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Cute Girl Names Beginning with A

Dog Names Female, By Janice Jones   |Updated 03-05-2024

Need some great dog names female?  Here is our top list of names. 

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Dog Names Female;  Two pugs and two girlsDog Names Female

Love the movies?  Choose a famous name from Disney

Some dogs are named after an ancient god or goddess. Try a name based on Mythology?

Are you a "Tough Guy" or want a Tough Guy Name for your Dog?

Hungry for a Food Name for Your dog? Or maybe a name based on your favorite drink?

Quick Rules for Choosing Good Girl Puppy Names

Dog Names Female

  1. Short is Good:  Dogs usually hear the first syllable. A two syllable name is good, but more than that may be overkill.  If you love a 3 syllable name, consider that for formal registration paperwork and shorten it for the dog's sake.  (For example, I have a little boy named Mr. Kool Beans.  He goes by Beannie.
  2. Words ending in an "a" or "e" sound work well.
  3. Two syllable words are easiest to teach.
  4. Choose a name you can hear yourself shouting down your road (You never know when your sweet little fur ball is going to take off.)
  5. Be sure any name you pick will be appropriate at a veterinary office, groomer, dog park or boarding kennel.

Dog Names Female A

Aada - Short for Adele or Adelaide meaning first born female

Abby - (Hebrew for Gives Joy)

Abigail - Hebrew for Gives Joy (Abbie or Abby for Short)

Acorn - Puppy born in the Autumn or a brown dog

Ada - Happy

Adel - German-Of the nobility (Ada for short)

Adela - Germanic in origin meaning noble

Adele - Name of pop singer

Aella - from the Little Mermaid

Afia - Sweet

Africa - Continent

Aggie - Scared or pure

Agness - pure

Aileen - Lighthearted

Aimee - form of Amy meaning Loved

Ainsley - One's own meadow

Aja - In mythology, a patroness of the forest, animals, and healers

Alani - From the Orange tree

Alaska - a State in the U.S.

Alba - From the highlands

Alda - Long lived, wise, an elder

Alexa - Cooperative

Alexis - English version of Alexandra - Lexie for short

Alice - Disney lovers?  Alice in Wonderland (More Disney Girl Dog Names)

Alise - Greek form of Alice

Alisha - Truthful, noble

Allele - Genetics term

Allie (Ally) - Greek, form of Alice

Allison - Noble Can use Ali, Allie

Alma - from Arabic meaning learned;  also Latin meaning soul

Almond (Joy) - Chocolate Candy Bar

Alta - from Latin meaning tall

Alto - musical term for a low female voice or higher male voice

Alyssa - Rational

Amazon -The Giant

Amanda - Latin for Worthy of being loved:  Mandy for short

Amara - Greek for eternally beautiful;  Mara for short

Amber - A jewel-quality fossilized resin:  Good for a tan or yellow puppy

Amelia (Bedelia) Remember that children's book?

Amy - Latin for beloved

Ana - Spanish form of Hannah

Andi - From the French meaning courageous;  I know a lot of puppies that fall into this category.

Andie -  Same as above

Andrea - feminine form of Andrew- Short form:  Andi or Andy

Andy - feminine form of Andrew- Short form:  Andi or Andy

Aneko - Japanese meaning older sister:  Thinking that one dog is not enough?

Angel - Good name for a good puppy

Angela - Latin for Messenger of God; (Angie or Angel for short)

Angie - Latin for Messenger of God; (Angie or Angel for short)

Anice - English form of Agnes

Anita - Full of Grace

Anna - Native American for Mother;  Frozen Fans will love Princess Anna

Annabella - Joyful

Annette - Gracious

Annie -  Enjoyed the movie by the same name?

Annis - from Middle English meaning Pure

Apple - Have a red dog?

Apollonia - Musical goddess

April - From Teenage Ninja Turtles:  Anyone a fan?

Aqua - Good for a blue or gray colored puppy

Arden - English meaning valley of the eagle

Arella -Hebrew for angel

Ari (Aria) Hebrew;  A short form of Arial

Arianna -  Greek, Holy

Ariel - from Little Mermaid

Arla - German form of Carla

Arlen - Irish meaning pledge

Asako - Japanese, born in the morning

Ashley (Ashlee) - Old English from the old ash tree meadow

Ashton - Ash Tree, used for a boy or a girl name

Asia - Name of a continent

Aspen - Name of a tree

Asta - goddess

Aster - Name of a flower

Astra - Star (Greek)

Astrid - Divine Strength

Athena - Goddess of Wisdom;  wise

Atta - ant princess in "A Bug's Life"

Aubrey (Aubree, Aubrie) - Nobel, Bear Like

Auda - Rich

Audrey (Audree, Audrie)  - Nobel, strength

Aura - Energy

Aurora - In mythology, the goddess of dawn

Austin - Name of a city

Autumn -Season

Ava - Hebrew for Like a bird

Avatar - Good for a boy or girl name

Avery - English, form of Aubrey

Avis - Latin for bird

Axis - Would work for boy or girl

Azalea - type of flower

Azul - Spanish for blue

Did I Forget Your Favorite Female Dog Name Beginning with A

First, please forgive me.  Second, contact me with your favorite dog names beginning with A for girls, and I will add it quickly along with a note that it was your great contribution and addition to this ever evolving dog names database.

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