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10 Reasons Why Creating Instagram Profile for Your Dog is a Great Idea

Instagram Profile for Your Dog   by Mark Blackwood  |Published 04-15-2020

It is no wonder that Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms since it erases borders and ways we can connect with other people. 

Still, the most fantastic part of getting social is creating your Instagram pet account where you can share all the pictures and videos along with useful tips and experiences that are dear to your heart.

It is also your page because you are the one who expresses the loving eyes of your pet and the funny tricks that you would like to share with the others.

Do you already have an Instagram Profile for your Dog?  Please share your experience and it's fine to brag a bit.  Either read through this article or hop to share.

After all, it is not only about getting famous or sponsoring your beloved dog because it is a great creative experience. You do not even have to be a celebrity with a small dog that you take along to fashion shows or the premieres because any pet with a great story can make a difference and even have a global impact. 

Of course, there are animal influencers that make thousands of dollars and have world-famous luxury brands after them, but it is a social element of care and a strong message that are more important.

The good thing of it all is that you never know what may get your pet famous because it may be some special talent, a way how your dog keeps you safe each day or even a time frame of a puppy growing up with a baby.

If you have an exotic pet living in a large house that looks like a jungle, wait no more! Hurry up to sign up and let your fluffy pet become the next Instagram star. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Create an Instagram Profile for Your Dog 

If you have not heard about Instagram for dogs yet and have a little fluffy friend by your side, it is high time to make a change.

First, do your research because each pet has a style, special story, a frequency that suits a character, and so much more! 

Nevertheless, there is one thing for sure - it has to be unique and go far beyond short videos of taking a walk or watching some TV show along with you. Now, if you are still uncertain, have a look at the ten reasons why creating a profile for your dog will change your life and even add to your popularity. 

1. Use a Instagram Profile for Your Dog: To Tell a Story

First of all, you have a chance to tell your pet's story and create a great story line. The first thing that you need to know if you seek how to make your dog Instagram famous is knowing what to share. The secret trick is planning and getting things organized. If you only have several pictures for your profile, things will quickly get old and will make you feel lost and confused.

Your dog will also feel sick of you taking pictures for some odd reason. Now the right way is to create a plan where everything looks and feels harmonic and appears natural to the target audience and your beloved pet in the first place. Let the followers live your life along with you! 

3. Social influencing and Instagram Profile for Your Dog

Well, if you are a loner and do not feel like sharing your picture online or talking to people through the Internet streams, showing your dog is a great way to tell that you have a pure heart and caring.

Seriously though, pet influencers are the next big thing today because there are true dog heroes that save our lives, help disabled people, or even alert people when there is danger.

At the same time, if your dog has followed you on a critical mission or has helped you to learn something important, it is what may influence people from all over the world.  

3. Getting Sponsored with Your Instagram Profile for Your Dog

Now, if you always wanted to know how to get your dog sponsored on Instagram, there are some essential things to know. Regardless of the number of posts, you have to get engaged and show some passion for what you do.

If you will only post pictures and ask about some payments, it will not work. See your dog's talents, analyze the ways how these particular skills can be useful in an advertisement or a social campaign.

Once you have a clear idea, go out and send messages, and talk to people who have already been sponsored. 

4. Charity Campaigns for Your Instagram Profile for Your Dog

A reason why we love our small dogs is that the size doesn't matter when there is an abundant heart filled with love. The same relates to pet charity and volunteering because even if you do something small for the others with your dear pet, it will make a significant difference.

For example, if you take your dog along to an environmental issue like rescuing the park, it will let the people learn more about friendship and a necessity for our little friends to have a place to walk. 

5. Create a Brand for Your Instagram Profile for Your Dog

The brand is more than just a logo or a name because it is what helps others to recognize your pet Instagram account. It may be a design style that follows the same route or even a retro camera style. There are many ideas, and it all depends on your dog breed, character, and a place where you live.

If you live in the countryside, add some pictures that show the fields or a river. Likewise, if you live in a dense city, show some urban design that explains how your pet accommodates. 

6. Keep the Memories Alive with your Instagram Profile for Your Dog

 Without a doubt, it is the sweetest part of creating the Instagram account for your dog because you will remember each day looking through the pictures and watch through the times when your dog was a puppy or a day when the most faithful friend has been by your side as you got your heart broken or fell in love.

It is a vast archive that will be there for you and the others to see. 

7.  Meet Other Pet Lovers with Your Instagram Profile for Your Dog

Meet the other pet lovers. This part is one of the most wonderful because dog lovers are amazing people who share tips, talk about the best dog food, pet stores, good vets, quiet parks, or anything else for that matter.

Instagram is a great place where things quickly get social. Just add a relevant tag, share pictures, reply to comments, ask questions, and you are already through the first step to making your dog famous.

Even if fame does not come overnight, you will meet some good people and make friends for life. Be yourself, stay kind, show respect, and you will see that your pet's Instagram page will be the new light in your life. 

8. Develop a Unique Voice for your Instagram Profile for Your Dog

Creating Instagram for pets is mostly being able to translate what your dog feels and thinks into words and pictures. Remember that it is not solely your page where you show your nature but a page that reveals your small dog as much sincerely as it is possible.

You may have a picture with a great design, yet there may come a capture or a title that shows emotions. If you do not know what to use, add a famous quote, or make a comparison to human emotions. 

9. Add to your Budget/Income with Your Instagram Profile for your Dog

While it may sound a bit tricky for those who do not know much about pet advertisements and the high power of influencers, it works in practice.

There are several ways like joining a pet talent agency or starting with a campaign where your dog can be sponsored for a specific cause. For example, if your dog demonstrates how to wash his paws for small kids or waits for a car to pass through the road before crossing the path, it is already a good start.

There are many ways to make your dog a social media star because there is nothing as beautiful as watching our unbelievable pets do something funny or educational! 

10. Have Some Fun with an Instagram Profile for your Dog

Have some fun! Last but not least is having fun because if everything is only about money or getting famous in a week, it is better not to start at all. Getting recognized is good, yet it has to be in good spirits and have a kind attitude.

The Instagram page has to reflect your dog. If you have a calm pet, keep your account stylish and modest in the right way. Now, if your pet is like a Woody Woodpecker, keep things bright and crazy as it will show your audience that you have a restless creature that never has enough! Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the pet Instagram experience! 

Pin for Future Reference

Instagram Profile For Your Dog PinInstagram Profile for your Dog Pinnable Image

Why Quality Content Matters?

Instagram often has a wrong message, as most people believe that many posts mean more than better quality content. The opposite is true because your followers are most likely to click upon a beautiful picture than a low-quality snapshot.

The statistics show that people scroll past the same generic image while a great composition with a design idea will always get the click.

Show some style, take several pictures, and get a better camera.  If you live in a famous place, use it as an advantage. Design unique compositions, keep things funny, or add brand things in the frame.

It is a usual trick that lets you add another tag when you create your  Instagram post. The secret is to find a great balance because the page is about your dog and not the brand. It is what the advertisement people do.

You may have a dog lying next to your fancy audio system or a Japanese carpet that you took from a recent trip. Do some research and find what works best! 

A happy dog is running in a grassy field.Instagram Profile for Your Dog

How Instagram Pet Influencing Works

They say that a dog is the only creature on Earth that loves you more than you love yourself, which can be confirmed by every pet owner.

It is the pets that influence us first, long before we create their Instagram accounts and pay it forward. So how does pet influence work? 

A reason why so many people click upon cute dog pictures is a therapeutic effect as even the photograph has a healing aspect to it. When a person films a short video or takes a photo, the dog accumulates that special attachment that sends the good vibes. Capturing those warm vibes explains the mystic aspect of cuteness. 

As we click on another Instagram picture, we also know that a pet owner senses love and appreciation by sharing a post. There is already some love involved, which can be felt by the audience. It influences us to do good things, express positive thoughts, and share our emotional attachment with the other people. 

Mainly, when we create our pet Instagram page, we want to influence others and add some harmony and love to the world. Just think about the children who ask their parents for a dog or those lucky ones who spend each day with a little friend. 

Share the joy, upload pictures, add captions, talk to fellow dog lovers, and spread the love to help others smile and heal. Since your dog influences you and may have even helped you get rid of bad habits or pushed you towards something good, sharing online is like paying it forward.  It can become very inspiring. Let your dog be seen and heard as two hearts unite via Instagram account before the others join in! 

Author Bio Instagram Profile for Your Dog

Mark Blackwood is a guest post writer and translation manager at WordPoint. He is the one who explores fresh ideas that influence and teach a good lesson. Be it a healthy way of life, content writing, technology, or the tips to pass an exam. He is the one to know the answers. Follow Mark to have fun, succeed, and learn differently. 

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