Boy Puppy Names Beginning with W

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Boy Puppy Names Beginning with WBoy Puppy Names Beginning with W

Reminders When Choosing A Name

  • Short names are best
  • Avoid taboo names that might offend someone
  • Do not choose a name that might evoke a negative connotation
  • Trendy names are here today and gone tomorrow.  The dog's lifespan can be 15 years
  • Choose a name you can live with for at least the next 15 years.
  • Wabbit - From Looney Tunes' Bugs Bunny
  • Waco - Also a City in Texas, U.S.
  • Wade - Boy's Native American Name meaning Dancing Girl
  • Waffles - Tasty Breakfast Food
  • Wagner - Germantic Meaning Maker of Wagons
  • Wag - Fitting for a Dog  whose tail never stops
  • Wagley - Form of Wag
  • Wags - Another Form of Wag
  • Wakanda - From the Black Panther.  Any fan would like this one.
  • Walden - Anglo-Saxon Surname
  • Waldo - As in Where's Waldo (children's game):  Some dogs just naturally like to hide.
  • Wales - Country in the UK
  • Walker - Choose this one if your dog loves to take walks
  • Wallace - Scottish boy's name meaning stranger
  • Wall-e - From the movie with the same name,  Good name for a junkyard dog?
  • Walrus - Good for a Pudgy Little Puppy
  • Walt - The perfect name for a Disney lover
  • Walter - as in  Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Walter Scott 
  • Wang - Very common surname in China, meaning "king"
  • Wardel - from Anglo Saxon origins meaning "watch hill"
  • Warhol - as in Andy Warhol, and American artist
  • Warlock - from Old English meaning wizard or sorcerer, a great name for a clever dog
  • Warren - from the Old French meaning keeper of the game preserve
  • Warrior - A great name for a dog who wants to be alpha
  • Wasabi - For that pup that likes things Hot.
  • Waterboy - Maybe a pup who loves to drink?
  • Watson - Elementary, my dear Watson
  • Watts - A highly charged puppy?
  • Wayne - as in John Wayne; English origin meaning craftman
  • Weasel - name of an animal and puppy with a similar personality
  • Weaver - Me thinks this would be good for a dog who hasn't mastered walking nicely on a leash.
  • Webb - an Old English surname meaning "weaver"
  • Webber - an Old English surname meaning "weaver" or "maker of cloth."
  • Webster - For the dog destined to learn the names of all his toys.
  • Wee-one - A very small dog would wear this name just fine.
  • Weldon - From the Old English meaning a place name in Northamptonshire, England 
  • Wendall - a German baby name meaning "traveler or wanderer"  A great choice for a puppy that tends to wander too far.
  • Wes - British origin meaning "western meadow"
  • Wesley - from the Anglo-Norman mostly used as a surname
  • Wesson -  of English origin meaning west enclosure;  think Smith and Wesson Guns
  • Weston - from Old English meaning "western town"

Boy Puppy Names Beginning with W

  • Wheaties - Breakfast of Champions.  Think your dog should be Grand Champion?
  • Whiskey - great choice for owners who love the drink
  • Whisper - a quiet dog with a soft bark
  • Wifi - For the dog who has already taken a liking to technology.
  • Wilder - Popular boys name usually seen as a surname, from English descent
  • Wilford - from the English meaning desires peace
  • Wilhelm - from old High German meaning "resolute protector."  A good name for an excellent watchdog.
  • Wiggles Perfect for the puppy that won't sit still.
  • Widget - A great name for someone who loves technology
  • Wiener - Dachshund, OK, I had to say it.
  • Wilbur - German boy's name meaning brillant.  What dog wouldn't want a name like that.
  • Wild-Thing - From the children's book, Where the Wild Things Are? a name for a crazy dog?
  • Wiley - from Old English meaning "crafty"  Do you have an extremely clever, crafty puppy?
  • Will - from Old English and Old German meaning, ""desiring peace"
  • Willie - similar to Will and William
  • William - as above
  • Winn Dixie - Name your dog after a famous dog of the cinema.
  • Winnie the Pooh - Winnie could be a girl or a boy name.
  • Winston - Old English in origin and means "joyful stone"
  • Wired - for a techie sort of dog
  • Wishbone -cartoon character
  • Wiz - The over-achieving pup
  • Wizard - For the dog that always outsmarts you

More Boy Puppy Names Beginning with W

  • Wolf - For a Small dog with a big attitude
  • Wolfgang - from Old German meaning traveling wolf
  • Wolverine - a great boy puppy name beginning with w for someone who wants a superhero of a dog
  • Wombat - a short-legged marsupial from Australia.  Good name for a dog with a very cobby body?
  • Won-Ton - A Chinese Dog would like this name
  • Wonk - literally means "studious or hard working person but I'll bet there are some dogs with a great work ethic too.
  • Woody - An interesting name for a brown dog
  • Woodrow - English boy name that literally means, "a row of houses by the wood."  A stately name for dignified dog
  • Woofer - A dog who barks a lot
  • Woofman - Ditto
  • Wonka (Willie) He can have the name, just not the Chocolate
  • Worf - Vulcan on Star Trek Movie and Television Show
  • Wrinkles - Wonder how many Shar Pei dogs are named this?
  • Wyatt - As in Wyatt Earp

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