In the course of your lifetime, just how many dogs can you name that had a name such as Bailey, Bean, Buddy, Brandy, Jasmine or Sam? 

I doubt that those dogs were named after a drink, but you never know.  Every time I hear that a dog is named Buddy, or Bud for short, I think Clydesdales and the old slogan, For all you do, this Bud's for you.

Some of the names below may not be perfect for an everyday name, but when shortened can be just right for a new puppy or dog. 

If you have a purebred dog and need to formulate a fantastic name for the registration papers, the full name may work great.  Consider the name X-Kennel’s Bombay Sapphire where x is the name of the breeding kennel and Bombay is the dog’s call name. 

This list of dog names based on drinks include beers, wines, mixed drinks and brands.  We’ve also included teas, coffees and soft drinks and the like. 

Did we forget a great name?  No doubt.  There are great names worldwide that could be added to this list. 

Please help the list grow.  If we forgot your favorite drink name, please don’t take it personally.  Just help us out by listing your contributions on the form at the end of this page.    Don’t forget to give us your name and location so we can credit you with your submission.

Dog Names Based on Drinks

  • Abita  -  Beer
  • Ale  -  Beer
  • Alize  -  Liqueur
  • Amaretto - Liqueur
  • Asti Spumante (Asti for Short)  - Wine
  • Avicon - Tequila
  • Bacardi - Rum
  • Baily’s (Baily for Short)  - Liqueur
  • Bean - Coffee Been
  • Beaujolais (Beau for Short)  - Wine
  • Beck’s (Beck for Short)  - Beer
  • Bellini  - Mixed Drink
  •  Bombay Sapphire London (Either Bombay, Sapphire or London for short) Gin
  •  Bourbon - Whiskey
  • Brandy -  Wine
  • Budweiser (Bud for Short)  - Beer
  • Busch - Beer
  • Burgundy - Wine
  • Cappichino (Cap for Short)  - Coffee
  • Cava - Sparkling Wine
  • Champagne -  Wine
  • Chardonnay - Wine
  • Chenin Blanc (Either Chenin or Blanc for Short)  - Wine
  • Chianti -  Wine
  • Cinnamon - Tea
  • Cobra -  Malt Liquor
  • Cognac - Liqueur
  • Cola - Soda
  • Colt 45 (Colt for Short) - Malt Liquor
  • Corona - Beer
  • Cosmo - Martini
  • Cruzan (Cruze for Short)  - Rum  
  • Daiquiri - Mixed drink
  • Dew,  Mountain (Dew for short)  - Soda
  • Dom Perignon  (Dom for short)  - Wine
  • Don Julio (Don or Julio for short) - Tequila
  • Earl Grey (Earl for short)  - Tea
  • Egg Nog - Milk Drink
  • Eiswein -  Ice Wine
  • Espresso -  Coffee
  • Fanta -  Soda
  • Fireball - Whiskey
  • Fizz (as in Gin Fizz)
  • Flirtin - Mixed Drink
  • Fresca - Soda
  • Fosters (Foster for short)  - Beer
  • Frappachino (Chino for Short)  - Coffee drink
  •  French Roast (French  or Frenchie for short)  - Coffee
  • Gatorade - Sports Drink
  • Gibson - Mixed Drink
  • Ginger -  Ginger Ale Soda
  • Ginger Root - Tea
  • Glenmorangle (Glen for Short)  - Scotch
  • Grey Goose (Grey or Goose for Short)  - Vodka
  • Guinness  - Beer
  • Harp -  Beer
  • Hennessy - Cognac
  • Izze - Soda
  • Jack Daniels (Jack for Short)  - Whiskey
  • Jägermeister (Jäger for short)  - Liqueur
  • Jameson (James for short)  - Whiskey
  • Jasmine - Tea
  • Java - Coffee
  • Jim Beam (Beam or Jim for Short)  - Whiskey
  • Johnnie Walker (Johnnie for Short)  - Scotch
  • Jose Cuervo (Jose for short) -  Tequila
  • Mike’s Hard Lemonade (Mike for short)  - Malt beverage
  • Mint Julep - (Julep  for short)  Mixed Drink
  •  Kaluha - Liqueur
  • Killian - Beer
  • King Kobra (King or Kobra for short)  - Beer
  • Kona - Coffee
  • Lagar - Beer
  • Lavender - Tea
  • Latte -  Coffee
  • Licorice - Tea
  • Lipton - Brand name
  • Lone Star (Star for short  - Beer
  • Macallan - Scotch
  • Macduff - Scotch
  • Mai Tai - Mixed Drink
  • Malbec - Wine
  • Malibu - Rum
  • Margarita (Rita for short)  - Mixed drink
  • Martini (Marti for short) - Mixed Drink
  • Merlot - Wine
  • Mead - Honey wine
  • Michelob (Mich for short)  - Beer
  • Milk Shake   - Milk drink
  • Millers (Miller for short)  - Beer
  • Mimosa - Mixed Drink
  • Mojito - Mixed drink
  • Molson - Beer
  • Mocha - Coffee
  • Moscow Mule - Mixed Drink
  • Moxie - Soda
  • Mr. Pibbs -  Soda
  • Muggs -  Soda
  • Murphys (Murphy for short)  - Beer
  • Nestea -  Brand name
  • Piña Colada Mixed drink
  • Pinot Noir (Noir for short)  - Wine
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer (Pabst for short) - Beer
  • Pepsi -  Soda
  • Perrier -  Sparkling Water
  • Punch - Fruit Punch
  • Red Clover (Red or Clover) for short)  - Tea
  • Riesling - Wine
  • Rolling Rock (Rock for Short)  - Beer
  • Rosé - Wine
  • Sailor Jerry (Sailor or Jerry for short) - Spiced Rum
  • Sake - Japanese Wine
  • Sam Adams (Sam for Short)  - Beer
  • Sangria - Wine
  • Sage - Herbal Tee
  • Shasta - Soda
  • Sherry - Liqueur
  • Shiner Bock (Bock or Shiner for short)  - Beer
  • Shirley Temple (Shirley for short)  - Virgin Drink
  • Sierra Mist (Sierra for Short)  - Soda
  • Skyy - Vodka
  • Slurpee - Brand name Frozen Drink
  • Squirt - Soda
  • Sunkist - Soda
  • Syrah - Wine
  • Tang - Brand name
  • Three Olives (Olive for short)   - Vodka
  • Titos (Tito for Short)  - Vodka
  • Toddy (Hot Toddy)  - Mixed Drink
  • Tom Collins (Tom or Collins for Short)  - Mixed Drink
  •  Whiskey - Whiskey    

Got some Great Dog Names Based on Drinks?

Now, it is your turn.  What have we forgotten to list? 

Remember it can be anything to do with liquid beverages, but with two stipulations: 

  • One:  it must be a great name for a dog, and
  • Two:  Nothing too long or vulgar.  Remember, this is a family friendly website and not all alcoholic drink names may be appropriate, even though they may be amazing drinks.  Let’s keep it clean. 

Can't wait to hear your suggestions...Use the form below to send me your own Dog Names Based on Drinks

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