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Halloween Dog Names
Spooky, Creepy, Just plain Fun

Three dogs dressed in costumes and ready for Halloween.

Think Halloween Dog Names and what comes to mind? 

Monsters and Goblins and Scary Characters? 

Spooky, Creepy, Ghoulish?

Maybe you are a movie or TV buff and can’t wait to see this years line up of the most scary movies of all times. 

If you are a kid (or one at heart), you may think trick-or-treat and hauling in some yummy candy. 

And, don’t forget those costume parties and cozy bonfires.  But if you have a puppy to name, You may want to consider a scary or just plain fun name for him.

If your puppy was born on Halloween, you might want to consider a great Halloween dog name fitting for the occasion. 

Maybe you will be picking up your new puppy around All Hallows' Eve and what could be better than a name reminance of the holiday.

The United States loves this holiday and many other countries of the world celebrate it also. 

Many people may not realize that there is a long history behind this ghoulish day, with many links to religious observations. 

If you are interested, you might want to look into the holiday’s history.  If not, onward to the names.

Names are listed alphabetically without regard to gender.  Many are gender neutral, but some are more appropriate  for boys or girls.

Our Inspiration for Halloween Dog Names?

Names seemed to pop out of our head when we thought about the following topics...


  • Words that remind you of Halloween and Autumn
  • Costumes and props
  • Candy
  • Scary movies
  • Fun Monster type movies and television
  • Mythology
  • Famous Villains from books and other media
  • The Colors Black and Orange

Halloween Dog Names

  • Ahab (from Moby Dick)
  • Ash (Evil Dead)
  • Atlas (Villain in Superman)
  • Axe (A great Prop if you're dressing up)
  • Babadook (Horror movie)
  • Banchee (Ghosts in Irish and Scottish Folk lore)
  • Bat (What's Halloween without bats?
  • Beetlejuice (From the movie)
  • Bigfoot
  • Bill (From the TV series True Blood)
  • Blackie
  • Blackjack (Card Game)
  • Blade (Vanpire Hunter)
  • Bonfire
  • Boo (Monsters, Inc.)
  • Broomstick
  • Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Butterfinger (candy)
  • Butterscotch (candy)
  • Caliban ('The Tempest', William Shakespeare)
  • Candar (Evil Dead)
  • Candy
  • Candy Corn
  • Casper (friendly ghost)
  • Castiel (from TV Supernatural)
  • Cat
  • Celia Mae (Monsters Inc.)
  • Charcoal
  • Chucky (Child’s Play)

Jayne from the Northwest Territories, Canada suggested:

"Daemon" (Demon) Meaning a good demon

  • Cider(Drink Often associated with Halloween)
  • Cinnamon (Spice)
  • Clown (Friendly or Scary?)
  • Cobweb
  • Crawford (from Penny Dreadful)
  • Crow (Movie of same name))
  • Cruella Da Ville (101 Dalmatians)
  • Cujo (Steven King's book)
  • Cthulhu (Lovecraft)
  • Damien (from The Omen)
  • Dante (Dante's Inferno)
  • Darth Vader (Star Wars)
  • Demon
  • Devil
  • Dexter (serial killer)
  • Dorian (Dorian Gray - Book, The Picture of Dorian Gray)
  • Draco (Harry Potter)
  • Dracula
  • Dragon (Costume)
  • Edward (From The Twilight Saga)
  • Eleven(from TV, Stranger Things)
  • Elvira (Mistress of the Dark
  • Emily, the Corpse Bride
  • Eric (From the TV series True Blood)
  • Eve (All Hallows' Eve)
  • Exorcist
  • Eyeball
  • Fairy
  • Frankenstein
  • Franky (Frank for short)
  • Freddy (Nightmare on Elm Street)
  • Gargoyle (Scary sculptures on Old buildings)
  • Ghoul
  • Ghost
  • Goblin
  • Gomez (Father in Addams' Family)
  • Goosebumps (Children’s books and TV shows)
  • Gremlin
  • Grimm
  • Hannabol Lecter (Silence of the Lambs)
  • Harley Quinn (Villian in the Batman Adventures)
  • Haunted Make it cute:  Haunty
  • Heath (candy)
  • Hershey (candy)
  • Hitchcock (Alfred)
  • Hobo (species of spider)
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Igor Isabella(From The Twilight Saga)
  • Jack (from The Shining)
  • Jack-o-Lantern
  • Jacob (From The Twilight Saga)
  • Jason (From Friday the 13)
  • Jaws (from the movie)
  • Jekyll (and Mr. Hyde)
  • Jester(Court Comedian)
  • Jigsaw from the movie Saw
  • Joker (Bat Man)
  • Karlof (Boris Karlof, actor)
  • Killer (Great name for a tiny dog)
  • Kit Kat (candy)
  • Knight (Black Knight)
  • Lange (TV Show Jessica Lange Horror Story)
  • Lanky from Monsters’ Inc.
  • Lex (Luther from Superman)
  • Licorice (Candy)
  • Lucifer (Another name for the Devil)
  • Lucius (Malfoy) from Harry Potter
  • Luna  (Moon and character in Harry Potter)
  • Lurch (Addams Family)
  • Magic (as in black magic)
  • Maze (corn maze)
  • Medusa (In Greek Mythology, she was a monster)
  • Merlin (Sorcerer)
  • Michael (mass murderer in the Halloween series)
  • Midnight
  • Monster
  • Moon
  • Moonlight
  • Moonbeam
  • Morticia Addams (Addams Family)
  • Mummy
  • Naranja (Spanish for orange)
  • Night
  • Nightmare
  • Noir ( French for black)
  • Nosferatau Noz for short (First vampire movie)
  • Norman (from Psycho)
  • October
  • Olaf (Costume from Frozen)
  • Onyx (Black Stone)
  • Osiris (God of the Afterlife from Ancient Egypt)
  • Panther (Black)
  • Patches (Pumpkin Patches)
  • Peeps (candy)
  • Penguin (Batman)
  • Pennywise (from Steven’s Book,  Penny for short)
  • Pepper (spice)
  • Phantom
  • Poe (Edgar Allen Poe)
  • Poltergeist (Polter for short)
  • Pugsley (From the Addams Family)
  • Pumpkin
  • Randy (Boggs in Monsters Inc.)
  • Raven (Large black bird and Poe character)
  • Reaper (Grim Reaper)
  • Regan (The Exorcist)
  • Ripley (from Alien)
  • Ripper (Jack)
  • Rosemary (Rosemary's Baby)
  • Roz (Monsters’ Inc.)
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  • Salem (from Salem’s Lot)
  • Sam (From the TV series True Blood)
  • Scarecrow
  • Scream(Movie)
  • Shadow
  • Skittles (candy)
  • Skull (What's Halloween without a skull or two?)
  • Snickers ( candy)
  • Sookie (From the TV series True Blood)
  • Spaulding (House of 1000 Corpses)
  • Spice
  • Spider
  • Spook
  • Spooky
  • Squash (vegetable In the same family as Pumpkin
  • Stephen (for Stephen King)
  • Sulley"  (from Monsters Inc.)
  • Sweets
  • Taffy (candy)
  • Tara (From the TV series True Blood)
  • Tarantula (spider)
  • Tiffany (Bride of Chucky)
  • Tootsie (Roll)  Candy
  • Treat (Treatie, Treator)
  • Trick (Tricksie)
  • Trickster
  • Troll
  • Twilight
  • Twix (Candy)
  • Vamp
  • Vampire
  • Vanessa (from Penny Dreadful)
  • Vincent Price (Actor)
  • Voldemort (Harry Potter)
  • Warlock
  • Wednesday (daughter in Addams' Family)
  • Weenie (for Halloween)
  • Werewolf
  • Willow (from Buffy the Vanpire Slayer)
  • Witchy or Witchie
  • Wizard
  • Wolf
  • Yaxley (Harry Potter)
  • Zander (from Buffy the Vanpire Slayer)
  • Zorro (Masked
  • Zombie

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