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Welcome to Small Dog Place.  Oh, The joy of being owned by a small dog! Bigger might be better to some but we think the best comes in small packages especially when it comes to that tiny canine.  And, since you're here, we think you might agree.

There is much to love about these little fur babies-- their playfulness, loyalty, love and devotion to their owners and families, not to mention their intelligence, curiosity and spunk.

Being of a small size makes them perfect for apartment and city dwellers as well as those that live in the country, for the young and old and everyone in between, for singles and those with families, basically just about anyone. 

There is even a breed for the most active among us and also for those of us who prefer to keep our couches warm.  With all the wonderful traits a small dog possess, it is not hard to see how they steal our hearts with that first puppy kiss!

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Health concerns of small breeed dogs
Information on Dog Training & Obedience
Cost of Dog Ownership
Dog Food  -  Dog Nutrition
General Information on Grooming a Small Dog Yourself

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If you are not sure whether canine ownership is right for you, check out our Getting a Dog page to do some soul searching.  

Are you budget conscious?  Check out Small Dog Place's page on the Cost of Dog Ownership

If you are ready to pick out the best small breed for yourself or that someone special, you have a lot to think about. 

Are you ready to contact a breeder for your new puppy?  There are four basic types of dog breeders.  Check them out?  Be prepared with a list of questions to ask the breeder before purchasing that new puppy.  But remember, if you are purchasing from a breeder, you may get asked questions too.  Find out what questions dog breeders ask of you.

Just looking for pictures? We are constantly updating this page as we discover new, rare or unusual breeds.  But they are all small and under 22 pounds.

Browse our A-Z Small Breeds List.

Do you want a purebred that you can register with a national organization or a newer hybrid or designer breed?

Do you need one that is more hypoallergenic?

Or a breed that is going to be good with children,

Maybe you just want one of the more popular small breed dogs

or looking for that perfect dog for your retirement years?

 On this site we will look at all dogs that are 22 pounds and smaller. You might also want information on grooming and exercise requirements and specific health concerns and of course, personality and temperament before making that important decision.

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Preparing for the New Puppy

So you have made your decision and you are ready to welcome home the new puppy.  Want to do a little reading first?

All About Naming your new dog

or, go directly to our

Girl Puppy - Dog Names or Boy Puppy - Dog Names

Puppy Proof Your Home

How to House train Your New Puppy

All About Puppy Development from Birth to one years old.

Girl Dog Names

Already Own a Pooch?

Once that bundle of furry joy arrives, you will need to choose a name, puppy proof your home, purchase the necessary supplies, and prepare for those important first days.

Learn how to potty train or choose the perfect small breed dog food? Look into the perfect toys or which supplies your well pampered canine will need.  Maybe its time to find out about grooming that bundle of fur? 

And while you're reading about grooming, check out our small dog health overview page that will provide links to many common problems that some small dogs face. 

How about enjoying a few good jokes or quotes or read a doggie poem or two? Don't forget to send a memorable Free e-card.

Maybe you need more serious help with nipping, chewing, or separation anxiety.  Feel free to delve in whether you want and come back often as this site changes regularly. 

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