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What to Call that Favorite Small Dog

Dog Names are as diverse as the dog breeds themselves, and they seem to go in and out of popularity.  There are so many possibilities that it can be a daunting task just coming up with the right name.

Can't decide what to name your new small breed puppy? We've done a little research and came up with a list of some popular dog names by breed.

This is what we found unique about Small breed puppy owners:  They chose names based on the following criteria:

  • The color of their hair
  • A favorite human name
  • A name based on the origin of the breed (i.e. Asian, European, Mexican, etc.)
  • A royal name
  • A famous animal name
  • A name that describes their personality or temperament
  • A location or place name
  • A famous god or goddess

Popular Dog Names

Popular pet names remain stable over several years, but there are always the exceptions.  Pop culture, sports, even politics often dictate what we ultimately decide to name our new puppy.  

Find out what we have predicted for 2017, then share your own predictions.

Dog Names for Big Dogs

What is a Dog Names for Big Dogs doing on this site all about small breed dogs?  Some people like the idea of naming their tiny dog with a big name. 

Others have a big dog that they have acquired to guard and protect their small breed dog.  Find some amazing BIG dog names here.

Dog Names Based on Drinks

What's your favorite drink?  Whether it is a coffee, tea, soda, or alcoholic beverage, we've got you covered on this page. 

Some of the best names can be used alone or shortened to create a one-of-a-kind dog name.  OR, you might be surprised to know that some of the most popular dog names used today can be traced to a type of drink.

Unusual Dog Names

Why not choose an unusual dog name for that new puppy.  These would work well with any dog, but especially those that are highly intelligent.  Knowing small dogs, I would have to say that these names would apply to all dogs. 

Based on science, math, and astrology, there is bound to be a good name choice if you are looking for something a little bit different than Max or Bella.

Tough Dog Names

Have a tough dog, a tough dog wanna-be, or just a tiny breed of dog that deserves a BIG name. 

Check out our extensive list of tough dog names--they are great for giant breeds, large breed dogs and small breed dogs. 

After all,you don't need to be a tough guy to have a tough name.

Dog Names Based on Color

Some owners will pick a name that reminds them of the color of their dog.

Dog Names Based on Mythology

Think your new puppy might like a name based on an ancient super-hero or mythical character?

Is that new puppy the next Goliath, Flora or Odysseus? 

Maybe that tiny puppy reminds you of Greek or Roman god.  Check out our list.

Names Based on Technology Terminology

Are you Tech Savvy?  Love to Surf?  Just want something a little different.  If names such as Applet, Beta, Boot or clone get you excited. 

You should check out these dog names based on computer technology and the internet.

You'll find a long list of choices and even a few definitions (just in case).

Names Based on Human Names

Since small breed puppy dogs seem more like children than pets, their owners will choose a name based on popular boy and girl names. 

Names that are chosen by new parents-to-be are also used by dog owners-to-be. 

Look at any name list and you are likely to see dogs named Eva, Izzi, Sophia and Emily. 

If the fur baby is a boy, you might find names such as Noah, Jacob, Liam and Jackson.

Dog Names Based on Foods

Some owners like to call their dogs by names that remind them of delicious foods. 

Maybe they were just hungry when they brought that new puppy home, but maybe there are deeper reasons why people choose a food name for their dog. 

Find out the psychology behind these choices then browse our extensive list of possibilities.  Lemons, Twinkies, Beans, Oh my...

Names Based on Disney Characters

Love Disney Movies, Cartoons, Books?  Why not chose a name based on a favorite character?  There are so many to choose from. 

Will you choose a vintage character such as Micky or Goofy?  Or, are the newer movies more to your liking.  If you have a little girl, why not try one of the Disney Princess Names.

Disney Names for Girls               Disney Names for Boys

The Breed's Country of Origin

Some small breed puppy owners choose a name based on the country of origin of their pooch. 

Breeds that originated in Asia such as the Pug, Shih Tzu, Japanese Chin and Lhasa Apso might give their dog an Asian sounding name.  How about Ming Sue,  Mei Ling,  Mei Lee, Haiku, Sushi,  Sake,  Sulu,  Bonsai  or Ying Yang?

What is the country of origin of your small breed dog?

Christmas Puppy Names

Are you expecting a little furry bundle of joy this Christmas season?  OR, maybe your new puppy was born on Christmas Day. 

Either way, a very special name is important to honor the puppy born during this holiday season. 

Whether you choose to pick a religious name, a name based on an important Christmas character, or just a name reminiscent of the holiday, you have plenty of choices.

Halloween Dog Names

For all those puppies born on or around October 31st, this page is for you. 

But even if you don't have a Halloween Puppy, you might want to browse through our extensive list of creepy, scary, and ghoulish names. 

Find one based on a famous villain or one that depicts the holiday for what it is, this is a fun page and not to be missed.

Dog Names Based on Personality Traits

Many Small breed puppy dog owners want a name that describes their dog's personality or mocks the real temperament of the Small breed puppy dog. 

Cute names that fall into this category include Diva, Cuddles, Happy, Helda-lot, Sweetheart, Cutie Pie, Baby Doll, Babe, Sassy, Lovebug, Shadow, Buddy, Sassy, or Precious.  

Have you considered Yappy, Nipper, Wags, Bubbles; those names that mock the true nature of the Small breed puppy personality include Bear, Bruiser, Samson and Tiger.

Maybe you think your dog is the smartest in the world.  Name him Smarty, Einstein,Sherlock, Socrates, Gates, Merlin.

Dog Names Based on Size

Dog Names Based on Size

Names that depict the size of the dog are also very popular such as Pixie, Tiny, Peanut, and Tinkerbelle, 

Some people love the idea of giving their small breed dog a BIG name  such as Samson, Jumbo, Goliath, Kong, Dragon, Magnum, Titan,  or Tornado.




Nobel Dog Names

Because Small breed puppy dogs seem so noble in nature, many owners will choose a regal name.

Sometimes Small breed puppy owners will name their dogs after real life royalty such as Elizabeth, Victoria, Charles, Napoleon, or Henry.














Famous Animal Names

Famous dog or animal names are still always popular including Snoopy, Benji, Lassie, Lady, Tramp, Pluto, Marley, Bob or Garfield.  Atticus, Beethoven, Balto, Boomer, Butch, Sundance, Felix, Scooby, Casper

Presidential dog names are often used including:

Barney in the Oval OfficeBarney, In the Oval Office with his Owner
  • President Barack Obama's dog Bo (with its alternate spelling Beau)
  • George W. Bush's dog, Barney
  • Bill Clinton's dog Buddy
  • George Bush's dog Millie
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Scottish terrier, Fala
  • Ronald Reagan’s Bouvier des Flandres, Lucky, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rex, Peggy, his Irish setter, Taca, a Siberian husky, and Fuzzy a Belgian Sheepdog
  • Jimmy Carter's Grits a Border Collie
  • Gerald Ford’s Golden Retriever, Liberty

Famous People & Celebrity Names

Here's a list of historical figures, famous painters and celebrities that span the decades. 

We've listed them here if their name unique and lends itself to a small breed dog.



What happened to Traditional Dog Names?

What are missing on the dog name scene are names such as Fido and Spot.

It is still fun to consider an old traditional boy names such as these male dog names include: Max, Hank, Jake, Bailey, Buster, Cody, Harley, Murphy, Barney, Buddy, Jack, Lucky and Sparky.

Traditional female dog names include Princess, Daisy, Maggie, Molly, Sadie, Sasha, Lucy, Dakota, Sophie, Sandy, and Tasha, among others. All tried and true!

Rules for Naming Your Small Breed Dog

Concentrate on the first syllable of the name.  This is the sound the dog will hear.  But, don't limit yourself to a one syllable name -- two or three syllable names can be great.

Choose a name that does not have the same first sound as another pet or person in the household.

For example, it would be very confusing to two pets in the same household named Alexander and Alexandra. It would be OK to name two pets Abby and Alexander.

Teach your dog his name by using it frequently. When training a dog to perform a new trick, it's always easy to say the dog's name first, then the command. "Zoey, Sit." 

Using your puppy's name in a happy tone and praising them when they respond will go a long way towards training. Once the dog knows his name, it is much easier to call out the name and then a command.

Choose a name that stands the test of time.  Trendy names are great, but remember most small dogs live 12 to 15 years.  What sounds great today will be out-of-date in 15 years.

Choose a name that you feel comfortable shouting in public, at the vet clinic, groomers, or dog park.  Don't pick a name that might cause embarrassment, could offend someone or worst of all, get you arrested!

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