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    Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

    By Janice Jones   | Last Updated 06-23-2020

    There are so many fun things to do with your dog, that this page could get massively long. After reading some of our ideas, please take a moment and spotlight your own dog and the activities you like to do with him or her.

    Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices churning, then scroll down to the end of the page, where we list even more ideas.  Tell your dog's story for all to read.

    Ten Tips for Sailing With Pets on Board

    Whether you’re heading out on a family sailing trip or climbing aboard a yacht for a longer trip, you may need to consider how to handle and care for your pet while you’re away.

    Of course, you can always leave them at home, find a pet-sitter or have them stay in a doggy-day-care facility – but bringing your furry friend with you can be a great idea!

    Read About Sailing With Pets

    Paws on the Trails:  Backpacking with Small Dogs

    Best Dog Sports for Small Breed Dogs

    If you’ve got a small breed dog full of energy, you might wonder what sports you can engage in with your beloved companion.

    While it‘s true that not all sports are suitable for small dogs as this might harm their joints or they simply don’t have the physical capability to do the job (Schutzhund as a sport comes to mind), there definitely are some.

    Dog Agility:  An Introduction for the Rest of Us

    Exercise is an obvious perk in agility, but there is also mental stimulation, flexibility, strengthening of muscles.

    There's also creating new habits, opportunities to improve commands through chaining, improved confidence, even aggression rehabilitation.

    What I enjoy most in agility with my dog is the bond through body language. When getting mobile in this way with my dog, there is information to be learned by both of us.

    10 Reasons Why Creating an Instagram Profile for Your Dog is a Great Idea

    It is no wonder that Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms since it erases borders and ways we can connect with other people. 

    Still, the most fantastic part of getting social is creating your Instagram pet account where you can share all the pictures and videos along with useful tips and experiences that are dear to your heart.

    Traveling with Small Dogs:  14 Tips to Keep You Safe

    Traveling with Small Dogs:  14 Tips to Keep You Safe

    Through the years, more dog owners are choosing to bring their pets during travel. A pet survey in 2012 reveals that 85% of pet owners choose dogs over other animals for them to travel with.

    Tips for the Perfect Hotel Stays With Your Dog

    Dog-friendly hotel roomsDog-friendly Hotel Tips

    Tips for Finding a Dog-Friendly Hotel Room

    It's very difficult for a dog-owner to leave their best friend when they go out to travel. Most people find traveling with their pets inconvenient and difficult.

    A lot of them believe finding good lodging will be difficult for them as they are traveling with a dog.  You might be surprised to hear that a lot of hotels are actually dog-friendly.

    7 Exercises to Do With Your Dog

    Get active with your dog.  Read about exercises you can do together.

    7 Exercises you can do with your dog:  Ways to Get You Active

    Is inactivity plaguing you and your canine pal? Don't despair.  This post, "7 Ways to Exercise With Your Dog"  will give you some fun ways to get off the couch and get active.

    Thinking of Taking Your Dog to a Horse Stable?

    Take Your Dog to a Horse Stable

    Many horse lovers invariably tend to be canine enthusiasts as well, and it is quite normal for a barn to have dogs running around.

    However, there are a few important factors that owners should be aware of when bringing their dogs to the stables.

    Have a Safe Beach Day with Your Dog

    Tips for taking your dog to the beach.

    Take Your Dog to a Beach

    An afternoon at the beach can be a blast, but taking your dog to the seashore can be an exhausting assignment, requires extra care, and some preparation to keep unnecessary hassles at bay.

    Anything that can harm you at the beach can also be hazardous for your companions, such as sunburn, jellyfish, burly waves, sharp sea shells, and broken glasses.

    Dog Friendly Road Trip for an Epic Vacation

    Dog Friendly Road Trip Planner

    Pet Friendly Road Trip

    Going on a dog friendly road trip is an excellent way to see the country and just enjoy what it has to offer without feeling the rush of getting to the next destination and traveling with a dog, your faithful companion, just makes the trip even better.

    However, traveling with your pooch entails that you have to do some degree of prepping before you do so. Dogs are sensitive animals and can get stressed easily if anything is out of place and when you are on a road trip, they get literally plucked out of what they are used to.

    Prepare Your Dog for Hiking

    Prepare your dog for hiking

    Prepare Your dog for Hiking

    Preparing a week-long escapade in the wild with your dog requires common sense. So does a simple overnight trip in a near forest. 

    Indeed, when away from home for more than a daily walk, the dog owner is the dog’s guardian. In other words, you must be prepared for all situations that are likely to happen, especially accidents and emergencies. 

    Tips for Taking a Small Dog Up a Mountain

    Top Tips for taking a small dog up a mountain.

    Take Your Dog Up a Mountain

    One of the most rewarding things you can do to spend time with your four-legged friend, is take your beloved dog along with you on a hike up a mountain.

    While you may feel that this activity is well suited to larger breeds such as Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds etc, you may feel that it could be irresponsible to take a smaller breed on such a trip.

    Plane Travel With Dogs: Tips to Make Your Trip Safe and Fun

    Plane Travel with Dogs: Tips to make your trip fun and safe.

    Tips to Make Your Next Plane Travel Safe and Fun for Both You and Your Dog

    Is plane travel with dogs on your horizon?  Maybe your bucket list?  This guest post by    Provides a comprehensive guide for your next plane trip.

    Small dog parents are lucky because they are able to fly with their pets anywhere. Probably one of the best things about owning a small dog is that they can comfortably travel in a crate that fits under the plane seat in front of you.

    9 Indoor Dog Games to Keep Your Dog Entertained

    9 Indoor activities to keep your dog entertained during the wintertime.

    Indoor Dog Activities to Do With Your Dog (In the Winter)

    Do you struggle to fit a proper walk into your schedule during the winter? Or does your pet get too cold for long walks?

    You are not alone. Reduced daylight hours and cold weather mean it’s often not possible to give your pet a long walk each day. This is especially difficult if you work during the day, as it’s probably dark when you get home.

    Moving With Your Dog:  Tips to Preserve Your Sanity

    Moving With Your Dog

    OK so this one may not be the most fun thing to do with a dog, but it is the beginning of a new adventure.  Check out these tips to assure that everything goes smoothly and by the end of the day, you will be enjoying yourself with your dog in your new residence.

    Dog Friendly Attractions in Santa Cruz, CA

    Dog Friendly Attractions in Santa Cruz

    Santa Cruz is a very wonderful coastal town in Northern California, and it is celebrated for its fantastic boardwalk.

    There is an altogether different side to this drowsy little shoreline town that incorporates shrouded shorelines, redwood forests with a portion of the world's tallest trees and charming minimal midtown with bunches of good eats.

    Santa Cruz is so amicable to dogs, and it is only 1.5 hours from San Francisco.

    11 Dog Friendly UK Counties for 2020

    There’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as seeing your pet watching longingly out of the window as you leave them behind and set off for your holidays.

    In need of some holiday inspiration away from the USA? Here’s our hound-picked selection of the best dog-friendly counties in the UK - if you ever want to venture that far with your four-legged friend.

    11 Best Dog Friendly UK Counties for 2020

    Exercising and Bonding with your Small Dog:  7 tips for Success

    Most dogs are happy to head outside and let off some steam, but the right workout will differ depending on your dog’s age and breed.

    Special care should, therefore, be taken with these pups during warmer months. Older dogs and those with joint issues and heart and other conditions will also be less able to withstand heavy exercise.

    Exercising and Bonding with your Small Dog

    Other Fun Things to Do With Your Dog

    Here's our ultimate list of things you can do with your dog.

    1. Visit an outlet mall
    2. Go shopping at your local pet store.
    3. Participate in an obedience class
    4. Visit a dog park
    5. Get involved in agility training
    6. Take your dog on a boat ride
    7. Eat on the patio of a dog friendly restaurant
    8. Visit a dog friendly hotel
    9. Find a dog friendly beach
    10. Volunteer at a shelter or rescue
    11. Attend an outdoor concert
    12. Find opportunities to attend sports events with your dog
    13. Visit a nursing home
    14. Get your dog's picture taken with Santa or the Easter Bunny
    15. Take your dog to work day
    16. Have a glass of wine or a beer at a dog friendly pub
    17. Visit a pet expo in your area
    18. Schedule a spa day for your dog
    19. Attend an outdoor festival with your dog
    20. Visit a farmers market
    21. Go camping with your dog
    22. Go RVing with your dog
    23. Teach your dog a new trick or command
    24. Throw a Birthday Party for your dog
    25. Visit a vinyard with your dog
    26. Take a scenic train ride 
    27. Visit a pet friendly historic site
    28. Visit a National Park
    29. Dress up and go trick or treating on Halloween
    30. Take a day trip or just enjoy a ride with the windows down.
    31. Go for ice cream with your dog
    32. Visit a pumpkin patch
    33. Pick berries at a pick your own farm
    34. Go fishing with your dog
    35. Take your dog on a canoe trip
    36. Take a few photos of your dog doing his favorite thing and post your dog's story below.
    37. Head to Starbucks  for a Puppuccinos
    38. Teach your dog the names of all of her toys
    39. Provide a spa day at home complete with a soothing warm bath and a pedicure
    40. Visit the world's largest pet store in Lancaster, PA
    41. Go out for lunch at a fast food drive through.
    42. Go to a flea market
    43. Check out a local parade with your dog
    44. Attend a dog show that allows canine spectators
    45. Call ahead if you're planning to take your dog to a store but many will allow dogs such as Lowes, Home Depot, and Tractor Supply
    46. Go to an amusement park
    47. Attend a local carnival
    48. Watch a dog movie together
    49. Take a ferry ride with your dog
    50. Snuggle up and take an afternoon nap

    AND, don't forget to watch the Puppy Bowl together

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