Oh, the Joy of Being Owned by Small Dogs

Awww, Small Dogs...

Bigger might be better to some but we think the best comes in small packages especially when it comes to that tiny canine.  And, since you are here, we think you might agree.

Their small size makes them perfect for:

  • Apartment and city dwellers as well as those that live in the country
  • The young and old and everyone in between
  • For singles, couples,  and those with families
  • Hot Climates, Chilly and cold Places
  • Basically just about anyone - anywhere
  • Those Highly active and couch potatoes

There is much to love about these little fur babies-- their playfulness, loyalty, love, and devotion to their owners and families, not to mention their intelligence, curiosity and spunk.

But any dog, big or small deserves not only your love and understanding, but also some work on your part.  That is the purpose of this site.

You have questions?  We have answers.

You have concerns about your dog?  We are here to problem solve with you.

Everything Small Dogs

With over 400 pages and growing daily, there's lots to see.  Here are some of the most popular topics, so scroll down and see if there is anything of interest to you.  Are you new to dog ownership?  Start your search below.  

Small Dogs:  Resources and Articles

If you're thinking about a new dog, here is a place to start. Get a great overview of how small dogs can transform your life. How to Choose a breed that's perfect, gender choices, adopting and purchasing options  and so much more.


View all the common and rare breeds of the world, pictured in alphabetical order with links to breed pages.   Or, if you prefer a list, check out this page.  Thinking about a hybrid?  Check out this list.


Small Breed Puppies can be fun, but they also require some work.  Learn everything you need to know about turning that tiny puppy into a happy, healthy, well-adjusted adult.  


That puppy needs the perfect name, so scroll through our extensive list of pages all with a unique twist on finding a great name.  All categories of names are included.  Here is the place to start.


Interested in nutrition or can't decide what food to feed? You're not alone. Learn about quality foods, how to choose the best, and how to feed a puppy.       Or perhaps you'd like to check out one of our dog food reviews.   


Training is much more than teaching your dog to sit.  From house-training and socialization to obedience training, find out what it takes to have a very polite, well-mannered little friend and have fun at the same time.


Find everything you need to keep your dog healthy: Check out our section on preventative care tips or browse through our pages on common health concerns.


Even a short haired dog needs a little grooming and pampering from time to time. Transform grooming  from drudgery to bonding with these easy tips and techniques.


We don't often think about safety when we are having fun, but small dogs are vulnerable to many preventable hazards.  All you need to know to become an expert.


It's time for fun... So many things to see and do.  Become active with your dog so that both of you will have some fun. AND, there's even some fun activities for all Dog Lovers.


Types of Small Dogs

Perhaps you are looking for a specific type of dog.  We have them grouped into categories for easy browsing.

Older Adults love dogs as much as the "young folk" but many breeds may not work as well as others.  Want something a less active,  a bit less yappy, or just one that's easy to care for.  Browse our list of the best breeds for seniors.


Short and sleek, rough and wiry, or soft and fluff...What is your choice.  For those who love to cuddle and play with fluffy dogs, we have the best list for you.  Check out which breeds we think will meet your needs.


If tiny is what you like, then you're in luck.  We've searched the world over to find the tiniest dog breeds...some will be easy to find but some are also rare and hard to get.  They all have one thing in common.  Extremely Little.

Are you one that prefers quiet?  Maybe you just want a dog that won't talk back.  More likely, you may need a small breed dog that is not going to ruin your relationship with your neighbor.   Discover our choices.

Need a hypoallergenic breed that you can spend time with and not resort to all those nasty allergy symptoms.  Some breeds are difficult to live with if you have allergies.  Luckily, there are many that will love you, but won't add to your allergy symptoms.


If you have children now or suspect that your life will be blessed with kids in the future, then finding a dog that loves and tolerates kids is a must.  Don't think that big dogs are the only child-friendly breeds.  There are plenty of little ones that love the kiddos too.


Or, maybe you want a breed that does well in an apartment?

Prefer to find one that doesn't need much grooming?    short - haired small dog breeds?

Great Non-Shedding Dogs or maybe you just want a dog to warm your lap

Best Lap Dogs in the World

Dogs on Small Dog Place Have One Thing in Common: 


About 25 pounds down to the World's Tiniest Breeds

But beyond that, there are so many ways they differ...

  • Some are perfect for the most active and athletic among us.
  • Then, there are those that do an admirable job of keeping our couches warm.
  • Some are vocal and others rarely bark.
  • There are some so intelligent, that training is a breeze.
  • Some are feisty and playful and others docile and devoted.
  • Some that require hours of pampering and those who’s grooming needs fit neatly into anyone’s schedule.
  • All that in a small package makes it easy to see how they can steal our hearts with that first puppy kiss!
  • Some give your vacuum cleaner a work out and others that never shed.
  • Find your next Best Friend right here.

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