Great names for Big Dogs

The Ultimate List of Dog Names for Big Dogs

By Janice Jones   |Last Updated 08-09-2021

I’m guessing you’re wondering why you see Dog Names for Big Dogs on this site all about small breed dogs? 

If you aren’t wondering, I’m going to tell you anyways.

Dog Names for Big Dogs:  A large dog is looking at a small dogDog Names for Big Dogs

I have had several requests for a list of names specifically for large to giant breeds because their new owners want a BIG name for their little dog. 

Whether you like BIG names for small dogs or are planning to acquire a larger breed dog, as a companion or guardian of your little dog, this list might come in handy.   

Dog owners who are interested in names for big dogs might find Dog Names from Mythology an additional resource to check out.  

I’ve tried to provide the origin or the definition of the name in parentheses to help you understand and appreciate the name. 

If you have any additions to this list, please share.  You can use the form at the bottom of the page to contact me, and I’ll find a unique location for your submission. 

Thanks for submitting your colossal name.  Happy naming.

Great Names for Big Dogs

I've organized these names in alphabetical order for easy access.

Alaska (largest state in U.S.)

Alligator (Alli for short) Large reptile

Amazon (Greek female warriors from mythology)

Anaconda, (Ana or Conda for short, a giant snake)

Arctic/Antarctic (Large areas mostly snow covered)

Artemis (Greek goddess, sometimes used as a man's name)

Atlas (Giant that held up the earth)

Babylon (Biblical tower that was very tall)

Baleen (type of giant whale)

Baloo (Large Sloth Bear from The Jungle Book)

Balrog (from Lord of The Rings)

Baymax (from Disney’s Big Hero 6)

Banshee (Celtic mythology)

Baskerville (Hounds of Baskerville, Sherlock Holmes mystery

Bear (Large mammal)

Bengal (large tiger)

Beowulf (Large epic tale)

Bertha (Big Bertha)

Big Barda (DC Comics)

Big Ben (Big clock)

Big Horn (type of cattle)

Big Mac (huge hamburger)

Bigwig (very important person in a company)

Björn (tennis player)

Blimp (Large airship)

Boomer (nickname for a large ship)

Boudica (English Warrior Queen)

Brachiosaurus, (Brach for short, dinosaur)

Bruin (another name for bear)

Buck (a big male deer)

Buffalo (Buffy for short) large bovine

Bull (a big male bovine)

More Amazing Names for Big Dogs

Clifford (the big red dog, children’s book and television show)

Cloverfield Monster (Clover for short) Movie, Cloverfield

Cochise (Famous Indian War Hero)

Colossus (meaning big)

Cujo (Steven King’s novel/movie)

Dane (largest dog, Great Dane)

Denali (Highest Mountain in North America)

Diablo (Spanish for Devil)

Diana (Wonder Woman); Roman goddess

Duma (Russian Parliament)

Diva (Great girls name for a big dog with a big personality)

Diesel (a big engine)

Dragon (large mythical creature)

Dumbo (enormous flying elephant in movie with the same name)

Dwarf (Just a joke!)

Eiffel (Large Tower in Paris)

Emu (large flightless bird)

Epic (Name says it all)

Eureka (Big Idea)

Everest (big mountain)

Fjord Big craggy outlet to the sea

Falkor (from The Neverending Story)

Fenrir (old Nordic tale)

Frankenstein (Frankie for short, massive man-made monster)

Fantasia (Disney movie) You can find many more Disney Dog Names on this page.

Freya (Queen of the Norse gods)

Godzilla (giant fictional character in shows by the same name)

Goliath (Biblical giant that fought David)

Googolplexian (colossal number and maybe too large of a name for a dog)

Gorilla (large animal)

Grendel (Evil monster in Beowulf)

Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Hagrid (Groundskeeper in Harry Potter)

Hera (wife of Zeus)

Harley (big motorcycle)

Hercules (Strongest man)

Hindenburg (largest dirigible)

Hippo (short for Hippopotamus, the large mammal)

Hooch (Movie, Turner, and Hooch, Hooch was the dog)

Hoss (Large Cartwright character in the TV series, Bonanza)

Hulk (Large green character in Marvel Comics)

Inca (largest pre-Columbian civilization in America)

Infinity (going on forever)

Jabba (the Hut, in Star Wars)

Jabberwocky (Alice in Wonderland Character)

Jumbo (Largest circus animal)

Juno (Roman goddess)

Jupiter (Roman king of the gods)

Kanga (from Winnie the Pooh)

Kilo (weight measure)

Koa (Large Hawaiian tree)

Kodiak (Large Bear)

Koko (a hefty Gorilla)

Kong (King Kong, large gorilla)

Lebowski (from The Big Lebowski)

Leonidas (Movie, The 300, Spartan hero)

Lycan (large werewolves)

Mako (big Shark)

Mammoth (meaning immense)

Manhattan (large city)

Marmaduke (Large fictional dog)

Mechs (Large robot)

Medusa (Capable of turning people into stone)

Mig (large Russian jet

Moby (Dick, giant whale)

Moose (large animal)

Mr. Snuffleupagus (Snuffy for short, from Sesame Street)

Mufasa  (Simba’s father from Lion King)

suggested by Nadine Fillery from

Swansee, UK

Nemesis (ultimate large enemy)

Neptune (Roman god of the sea)

Nero (Roman emperor)

Nikita (Le Femme)

Odyssey (Greek epic poem (i.e. very epic poem)

Olaf (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Orca (Large Whale)

Ozone (Once thick layer above the earth)

Pandora (Greek Mythology)

Paul Bunyan (Tall Tale)

Peanut (makes a cute name for a giant dog)

Pegasus (Large flying horse of Hercules)

Phoenix (Large firebird)

Polaris (North Star)

Precious (From the movie of the same name)

President Taft (rather massive American President)

Princess Fiona (Rather Large wife of Shrek)

Puma (Large member of cat family)

Quasar (Large bright star at center of young galaxies)

Rama (Hindu god)

Rex (Tyrannosaurus, the dinosaur)

Rhino (Short for Rhinoceros

Sahara (Large Desert

Sequoia (Large tree)

Sheba (Queen of Sheba)

She-Ra (character in He-Man cartoons)

Sasquatch (Bigfoot)

Shrek (from the Movie with the same name)

Sumo (Large wrestler)

Tank (large military

Terminator (from the Movie

Tex (short for Texas)

Texas (big state in the US)

Thor (Nordic god)

Tiny (Why not?)

Titan (Greek mythological giant), largest moon of Saturn

Tsunami (Giant Wave)

Turanga (Leela)  character in Futurama cartoon

Valkyrie (Nordic female warriors)

Vader (from Star Wars)

Voltron (defender of the universe)

Whopper (big hamburger)

Wolf (animal)

Xena (Warrior Princess of a TV show with the same name)

Ymir (Marvel Comics)

Zeppelin (blimp-air ship)

Zeus (Greek God)

This is Gangster from BanglaloreGangster from Banglalore

Names for Big Dogs:  Your Suggestions

Do you have a great name that should be part of this page?  Please share.  Add your name, the dog's name and your location and I will put your suggestion on this page with credit to you, of course. 

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