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Disney Dog Names For Boys

By Janice Jones     |Updated January 24, 2020

Your favorite Disney Dog Names for Boys includes all those wonderful heroes as well as some less than reputable characters and then some just plain villains. 

While I don’t advocate naming that adorable puppy after a famous villain, sometimes the name just happens to fit. 

Mickey Mouse in Disney Dog Names for Boys

Remember these are all Disney characters, but there are many other great names from movies and television shows that were not produced by Disney.

Have a Disney character that we forgot? 

Let us know with the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll add it. 

Need a Girl Disney Name?  Find it here.

Disney Boy Dogs 

Alpha - the Doberman Pinscher from Up

Beethoven - St. Bernard from movie with same name

Benji - from Benji the Hunted

Beta - the Rottweiler from Up

Bingo - From TV series Puppy Dog Pals

Bolivar - Donald Duck's St. Bernard

Bolt - White German Shepherd in movie by the same name

Boris - the Borzoi in Lady and the Tramp

Bowser - Goofy's puppy

Bruno - Bloodhound from Cinderella

Buddha - calm golden retriever from Air Buddies

Beta - the Rottweiler from Up

Buddy - the Golden Retriever in Air Bud

Budderball - The Golden Retriever puppy in Air Buddies

Buck  - Alaskan Malamute from Eight Below

Buster - Dachshund in Toy Story

Butch - Pluto's nemesis Bulldog

Cash - Leader of the Singin Strays in Fox and the Hound 2

Cerberus - Hades' 3 headed dog in Hercules

Chance - From Homeward Bound

Chief - from the Fox and the Hound

Chiffon - in Shaggy Dog

Colonel - in the movie 101 Dalmatians

Copper - a Hound dog in The Fox and the Hound

Dachsie - a Dachshund in Lady and the Tramp

Danny - from the movie, The Shaggy Dog

Dante - a Mexican Hairless dog in Coco

Delgado - German Shepherd from Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Demon - Husky in Snow Dogs

Desoto - from Oliver and Company

Digger - a Borzoi in 102 Dalmatians

Diogee - Dog from Milo Murphy's Law

Doctor Doppler - Treasure Planet

Dodger - mutt in Oliver and Company

Duckworth - Scrooge McDuck's buttler

Dug - Golden Retriever from Up

Duke - Great Dane from Swiss Family Robinson

Einstein - Great Dane in Oliver and Company

El Diablo - Fighting Doberman Pinscher in Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Footstool - Beauty and the Beast

Francis - A bulldog in Oliver and Company

Freckles - one of the puppies in Lady and the Tramp

Gamma - Bulldog from Up

Goofy - Mickey and Friends

Jock - a Scottish Terrier in Lady and the Tramp

Lafayette - from The Aristocats

Little Brother - from Mulan

Lucky - one of the 101 Dalmatian puppies

Max - Siberian Husky from Snow Dogs

Max - The Little Mermaid

Maya - from Eight Below

Napoleon - The Aristocats

Old Yeller - from Old Yeller

Otis - Chihuahua from Lady and the Tramp II

Papi - a Chihuahua in Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Patch -one of the 101 Dalmatian pups

Pedro - a chihuahua in Lady and the Tramp

Percy - from Pocahontas

Persephone - Black Poodle in Frankenweenie

Pete - Mickey's friend

Pluto - Mickey's dog

Pongo - the father in 101 Dalmatians

Porkchop - Doug

Quark - from Honey I shrunk the Kids

Rafa - an American Pit Bull Terrier in Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Reggie - Lady and the Tramp II

Riley - mutt from Homeward bound

Rolly - one of the 101 Dalmatians

Roscoe - Oliver and Company

Rosebud  - from Air Buddies Golden Retriever

Rusty  - Home on the Range

Scamp - son of Tramp in 101 Dalmatians

Scooper - from Snow Dogs

Scud - Bull Terrier from Toy Story

Shadow - Alaskan Malamute from Eight Below

Shadow - Golden Retriever from Homeward Bound

Slinky - the Dachshund from Toy Story

Stitch - Lilo and Stitch

Talbot - Great Dane in the Sword in the Stone

Thunderbolt - a favorite German Shepherd super dog in 101 Dalmatians

Tito - Chihuahua in Oliver and Company

Toby  - The Great Mouse Detective

Toughy - One of the pups in 101 Dalmatians

Towser - a Bloodhound in the movie 101 Dalmatians

Tramp  - the mutt Lady and the Tramp

Trusty - a bloodhound in Lady and the Tramp

Turk - Great Dane from Swiss Family Robinson

White Fang -  Wolf hybrid from White Fang

Winston - from short Disney movie, Feast  He appears to be a boston Terrier

Yeller - from Old Yeller

Zero - Ghost dog from the Nightmare Before Christmas

Disney Dog Names for Boys PinDisney Dog Names for Boys

Interested in knowing what the list of Disney Girl Dogs look like?  Check out this link and visit not only the Disney Dogs but also some great Disney Female Dog Names.

Disney Dog Names for Boys  A - B

Disney Dog Names for BoysChoose the Perfect Disney Dog Name for Your Next Puppy

Abu - The monkey in Disney's "Aladdin."

Aladdin – The Boy from the movie, “Aladdin”

Angus – The Clydesdale horse of Merida in the film, “Brave”

Anton Ego - the food critic in the movie, "Ratatouille"

Auguste Gusteau (either name would make a good dog name, the character in "Ratatouille" that was the great Chef

Baloo - The big bear in Disney's "Jungle Book"

Bagheera - The wise panther; in Disney’s “Jungle Book”

Banzai - The hyena in Disney's "The Lion King"

Joyce Van rijn from Den haag Netherlands suggested the name, Archimedes who was the Owl in the movie, The Sword and the Stone 

Chris From Texas  adds the name, Bambi

Thanks Chris

Bashful – One of the seven dwarves in “Snow White”

Basil - the great detective similar to Sherlock Holmes in the movie, "The Great Mouse Detective"

Beast – The Beast Character in “Beauty and the Beast”

Berlioz - The black haired cat who liked to play the piano in the movie, "The Aristocats"

Bernard - A mouse in Disney's "The Rescuers"

Beta – The Rottweiler dog in the movie, “Up”

Bolt – The White Dog and Main Character of the movie, “Bolt”

Boomer - Mickey’s uncle who is a railroad tycoon

Bruno - The dog in Disney's "Cinderella."

Bullseye – Woody’s horse in the movie, “Toy Story 2”

Buttercup – The White Unicorn in “Toy Story 3”

Buzz – As in Buzz Lightyear, the male toy character in “Toy Story”

Bailee Billhymer from Illinois, USA suggest Buster

who was Andy's Dog in Toy Story

Thanks Bailee

Disney Dog Names for Boys C - E

Chien-Po - Along with Ling and Yao are soldiers in the Chinese Army in the movie, "Mulan"

Chip - The cup character in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast."  Also, in the movie, “Chip ‘n Dale”

Christopher Robin - The little boy character in Disney's "Winnie the Pooh"

Clopin - The leader of the gypsies in the movie, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"

Cobra Bubbles – The social worker in the movie, “Lilo and Stitch”

Cody - The little boy character in Disney's "The Rescuers"

Cogsworth - The clock character in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"

Colonel - The Sheep dog character and one of the heroes in Disney's "101 Dalmatians"

Copper - The hound in the movie, “The Fox and the Hound”

Creeper - A very strange character in Disney's "The Black Cauldron."

Dale - A chipmunk from the movie “Chip ‘n Dale”

Darwin – The Main Character from “G-Force”

Dash - The elder son of Bob and Helen Parr and a very fast runner in the movie, "The Incredibles"

Dewey – A duck, one of three nephews of Donald Duck

Diablo - The pet raven of Maleficent in "Sleeping Beauty"

Digger - Mickey Mouse’s Australian cousin

Doc – A dwarf in the movie, “Snow White”

Donald – You doesn’t love Donald Duck

Dopey – Dwarf in “Snow White”

Doug - The title character of a popular Disney television show.

Dumbo - The flying elephant with big ears. From the Disney movie, “Dumbo”

Duke – The Great Dane in the movie, “The Swiss Family Robinson”

Eeyore – The gloomy donkey and friend of Winnie the Pooh

Elliott - The Dragon and Pete's best friend in "Pete's Dragon"

Eric - The Prince in the movie, "The Little Mermaid"

Djali (pronounced Jolly)
from the  Hunchback of Notre Dame

Djaili is the goat sidekick of Esmeralda.

Submitted by Vivi from the United States

Christina from New Mexico, U.S.A. wrote:
from Snow Dogs 

Disney Dog Names for Boys F - I

Ferdie - Nephew to Mickey Mouse

Fergus (Brave)

Figaro– Geppetto’s pet cat in the Disney's "Pinocchio."

Flounder - A fish character in Disney's "Little Mermaid"

Flynn Rider - The Happy Go Lucky Thief Character in "Tangled"

Forte - The castle's former music conductor in the movie, "Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas"

Friar Tuck - Tuck for short in "Robin Hood"

Frollo - The Parisian justice minister who becomes the caretaker of Quasimodo, in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"

Gamma – The Bulldog in the movie, “Up”

Gaston - The villain of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"

Genie -  "Aladdin"

Geppetto – The old toy maker in the movie “Pinocchio”

Goofy - The lovable character in many cartoons and early shorts

Grumpy – One of the seven dwarfs in “Snow White”

Gus - The chubby mouse in Disney's "Cinderella"

Hamm - The pig toy in Disney's "Toy Story"

Hans - the Prince from the Southern Isles in the movie, "Frozen"

Happy – Dwarf in “Snow White”

Hook - The pirate villain in Disney's "Peter Pan"

Hubert - The king and father of Prince Philip in "Sleeping Beauty"

Huey – One of the three nephews of Donald Duck

Iago - The parrot in Disney's "Aladdin"

Disney Dog Names for Boys J - K

Jafar – The Villain in the movie, “Aladdin”

Jake - The adventurous mouse in Disney's "The Rescuers"

Jaq - A mouse in Disney's "Cinderella"

Jiminy - The cricket in Disney's "Pinocchio"

Jock - The Scottish terrier dog in Disney's "Lady and the Tramp"

John - A little boy in Disney's "Peter Pan"

Jumbo - The big elephant that flies in Disney's "Dumbo"

Kaa - The mysterious snake in Disney's "The Jungle Book"

Kenai - The Youngest of the three Inuit Brothers, in "Brother Bear"

Khan – Mulan’s horse in the movie, “Mulan”

Kocoum - An Indian warrior in Disney's "Pocahontas"

Koda - a a wisecracking grizzly bear cub from "Brother Bear"

Kristoff - a Sami Iceman in the movie,  "Frozen"

Kronk "The Emperor's New Groove"

Disney Dog Names for Boys L - P

Ling - "Mulan"

Louie – Donald Duck’s nephew, also King Louie from Brother Bear

Lumiere - The candelabra character in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast”

Marlin -  "from Finding Nemo"

Max - The Sheepdog character in Disney's "Little Mermaid."

Meeko - The raccoon in Disney's "Pocahontas."

Merlin - the Magician from the “Sword and the Stone”

Michael - A little boy in Disney's "Peter Pan"

Mickey – A Very Famous Mouse

Milo -  The main character in the movie, "Atlantis"

Morty - Nephew of Mickey Mouse

Mowgli - The little boy in Disney's "The Jungle Book"

Mufasa - Simba's Father in the movie, "The Lion King"

Mukluk - Mickey’s Canadian uncle who lives in Alaska

Mushu - The orange dragon in the movie, "Mulan"

Napoleon – The hound in the movie, “The Aristocats”

Naveen -  The prince of Maldonia, "The Princess and the Frog"

Nemo – The main character who is a fish in the movie “Finding Nemo”

Olaf - The snowman in the movie, "Frozen"

Oliver – The Cat from the Movie, “Oliver and Company”

Pascal – A lizard who is Rapunzel’s best friend, from the movie, “Tangled”

Percy – The pug of Governor Ratcliffe from “Pocahontas”

Philip - The handsome prince in Disney's "Sleeping Beauty"

Piglet - A baby pig in the movie, “Winnie the Pooh”

Pinocchio – A little wooden puppet that wanted to be a boy, in the movie with the same name

Pluto - Mickey Mouse's dog

Pongo - The Daddy Dalmatian in Disney's "101 Dalmatians"

Pooh – That chubby little bear in “Winnie the Pooh”

Pritam - Pramesh's nephew in the 2019 Dumbo movie

Pramesh - The snake charmer in the new Dumbo movie.

Megan from the USA suggested "Olaf" from Frozen.   Olaf is the Friendly snowman from Frozen.

Disney Dog Names for Boys R - S

Rafa – The Bull Terrier dog in the movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Rajah – Jasmine’s pet tiger in the movie, “Aladdin”

Rabbit - The rabbit in Disney's "Winnie the Pooh."

Randall (Monsters, Inc.) 

Ratcliffe - As in the Governor in the movie, "Pocahontas"

Remy - The rat with a heightened sense of taste and smell, in "Ratatouille"

Rex - The dinosaur toy in Disney's "Toy Story."

Robin Hood - The lead character in Disney’s “Robin Hood”

Rongo the Strongo - a strongman in the 2019 Dumbo movie

Russell - The Junior Wilderness Explorer who goes with Carl to Paradise Falls, in "Up"

Scrooge - The elderly duck in Disney's Donald Duck stories

Scuttle - The sea bird in Disney's "Little Mermaid"

Sebastian - The lobster in Disney's "Little Mermaid"

Shere Khan - The jealous tiger in Disney's "The Jungle Book"

Sitka - On of the brothers in the movie, "Brother Bear"

Sleepy – One of the Seven Dwarfs in “Snow White”

Smee -  Captain Hook's bo'sun in the movie, "Peter Pan"

Sneezy - Another of the Dwarfs in “Snow White”

Stefan - The king and father in “Sleeping Beauty”

Stitch – The little alien in the movie, “Lilo and Stitch”

Sullivan (Monsters, Inc.)

Sulton – Tiger Cub owned by Jasmine from the movie, “Aladdin”

Disney Dog Names for Boys T-Z


Thumper - The rabbit in Disney's "Bambi"

Tigger - A bouncy tiger from “Winnie the Pooh”

Timo - Tinkerbell's friend

Timon - The meerkat who serves as the adopted father and friend of Simba, in "The Lion King"

Timothy - The mouse in Disney's "Dumbo."

Tod - The fox in the Fox and the Hound

Tito – Small Chihuahua from the movie, “Oliver & Company”

Tramp – A mongrel in the movie “Lady and the Tramp”

Turk – Great Dane in Disney’s “The Swiss Family Robinson”

Wall-e - from the movie with the same name

Wiggins – The manservant in the movie, “Pocahontas” 

Woody - The cowboy toy in Disney's "Toy Story"

Yao - "Mulan"

Yeller – Main Character Dog in “Old Yeller”

Zazu -  "The Lion King"

Zurg -  "Toy Story"

More Readers' Suggestions for Disney Dog Names for Boys

Dakota, from California, USA Suggests:

"Dodger from Oliver and Company."

Kayla, from Ohio, U.S.A. suggested
from the Disney Channel show, Phineas &Ferb

Angie from Missouri, U.S.A. wrote:

Sully, from Monsters Inc.  That is what I named my Great Pyrenees.

Donna from Texas suggested "Simba"

Meet the Real Simba

Simba from Texas

Paige from

The United States suggested Zeus from the movie, "Hercules"

Mikayla Thorne from the U.S. suggested, Rafiki from the Lion King

Got A Great Disney Dog Names for Boys (and Girls)?

We've racked our brains trying to remember and did a little research into very old and very new movies, but I'm sure we've missed a few, maybe more than just a few. 

Please let us know if you have a Disney name that would make a great dog name and we'll add it.

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