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Small Dogs Lifestyle

By Janice Jones   |Last Published September 23, 2019

You are a dog mom or dad of a small dog.  That's what brought you here, now let us help you maneuver your lifestyle so you can enjoy your dog and reduce the amount of work needed to make that life a reality.

You know you love your little friend but did you know that the little four legged companion of yours can contribute to your health?

Health Benefits of Living With Dogs

It's true.  There is plenty of scientific evidence that pets are good for our health. 

They are known to help reduce your blood pressure, help us remain active leading to better physical health, reduce our anxiety and depression, and reduce the incidence of allergies especially in children.

Read more about health benefits of dogs.

Therapy Dogs:  Does Your Dog Have What it Takes?

Therapy dogs can improve the lives of people who are suffering from emotional or physical conditions, but it takes a special dog to fulfill this role. 

Does your dog have what it takes to be a therapy dog?  Beyond a trained dog, it also takes a special person willing to take the time to train and guide a dog through a hospital, nursing home, or school full of people who would benefit greatly from you and your dog's presence.

If this type of work might appeal to you, first read the article and find out how to make it happen.

Therapy Dogs:  Does Your Dog Have What It Takes? You may also want to check out Dog Breeds that Make Great Therapy Dogs.

Dogs in the Workforce

Do you take your dog to work with you?  Is your dog even allowed at your office? 

There's a growing body of evidence that dogs in the workforce can reduce depression and improve morale for workers.  Want to know more?

Read Dogs at Work:  Can Dogs Help with Mental Illness in the Workplace?

Are You a Good Dog Mom or Dad?

If you own a small dog, you are his mom or dad?  How do you stack up with other dog owners?  Check out this article to find out. 

There are some things that we do, sometimes completely unconsciously that lead to distress in our four-legged best friend.  Do you know what they are?

Read, 9 Habits of Not so Effective Pet Parents.

Emotional Support Animals:  Do You Need One?

We all depend on our pets for emotional support, comfort, and companionship, but few of us have what is called an "emotional support animal." 

These pets do not need to be dogs but many are and they are allowed to live with us and travel in airplanes and it is all legal as long as there is a verified medical need to have them close to us. 

Find out what an emotional support animal is and how it differs from a service or therapy dog.  Find out if you can apply to have your dog classified as one.

Read, Emotional Support Animals:  All You Need to Know

Why Everyone Should Own a Pet

If you have arrived on this page, it is likely you already have a pet, but if you have a friend that doesn't know the joys and benefits of owning a pet, I highly recommend you share this article with them. 

The arguments in this article should convince even the strongest skeptic that pet ownership is good for you.

Read, 20 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Pet

Tips for Building a Dog-Friendly Garden

So you love your dog, but also enjoy the beauty that a lovely garden can provide.  Unfortunately, not all gardens are dog-friendly and some can be down right dangerous. 

Here's a great article to help you design a garden that both people and dogs will love.

Read Tips for Building a Dog Friendly Garden

Technology for Dog Owners:  Six Areas Worth Investigating

Like everything else in the 21st century, technology is everywhere and all those conveniences are as prevalent in the dog world as they are elsewhere. 

Are you a savvy technology dog owner?  Want to know what the latest and greatest tech gadgets you may want to get?  Here's an article that gives some suggestions and reasons for owning one or more of these new inventions.

Read, Technology for Dog Owners

Is Your Doggie Daycare Safe for Your Dog?

As pet owners, we are always worried about our little friends -- is he healthy?  happy?  safe?  Many of us will use a doggie daycare especially when we work to keep our dogs active and entertained while we're away and to prevent boredom and separation anxiety.  

But, is the facility safe?  How do we know that our dog is getting excellent care when we can't be there to observe.  Find out in this informative article.

Read, Is Your Dog Daycare Safe?

Pet Sitters:  Six Important Questions To Ask Before You Engage

If you travel and can't take your dog along, you have several choices:  Leave your dog at a boarding facility, have a friend care for your dog, or hire a pet sitter.  

If this is the first time you have hired a pet sitter, you may be anxious but armed with these six questions, you can get the information you need to feel good that you are making the right decision.  Before hiring your first sitter, read this article.

Read, Pet Sitters:  Six Important Questions To Ask Before You Engage

Dog Walking Tips:  Prepare Your Pooch for a Professional Service

A dog walking service is a big help for busy dog moms and days.  They can pick your dog up in the middle of the day, take him for a walk, entertain him, or play with him, all while you're at work.  

But, is your dog ready for a professional dog walker?  Here are a few tips to help you get your dog ready to enjoy the experience.

Read Dog Walking Tips:  Prepare Your Pooch for a Professional Service

Dog Sitting Instructions:  How to Write Great Directions

Even a professional dog sitter can forget vital information if it is not written down.  Learn how to write great instructions for your sitter. 

This article provides detailed instructions and a checklist to help you remember all the important details you'd like your dog sitter to know including feeding, exercising, health care, and a variety of other items that will help the sitter get to know your dog quickly and avoid any potential problems.

Read:  Dog Sitting Instructions:  How to Write Great Directions

Dementia Service Dogs:  The Perfect Job for a Small Dog

Coping with Alzheimer’s for both patient and family can be extremely difficult and debilitating.

The progressive disease which is essentially general degeneration of the brain and its ability to form and store memories can lead to dementia and further cognitive decline that prevents someone with it from being able to execute even the simplest task.  Learn how dogs can help.

Read: Dementia Service Dogs:  The Perfect Job for a Small Dog

What Does Your Dog Breed Reveal About You?

You might be surprised to know that there have been studies done that suggest there are certain human personality traits that link to specific dog breeds. 

The research is in its infancy, but it is fun to speculate why we are drawn to a certain breed.  This study shows a similarity between the dog's and owner's personality traits.

In this article, we explore 15 breeds and the types of traits of their owners.

Read  What Does Your Dog Breed Reveal About You?

10 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Dog Breed

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