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Alaskan Dog Names - Popular and Exotic

By Janice Jones   |Last Updated March 22, 2019

Searching for Alaskan Dog Names for your new puppy?  Whether you have a dog breed developed in the far north, love the natural beauty of Alaska, or just have a fascination with the language, you might just find the perfect dog name on this list.

Alaska is home to at least 20 Native languages. Traditional Alaskan names are often used for both girls and boys and it is not unusual to find a family who names their new son after his grandmother. 

Alaskan Dog NamesAlaskan Dog Names

The names on this page represent three different categories: 

  • Popular names such as Kodiak, Orca, or Eskimo that people often think about when they brainstorm Alaskan Names
  • Traditional Inuit names and words taken from one of the many languages found in Alaska and northern Canada
  • Place names such as cities, lakes, and parks.  They are listed here because they have cool sounding names that work well as dog names.  

So many of the traditional words found in these languages are long and contain many syllables. 

Though beautiful to the ear, they may be too much for a dog to recognize.  There are many dazzling names but I have restricted this list to ones that would work well for dogs.

So remember, your dog doesn’t need to be the next Balto, run the Iditarod, or even be of a breed developed in Alaska to be christened with one of these great sounding names.

Some small breed dogs associated with Alaska and the North.

Alaskan Klee Kai

American Eskimo (Toy)

HINT:  Pronunciation
The letter I is usually pronounced as ee so that the name Miki meaning little is pronounced mee kee

Common Names Associated With Alaska

Here are samples of some common terms associated with Alaska including native animals, indigenous peoples, geographic and weather related terms. 

Many people have named their dog with one or more of these words not realizing they can also pertain to Alaska.  Any of these words would make great Alaskan Dog Names.











Brown Bear






Mukluk -- Eskimo moccasins










Totem (as in Totem pole)


Tail of a Humpback WhaleAlaskan Whale Watch
American EagleAmerican Eagle

Place Labels that Make Great Alaskan Dog Names

Attu:  Island

Barrow:  Small village about the Arctic circle

Copper:  River

Denali:  Mountain

Eska:  Creek

Haines:  City

Homer:  City

Hubbard:  Mountain

Juno:  City

Kiska:  Island

Klondike: Region

Kodiak:  City

Nome:  City

Nuka:  Bay

Palmer:  City

Seward:  City

Sitka:  City

Skagway:  City

Valdez:  City

Tongass:  National Forest

Yukon:  River

Glacier BayGlacier Bay

Alaskan Dog Names

These names can be used for either male or female dogs unless noted. These are names found in the languages of the native Inuit peoples.

Aanaq:  Mother (pronounced ah-nak)  Female Dog

Aatag:  Father (pronounced Ah-tag) Male Dog

Aga:  Mother Female Dog

Akiak:  Brave

Akna:  Mother goddess  Female Dog

Amak:  Playful

Arrluk:  Killer whale

Atka:  King

Ataneq:   King  Male Dog

Cupun:  Coal

Kamik:  Eskimo Boot

Kima:  Candy

Koko:  Chocolate

Miki:  Little

Miska:  Little Bear

Nanook:  Cute

Nanuk:  Polar Bear

Nini:  Porcupine

Nukla:  Younger Sister  Female Dog

Pinga:  Goddess of the hunt, fertility and medicine

Pukak:  Snow:  Smart

Pakak:  One that gets into everything

Panik:  Daughter (Female Dog)

Sakari:  Sweet

Sesi:  Snow

Shila:   Flame

Shtiya: 'My strength'

Siku:  Ice

Suka:  Fast

Suluk:  Feather

Sura:  New Life

Tikaani:  Wolf

Tupit:  tattoo lines on face

Alaskan Sled Dogs Enjoying the warmth of summerAlaskan Sled Dogs Relaxing between training sessions.
Alaskan Sled Dog PuppyThis is me petting a future Alaskan Sled Dog Puppy
Alaskan Sled Dog relaxing on his dog house.Alaskan Sled Dog in Summer

Famous Alaskans that will Share Their Name With Your Dog

Wyatt Earp - known for his participation in the gunfight at O.K. Corral.

Larry Sanger - co founder of Wikipedia

Walter Harper  - first person to step foot on the summit of Denali in 1913

Bob Ross  - was a famous oil painter

Jewel Kilcher - a singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, actress, author, and poet, and a member of the Kilcher family that has gained fame in the T.V. Reality Show, Alaska, The Last Frontier.

James Morrison - a famous actor raised in Anchorage. He's starred in many film and television shows, including 24, Frasier, and The X-Files.

Gary Paulson - a writer of young adult fiction, writing over 200 books including, Hatchet, Dog Song and The Winter Room

The Photos on this page were taken during a summer trip to Alaska.  The dogs train all summer for the upcoming winter Iditarod.


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