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Dog Names From Technology: 
Names for the Tech Savvy

By Janice Jones   |Last updated March 30, 2019

Dog Names from Technology offers a unique and different approach to naming your dog. 

After all, dog names don’t need to sound like human names.  

Whether you are a computer geek or just love new technologies, there's a great dog name in all that lingo.

Finding fun names can be a challenge, but not impossible.

Here's a list compiled from internet and computer terminology just to get you started.

Dog Names Based on Tech TermsDog Names Based on Tech Terms

Caitlin from Queensland, Australia writes to Small Dog Place, “Why is the dogs names so like human names.

I know that they have to be but most names should be made up like e-zine please make up some names.”  Thank you Caitlin.  This page is for you!

I decided to take the challenge.  I’m not sure if her example “e-zine” was to point me in this direction, but I haven’t seen many names on the internet that refer to computers, technology or even the web itself. 

I thought It would be fun to see which words might make great little dog names from technology, so here you have it? (Oh, and by the way, I’ve added a short definition, just in case you might not know).

Dog Names from Technology

Applet:  Small Application that runs with another app is the technical definition Great name for a tiny dog if you are looking for a perfect dog name from technology.  

Avatar:  Not talking about the movie, but a custom character that one can create in a gaming situation.  Choose this name if you are an avid gamer.

Android:  This refers to a mobile operation system, usually used on the phone.  Just thought the name sounded cool.

Archie:  an older term used to describe a  program used for finding files stored on FTP Servers.  

Archive:  One file containing multiple files:  How about a name for a designer dog or your lovable mutt.

Beta:  This term refers to software in the process of being tested.  I think that amazing dog you plan to compete in obedience trials could use this name.

Blog:  Short for weblog.  Do you have a talkative dog?  Consider this one for that dog that always has some to say (uh, I mean bark about)

Boot:  This is an old term meaning to turn on your computer.  Do you have that amazing mellow dog that needs a little “boot” now and again?

Bot:  Short for robot.  Perhaps this is a perfect name for a very predictable dog.

Byte:  Only us old timers would remember things measured in bytes, but seems like this would be a great name for a very tiny dog.

Chip:  This is already a great name for a boy dog, but it can also refer to a piece of silicon with an electronic circuit embedded to consider if you want a dog name from technology.

Clone:  No, not the exact replica of your previous dog, but the name could have meaning in this regard.  I’m referring to that old '80s term that described personal computers that were not Apple/Mac, but rather those made to resemble the IBM.  Later with windows, these types of computers became known as PCs.

Cloud:  This has several meanings, but most think of it as storage hosted on an external server rather than your computer. 

I also have to agree that when I think of a cloud, puffy white images float over my head.  I think:  Bichon, Maltese, Coton de Tulear, or maybe a white Toy Poodle?

Cookie:  Again, this name brings up images of grandma’s kitchen or for you more techie readers, a bit of information saved about you as you surf the net. 

Cyber:  Short for Cyberspace, this is a vague term to describe where you are at right now reading this list.

Data:  The bits of information stored on your computer is considered data.  Personally, all I think about when I hear the name Data, is Star Trek Next Generation Data.  A great name for a very smart dog.

Fifo:  I’ll admit, when I found this word, I didn’t have a clue, but it literally means, First In, First Out.  This term is used to refer to a method for retrieving data.  I think of a dog who hasn’t learned the “Wait” command at the front door.

Flash:  Not the Flash we may remember as the Super Hero, this flash (Adobe) allows for animation and interactive content on websites.  Do you have a super active dog?

Jpeg:  We all know that this refers to a type of image found on the web, but do you know what the letters stand for?  I didn’t.  Joint Photographic Experts Group.  Do you have a puppy who loves to be photographed?  The next super model?

Kindle: By Amazon, this is one of the many e-readers on the market today, but it can do much more than serve in that capacity.  Does your dog like to watch TV or YouTube?  Maybe on your Kindle?  Ok, I’m stretching here, sorry.

Link:  Few people don’t know what a link is these days, but those dogs that follow you around constantly seem to have a built-in link to you.  Maybe a nick-name?

Moodle:  Love the name, Moodle but didn’t know what Moodle was until I looked it up.  It stands for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. 

Now, don’t you just feel smarter?  If you’ve ever taken a web-based course, you might have used this system.  Impress your friends and your super smart dog with this name.

Spam:  No one likes spam, but it occurred to me that this might be a perfect name for a last chance dog you are adopting from a shelter.

Socket:  This name just sounded cool.  (Part of the Unix and Windows based operating system)

Spider:  No matter how many times a bot spiders my site, I still think of the eight-legged varieties and think Black dog.  It could also be a great name for a dog that loves to wander.

Sync:  Short and sweet, this is short for synchronize.  Do you have one of those “Velcro” dogs or one that seems totally intune with your thoughts and feelings?

Tiger:  Not the one in Winnie the Pooh, but rather one of the Apple/Mac “cats”  If you have a dog that is rather cat-like, this one might be perfect.

Twitter:  Here is a great name for a talkative dog? Don't stop here.  There are plenty other dog names from technology from which to choose. 

More Dog Names from Technology

Here Are Some More Techie Names for Your Dog



Boot Boots









Dot Matrix (Dot makes a good girl name)

Emoji (three syllables but still cute)







Joystick, Joy for short




















Most of the information and definitions found on this page about Dog Names from Technology can be

retrieved and modified from the Tech Terms Dictionary

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