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Not all small dog health problems afflict all tiny dogs.  But anyone considering a small dog should be aware of some of the more common problems that appear frequently in tiny dogs. 

The good news is that small dogs generally live longer than their larger cousins. 

The bad news is that some problems result because of their small size and physical structure.

Worse yet, some problems creep up due to their long lives such as dental issues, heart disease or cancer. 

Keep in mind that all dogs are susceptible to infectious diseases such as Parvo, all dogs can get worms, and all dogs can be bothered by external parasites such as fleas and Ticks

These issues are common in all dogs and can be prevented through yearly veterinary exams, vaccinations, wormings, and external parasite control. 

Keep your small dog healthy with these simple pet health tips.

Small Dog Health Prevention

Everything you need to know about Dog TicksWhat you need to know about Ticks
Giardia, the protozoan that causes GiardiasisGiardia, the protozoan that causes Giardiasis
All about Heartworms and how to prevent itAll about Heartworms and how to prevent it

Here are two more links to check out.  While some human medicines may not be appropriate for dogs such as Tylenol, there are many that can be very useful.

Can You Use Neosporin on Dogs?

Human Medicines You Can Use on Your Dog

Health Problems Common to All Dogs

Good preventative care helps reduce the risks and costs associated with major problems.  Luckily we have plenty in the health arsenal to help us cope with the routine health issues in all dogs

8 Essential Oils for Dogs

Small Dog Health Problems A to Z Ailments

Some small dog health problems are more common in certain breeds and those breeds that are most popular tend to have genetic or inherited diseases show up more because of inbreeding and indiscriminate breeding practices. 

As a general observation, many small breeds are prone to similar maladies so rather than describe breed specific problems, we have added this page as a table of contents of dog diseases.  Go to your breed of choice page and scroll down to learn about their specific diseases.

As a whole, small dogs are healthy but they do have some concerns unique to their size.

Small Dog Health Problems

Please check back frequently as this page about Small Dog Health changes often.


Bladder Infections in Puppies

Bladder Infections in PuppiesBladder Infections in Puppies

Brachycephalic Syndrome in Small Dogs

Read more about Brachycephalic Syndrome


Canine Valley Fever

Canine Valley FeverCanine Valley Fever: What You Need to Know

Cherry Eye

Cherry Eye Link

Constipation in Puppies:  When to Worry

Constipation in puppies and dogs:  What can you do?Constipation in puppies and dogs: What can you do?

Coughing in Puppies:  What's Causing it?

Coughing in Puppies:  What is causing it?  What is the cure?Coughing in Puppies: What is causing it? What is the cure?


Dehydration in Dogs

Just how long can a dog go without water?  

Dental Issues

Loose teeth, bad breath, tarter, 

Dental Problems in Small Breed Dogs

Diarrhea in Puppies:  Home Care or Vet Visit?


Ear Infections

Ear Infections in DogsDog Ear Infections

Eyelid Conditions

Read more about Dog Eyelid Conditions


Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia in Small Breed DogsHip Dysplasia in Small Breed Dogs
Read more about hip dysplasia in small breed dogs.


Legg Calve Perthes Disease

Read more about Legg Calve Perthes Disease

Luxating Patellas

Read more about Luxating Patella, a small breed health concern.

Lyme Disease in Dogs



Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Read more about Progressive Retinal Atrophy


Reverse Sneeze

Read more about reverse sneezing in small breed dogs.


Senior Dog Health Tips

Read more about senior dog health tips.

Surgery:  7 Conditions that Put Your Dog at Risk

Small Dog Surgery


Umbilical Hernia

Read more about Umbilical Hernias


von Willebrand's Disease

Read more about von Willebrand's Disease

Visit this site for more information on pet care tips.

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