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Dog Names based on MythologyDog Names From Mythology

There are many great dog names from mythology, but it takes a little searching to find just the perfect name.

Ever consider a dog name from mythology or folklore?  There are plenty to choose from.

Many of the dog names from mythology lend themselves nicely as a regal name for your dog. 

The list below does not begin to list all the gods from the ancient worlds. 

We’ve left out many as some are just too long to be practical as a name for a small dog. Some are difficult for English Speaking people to pronounce.

Some represent negative themes that we feel does not represent all the good traits that a dog can possess. 

Dog Names from Mythology

Achilles: Hero of the Trojan War

Aeolus: god of the winds

Aphrodite: Greek goddess of love

Apollo: Greek idol of music god of poetry, music, and oracles

Aporia: Spirit of difficulty, good name for a mischievous dog

Aries: Greek idol of war

Artemis: Greek virgin goddess of the hunt

Asteria: Mother of Hecate in Greek mythology

Athena: Greek goddess of wisdom

Atlas: The Titan forced to carry the sky on his shoulders

Aura:  Titan of the breeze and the fresh cool air of morning; Dogs that love the fresh morning breeze

Aurora: Roman goddess of the dawn;  For any early rising dogs

Bia: Spirit of force and power, good for a small dog with a big personality

Chronos: God of time, perfect for that dog that knows just when you're about to walk into the house

Cronus: Father of ZeusCupid: Roman dog of love, sweet name for a loving puppy

Cura: Roman goddess of care

Daphne: Nymph, pursued by Apollo;

Di: Short for Diana, goddess of the hunt, good for a hound

Echo: A nymph who only repeated the words of others

Enyo: Goddess of war and peace;  Have a spirited dog?

Eris: Goddess of discord, for an energetic dog

Eros: Son of Aphrodite;  Greek god of love and attraction; Any dog could have this name!

Fortuna: Roman goddess of fortune, A better choice for a dog than the over used, Lucky

Hades: King of the underworld

Harmonia: Greek goddess of harmony

Hector:  hero of the Trojan War and champion of the Trojan people;  You see great things to come with your new dog

Helen: Fairest woman in the world; daughter of Zeus
Helios: Titan of the sun

Hera: Queen of the heavens and Greek goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, heirs, kings, and empires

Hercules: Roman deity of strength; dog names from mythology that refer to strength or power can be used for both strong dogs and those that are tiny.  Consider Hercules for a Chihuahua.

Hermes aka Mercury: God of physicians and thieves;
Hyperion: The titan of light

Hypnos: Greek idol of sleep; Perfect for a lazy dog

Iris: Goddess of the rainbow, for the dog with a colorful personality

Isis: An Egyptian deity;

Janus: Two-headed idol; Roman god of gates and doors

Juno: Roman queen of the gods

Jupiter: Roman king of gods:  Do you have that Alpha Male?

Kakia: Spirit of the voice; perfect for a talkative dog

Karpo: Goddess of the fruits of the earth

Liber: Roman god of male fertility;  Will your dog be a stud?

Lima: Roman goddess of the threshold

Luna: Roman goddess of the moon:  Consider it for a night owl or a white dog

Mania: Spirit of madness, Does this name fit your hyper dog?

Mars: Deity of war

Mercury: messenger of the gods in Roman Mythology

Minerva: Roman goddess of poetry and wisdom

Minotaur: Half man and half beast

Nemesis: Roman goddess of revenge

Neptune: god of the sea; one of many dog names from mythology if you have a dog that loves the water.

Nike: goddess of victory;  Just like the clothing company

Nixi: Roman idol of childbirth

Nox: Roman goddess of night: good choice for a black dog

Olympus: Home of the gods

Odin: The Norse deity of wisdom, poetry, and magic

Opis: goddess of fertility, Might be great for a breeding dame

Pales: Deity of shepherds, flocks and livestock;  Great name for a Shetland Sheepdog

Pandora: Opener of box containing human ills

Paris: Son of Priam; gave the apple of discord to Aphrodite

Pax: Roman goddess of peace

Pegasus: Winged horse; great name for a fast runner

Perseus: Titan god of destruction and peace

Phoebe: Titan god of intellect and prophecy

Pluto: Deity of the underworld and brother of Zeus; AND the beloved Disney dog

Pomona: Roman goddess of fruit trees, gardens and orchards

Pontus:  Sea god; Have a dog that likes to swim?

Poseidon: god of the sea and brother of Zeus: Great name for a water-loving dog

Proteus: Sea god

Psyche: goddess of the soul

Rhea: Zeus’ mother

Roma: Personification of the Roman state

Saturn: god of Harvest

Selene: Titan goddess of the moon

Sors:  Roman God of Luck

Styx: One of the river gods

Tellus: Roman goddess of the earth

Tempeste: Deity of storms

Thesis: god of all creation

Thor: The Norse god of thunder

Triton: god of ships

Uranus: Roman god of the sky

Venus: Roman goddess of love and beauty;  Planning on showing your dog?

Vesta: Roman Goddess of the hearth and sacred fire:  This dog is a real homebody

Victoria: Roman goddess of victory:  Also a nice Royal name

Vulcan: Roman god of fire; Do you have a puppy with a fiery personality?

Zeus: Ruler of Mount Olympus:  Maybe your dog thinks he’s the Alpha?

Dog Names from American Folklore

Here are some names drawn from American Folklore.  Some of these names work very well for different breeds and most can be shortened to one syllable words.  If you have a dog breed that originated in the United States, such as the Boston terrier, American Hairless or the Alaskan Klee Kai, consider one of these names. 

  • Ethan Allen:  Hero of the American Revolution

  • Daniel Boone: Frontiersman:  Great for a dog who loves adventure

  • Paul Bunyan:  Lumberjack of legend:  Cute for a tiny dog with a big personality

  • Calamity Jane: Frontier character

  • John Chapman:  aka. Johnny Appleseed:  Does your dog love apple snacks?

  • Buffalo Bill Cody: Scout and showman:  There are plenty of dogs out that that want the spotlight, does your dog like to put on a show for you?

  • Davy Crockett: Frontiersman.  Is your dog looking for the next big escapade?

  • Mike Fink: Legendary frontiersman, marksman, fighter,  and teller of Tall Tales

  • John Henry:  Legendary strongman; you know your dog is strong when he always wins the tug-of-war game with you.

  • Jesse James: Outlaw; How about this name for a dog with a little bit of mischief in him.

  • Casey Jones: Locomotive engineer:  Do have a dog that prefers riding in a doggie stroller? 

  • Annie Oakley: Theatrical performer and superb marksman;  She was best known for performing in Buffalo Bills Wild West Show

  • Pecos Bill: Famous Cowboy

  • Betsy Ross: Seamstress; sewed the first American Flag

  • Uncle Sam: Term used to symbolize the United States

There are many ways to name a dog.  Dog Names from Mythology is just one suggestion, but there are plenty more on this site.  For more ideas, check out our other pages on dog names.

If you found Dog Names from Mythology helpful, check out our other dog names pages.

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