A to Z Small Dog Breed List

An A to Z Small Breed Dog List including 95 different breeds.

The Small Dog Breed List contains:

  • Purebred Dogs Only
  • Dogs less than 25 pounds (Some on this list may end up being larger)
  • Popular and Rare Breeds
  • Links to Breed-Specific Articles (Click on the photo to be taken to the breed profile page

Now it is time for you decide if a small breed dog is right for you. 

A "Quick Facts" Section in each profile will give you a, well, quick overview of the breed if your time is short.  Happy Hunting.

Oh, and by the way, none of these dogs pictured are hybrids, mixed breeds or designer dogs.  

Our Designer Dog List is the place to find information about hybrid breeds. 

Did I forget a breed that you think should be added to this list?  Please use the contact form at the end of this article to alert me of my omission.  I assure you it was not done deliberately.

All Small Dog Breed List

Japanese TerrierJapanese Terrier
Lancashire HeelerLancashire Heeler
Miniature Australian ShepherdMiniature Australian Shepherd
Patterdale Terrier (Wire)Patterdale Terrier (Wire)
Peruvian Hairless (Small)Peruvian Hairless (Small)
Prazsky KrysarikPrazsky Krysarik
Teddy Roosevelt TerrierTeddy Roosevelt Terrier
Tenterfield TerrierTenterfield Terrier
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  3. Aren't Small Dogs just the best? 

    If you are thinking about which dog to get, the decision can be overwhelming because there are just so many of these little guys to choose from.

    Do you want fluffy and cute, or sleek and smart

    Luckily there is that special  small breed dog just waiting to be loved by you.

    Many of the dogs listed on this page can be registered through the American Kennel Club.  But some are so rare in the U.S. that, although they are purebred, they have not as of yet been entered into this registry.  Around the world, however, they may be much more common.

    We continue to add to this small dog breed list as we research new breeds, so check back often -- your perfect breed might just be here waiting for you.

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