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By Janice Jones   |Last Published March 19 2019

You are a dog mom or dad of a small dog.  That's what brought you here, now let us help you maneverver your lifestyle so you can enjoy your dog and reduce the amount of work needed to make that life a reality.

How to Clean Dog Beds Without Covers

We love our dogs. They are the perfect housemate, always welcoming us home with a level of joy and excitement that human roommates just can’t match.

They are great listeners, never butting in to give their two cents, and their love is truly unconditional.

Of course, we love our dogs, and we are not alone.

It is estimated that nearly 80 million dogs are making their human roommates’ lives better just in the U.S. That is close to half the homes in America.

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10 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Dog Breed

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