The Ultimate List of
Black Dog Names

By Janice Jones   |Last Updated 10-04-2022

Does your new puppy need a clever black dog name?  Sure, why not.  Every puppy deserves the perfect name and many people will choose a name based on the color of the fur or hair.  

There are many ways to choose a name for a small dog, but finding a name that reflects the color of his/her hair is a popular choice.

We have compiled a list of possible names for your black dog. Where does the inspiration come from for these black names?  

Consider all the black objects found in nature, either in the form of animals, plants and minerals.    

Great names for black dogs:  This little Shih Tzu Puppy has a paw on a basketball.Great Names for Black Dogs

Any animals that have black fur, fins or feathers, were fair game and added to the list. 

You’ll also find names borrowed for languages other than English which might be an idea choice if your heritage lends itself to a non English name.

You’ll find names from books, folklore, and the movies. Many people choose a name based on their favorite celebrity while others have a favorite character they remember from their childhood.

My favorites come from edible (or drinkable) sources, but those are few and far between because people just don’t eat many black things.

Some of the names may be appropriate for a girl and others for a boy, and some would be fine for either. 

We’ll let you be the judge of that.  Does your dog have black and white hair?  Check out our black and white dog names for some more suggestions.

Dog Breeds That May Scream Black Dog Names

Black German Spitz dog standing on the grassGerman Spitz

Black Hybrid Breeds

A Maltese and Shih Tzu Puppy is sitting in a plastic tubMaltese and Shih Tzu Hybrid
Black Bichon Frise and Cocker Spaniel hybrid on a white background.Bichon Frise and Cocker Spaniel Mix

Got Some Great Ideas for Black Dog Names?

We want to make this the longest Black Dog Names List ever.  If I have forgotten a few or many, please let me know and we'll add them to this page along with a note giving you credit for creativity.  Contact me now.

Guidelines for Finding the Best Name

Everyone is different.  Some people thrive on finding the most creative unusual name that best describes their dog and will kick out many names before they find just the perfect one.

Others prefer the more familiar, common place names - the name that rolls of their tongue and may remind them of something in their past. Many people in this category prefer traditional girl or boy names.

Still others decide that a name should be totally unique so they create a name that has never been used before. Kids are amazing when it comes to coming up with new, unheard of names.

What's your style?

Are There Rules for Naming a Dog?

The short answer is yes and no and let me explain.

Puppy Training

Most people will use terms such as sit, down, come and stay to teach basic commands. 

They will combine the dog's name with the command, such as "Toby, Sit."  It is best to choose a name that does sound too similar to a basic command such as "Doug Down" or "Bay, Stay"

The Sound of the Name

There will be times when you need to call your dog in public whether it's at a dog park or from your back porch. 

Choose something that is easy and comfortable to say.  (Cooper, Leave it.).  Avoid anything that might be embarrassing or offensive to anyone.

Ease of Learning a Name

Most puppies pick up their name quickly if you use it frequently and enthusiastically. 

But short is normally better for dog names.  That doesn't mean you need to choose a one syllable name like Dot.  Rather keep the syllables to a minimum of three or less.  

For example, I personally love the name Borealis (Northern Lights) as a black dog name.  It reminds me of a natural beauty that few get to experience. 

But the word Borealis is four syllables and may be too long to use. You can shorten names and Borie might make a good name.

Black Dog Names A to Z

black standard poodle on a chairBlack Dog Names: This gorgeous guy is Blackster from the United States (Standard Poodle).

Ace - As in the Ace of Spades

Agate - A type of stone with various meanings depending on the culture from warding off evil to healing properties

Angus - Black Cow



Asphalt - Black material used on roads

Aye Aye - A small mammal found on the island of Madagascar.

Batman - A favorite Superhero

Beans (Black Beans)

Bear (Black Bear)

Beetle (Black Beetle)

Black bean See above

Black Bear See above

Blackjack (Jack for short)

Blackberry - Tasty summer berry

Blackbird or Crow


Black Mamba - See Mamba

Black Pearl

Black Rose

Blackie - Simple but descriptive

Bullet - Ammunition 

Carbon - Black colored element

Charcoal or Coal (Cole) for short

Checkers - At least half of the playing pieces are Black

Cinder  - What's left over after a fire

Clubs - Good name for someone who loves to play Cards

Coffee - Black coffee is indeed Black

Cola - Also, Coke, Pepsi or Soda can all describe a black dog

Cosmo - The heavens are black in space

Currant - Dried fruit that can be black or red

Dark Star - 1974 American science fiction comedy film

Demon -  Usually considered very dark

Dice - Could work for a black and white dog

Domino - A good name for a predominantly black dog with a little white.

Dot - A good name for a black dog with a white spot

Ebony - Dark wood

Eclipse - The sun or moon goes black during an eclipse

Eightball - A black pool ball

Elvira - Queen of the Night

Ember - charred wood

Espresso - Very strong dark coffee


Graphite - pencil lead

Hershey - Could be used for a black or brown dog.  Think Dark Chocolate

Hitchcock - Think dark fiction

Indigo - very dark pigment

Inkblot - That's assuming the ink is black

Inkwell - See above

Inky - See above

Jackal - medium size dog type mammal found in Africa

Jaguar - largest cat species in the Americans sometimes black in color

Knight - Black Knight

Kuro (Japanese - black)

Lava - Can harden into a black rock

Leopard - Large black cat

Licorice - Black type of candy

Magic - Think Black Magic

Magpie - Beautiful black and white bird

Mamba - Black Mamba are venomous snakes found in Africa

Merlin - Mythical sorcerer for King Arthur

Midnight - Dark part of the night

Morticia - The mother and wife of the Addams' Family

Noche - means night in Spanish.

Noir - French for Black

Nimbus - type of dark cloud

Ninja - Medieval Japanese Assassin

Obsidian - Dark black stone known for its metaphysical properties

Oboe - Dark colored woodwind instrument

Olive - (Black Olive) Good Girl's name

Onyx - Black stone

Opal - Black Opals are precious stones

Oreo - A good name for a black and white dog


Panda - A large black animal

Panther - Large black cat and another name for a cougar

Penguin - Black land and sea bird; Could be used for a black and White dog.

Pepper - Black pepper

Pepsi - or Coke, both dark black colored soda drinks


Preto (Portuguese for black)

Puma - a large cat or another name for Cougar

Raven - Large Black Bird

Raisin - Dark dried fruit


Rorschach - Remember the Rorschach ink blots from Psychology 101?

Shadow - Shadows are dark gray to black


Silhouette - The black outline of an object



Spade - Black cards

Spot - Good for a black dog with a couple of white spots

Stallion - Black horse

Stella Luna - A black bat in the children's book by the same name

Stormy - Weather is usually very dark

Liz Garcia Perlines from Australind, Australia wrote

My little black dog is named Treacle (meaning black molasses).This is a great name for either a boy or a girl dog.

How clever!

In this case, Treacle is a Girl!


Tarmac - Runway at the airport

Tattoo - Some tattoos are black



Vader - Darth Vader always portrayed with a black cloak

Velcro - Black Velcro makes a great name for a little black dog that won't leave your side.





More Black Dog Names from Our Readers

Ideas from Our Readers:
Ivy from Tennessee, USA Offered these ideas:

Skunk (Good for a Black & White Dog)
Cracker Jack

Jadyn from
Valparaiso, Indiana USA suggested the following great names for your black dog:



KoKo for Cocoa

Shadeaux - Sounds like "Shadow" but with a French twist

PJ for a peanut butter and jelly dog (brown and red)

Cole is short for Charcoal or coal

Sabian - For Sabian Holmes, a famous black man

Elvin - Famous black drummer Elvin Jones

Clarke - Famous black drummer Kenny Clarke






J.W. Peterson from Cottage Grove, MN suggests the name, Brenna

I found this name has both Nordic and Celtic origin and has meanings ranging from Raven, Raven haired, Little Raven,Raven haired beauty, and even another meaning "little beacon on a hill" and even "little teardrop."

For an in depth explanation and historical perspective of the color black, check out this wikipedia article.

Choosing a name for your Dog’s Registration Paperwork

Need a formal name to place on your purebred dog’s registration paperwork? 

Practically anything goes in this regard but must not exceed 50 characters including spaces if you are registering with the American Kennel Club.  Otherwise, you will pay more for your name.  Any name you choose will be subject to approval with AKC. 

You do not need to choose two entirely separate names, one informal and one formal.  You can start with one of the names below and add to it to come up with a unique dog name to register.  For example, say you want to name your dog Thunder, a formable name for a tiny dog. 

Your registered name could be Josie’s Passing Thunder Clouds.

Have a suggestion for a black dog name.  Take a moment and add it to our ever growing list.  Use the form below our list of black dog names to submit your ideas. 

We will evaluate any name for appropriateness on this site and add accordingly.  You are also welcome to add photos and a short story about your favorite black dog.

Share Your Thoughts about Black Dogs or Black Dog Names

Have a great name or story to tell about your Black Dog?  We’d love to hear it.  Use the form below to tell the world about your favorite black dog.

Your Black Dog

There are many small breed dogs that are black. Do you have or have had a small black dog. We'd like to hear about your dog? What is your dog's name? What breed? What are some special characteristics about him or her that makes them unique? Does he do tricks? Do you have a great story about a black dog Please share it. Don't forget to upload some photos.

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Didn’t find the perfect name?  Check out our other dog name pages for additional ideas to help you name your dog.

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