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Do It Yourself Dog Grooming
Your Step by Step Guide

DIY Dog Grooming for Small Breed Dogs

Are you considering do it yourself dog grooming for your small breed dog?

You're not alone

Find out what you need to know before you start.

Many people are deciding this is a way to save money and bond with their dog in a very special way.  Others have had problems with groomers and decided to take matters into their own hands. 

Still others enjoy doing their own hair and transfer their skills onto their dog with amazing results.

While small dogs all have their small size in common, their grooming needs vary widely. 

Find out what you need to do and purchase to groom your small dog at home.

When choosing a small breed dog, grooming needs should factor into the decision. 

Most of us don’t mind giving a small dog a bath in the kitchen sink and occasionally clipping their nails. 

Many people chose a dog such as a short haired Chihuahua because they wanted a dog to love without the need to spend countless hours brushing and combing her hair. 

For others, the thought of owning a dog with a long luxurious coat is appealing and hopefully before purchasing such a dog, new owners know what they are getting into.

Long haired dogs have a lot to offer, but let's face it, a long silky hairdo is more labor intensive than a short pixie cut.

Grooming can become a hobby for yourself, but it is also a wonderful way to increase the bond between you and your fur baby. 

Do it Yourself Dog Grooming Means...

Do it yourself dog grooming often means brushing, brushing, brushing, especially if you have any type of small dog except the short haired dog breeds.

Brushing out a long coated breed is time consuming but rewarding and, what is more beautiful than the glamorous, flowing mane of a long coated show dog. 

If you have a breed that has long hair and you have chosen to keep it long rather than keep it in a shorter puppy cut, you know that fastidious attention daily is required to keep it gorgeous.

But there is more to grooming than just brushing.  Grooming also means...

Even if you don't want to take on all the grooming tasks that your small dog breed requires, there are a couple of tasks that will help keep your little looking great between professional grooming visits.

Baths:  A professional groomer will bathe your dog as part of the whole grooming package, but you might want your little guy to have a bath or two between visits.  The easiest way to bathe a small breed dog is in the kitchen sink. 

Sure, bathtubs are fine, but when you are dealing with a tiny dog, a large bath tub may just be too much.  

Special Needs for Special Breeds:  Coat Lengths, Coat Textures

While small dogs all have their small size in common, their grooming needs vary widely. 

Even the texture of their hair is different and can be curly like the toy poodle and Bichon to the wire-haired Affenpinscher, Cairn terrier, and West Highland white terrier. 

The small dog’s hair coat can also vary by length from the short smooth coat of a pug, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, or Dachshund to a medium coated Tibetan terrier to finally a long coat found in many toy breeds such as the Shih Tzu, Maltese and Yorkshire terrier.

Wiry Coats

Grooming Wiry coated dogs such as Terriers

Wire-haired breeds sport a coat very uniquely their own:  hard, coarse, and wiry.  These guys often have jaunty beards and a ruffled look that is simply irresistible to some of us.

Many of the terrier breeds have this type of coat which incidentally is very weather resistant.  Many with this coat were originally bred to burrow into the ground searching for rats or running through fields making a harsh coat helpful for resisting burs and protecting them from harsh climates. 

Good examples of small breed dogs with wiry coats include the Affenpinscher and Brussels Griffon.

Wiry hair breeds require twice yearly plucking.

Curly Coats

Grooming Curly Coated Dogs such as the Poodle

Curly coats such as the Bichon Frise are beautiful when groomed, but can get tangled and unruly if not tended to regularly. 

These types of coats are often found on breeds that were originally bred to work in the water because the curly coat is good at repelling water. 

These coats tend to grow fast and need lots of grooming. A good example of a dog with a curly coat is the poodle

Short Coats

Grooming short haired dogs such as the Beagle

Short coats are the easiest to manage and a quick brushing weekly may be all that is required, apart from the other tasks common to all breeds such as brushing the teeth and clipping the nails. 

So relax, you have more time to play, train and love on your small dog.

Read More About Grooming Short Haired Dogs

Long Haired Breeds

Grooming the Long Haired Dog such as a Shih Tzu

Certainly the most challenging and time consuming, but also the most rewarding, the long haired breeds need much attention to detail. 

Grooming becomes part of your lifestyle and for those of you who are creatively minded, a chance to shine. 

You might even find you love it so much that the task that was once a job, became a hobby, became a source for additional income or even a full time occupation!

Do It Yourself Dog Grooming
Tasks for Short Hair Dogs

If you have a short haired breed, grooming is a breeze.  The list below may seem long, but grooming is easy and you are likely to save a ton of money because you can do all of this yourself without ever setting foot in a grooming salon.

Do It Yourself Dog Grooming
Tasks for Dogs with Longer Hair

Grooming the Long Haired Dog

Ok, so you have a long hair breed and want to save tons of money through DIY Grooming.  Relax, it's not rocket science but does take some time to learn.  Here is your To-Do List:

What's In Your Do It Yourself Dog Grooming Toolbox?

Supplies to put in a grooming toolbox

So, you have decided to tackle the job yourself.  Good for You! What will you need to purchase? 

Having the right tools makes the job much easier, but luckily you don't need to purchase everything at once.  And, much of what you do purchase should be based on the type of breed you have chosen. 

We've compiled a list of the major types of grooming supplies and equipment that will make your life easier. 

Before attempted to do any grooming job, check out the list of essential supplies for your grooming toolbox, descriptions, recommendations and product reviews.

Here are our top must haves for all types of small dogs:

Optional but extremely helpful: Wish List

  • Shower head hose attachment
  • Grooming table
  • Nail grinder
  • Cologne or other scented coat spray
  • Styptic pencil or powder for nail clipping mistakes

For Long Haired dogs, you will need to add the following

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