Girl Puppy Names Beginning with U-V:  Unique, Unusual, Ultra-feminine

By Janice Jones     |Last Updated October 17, 2019

If you found yourself on this page, Girl Puppy Names Beginning with U-V, you are no doubt looking for something a bit out of the ordinary and not your typical Bella, Sophie, or Daisy.  

Girl Puppy Names Beginning with U-VGirl Puppy Names Beginning with U-V

In the English language, there are obviously fewer great names that begin with either U or V, there are still some great choices for those who prefer the extraordinary.

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Girl Puppy Names Beginning with U-V 

Beginning with U

Udele (Egyptian: Meaning Another form of Hathor)

Uhu (German, meaning Noble Leader)

Uli (Teutonic, meaning the noble land)

Uma (African meaning second daughter)

Upton (English, meaning upper settlement)

Uri (Latin meaning Urban, lives in and belongs to the city; implies sophistication)

Ursa (Hebrew, meaning God is my light)

Ursula (From the Shakespearean play Much Ado About Nothing)

Usha (French, meaning little b)

Beginning with V

Vanessa (Greek, meaning "butterfly")

Victoria royal name and also the Roman goddess of victory, has had a reputation as being stiff and uppity...

Veronica French: From the alder grove

Violet Hindi: Happy girl

Vivian Spanish Origin

Vera Italian: Place name for a town in Italy and also an area in southern California

Valeria Hindi: King of the demons

Veda Latin: Lively

Vara Greek: Butterfly

More Girl Puppy Names Beginning with U-V 

Uno (a card game, and it means one in Spanish)

Valkyrie (Nordic female warriors)

Vampire (name your black dog this)

Velma (Scooby Doo)

Venus (like the Planet)

Vera (All Dogs Go to Heaven)

Veto (A great name for that dog that loves to disagree)

Violet (Peanuts)

Viper (a small poisonous snake found in Europe)

Visa (a credit card, great for an expensive dog)

Voltron (defender of the universe)

Vulture (also a very large bird)

Place Names (Girl Dog Names)

Virginia (State in the US)

Vegas (as in Las Vegas, a city in Nevada)

Venice (Italy)

Victoria (Several locations, world-wide)

Verona (a city in Italy)

Vista (a city in California, USA)

Vail (a city in Colorado, USA)

Vega (a city in Texas, USA)

Viola (a city in Wisconsin, USA)

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