Nognog ang Asong Sunog (Nognog the burnt dog)

by Rene Mikhael Bajaro-Resurreccion
(Quezon City, National Capital Region, Philippines, Asia)

Nogs stares at the camera.

Nogs stares at the camera.

Nogs stares at the camera.
Nogs watches the camera assistant.
Always so excited.

This dog is actually my sister's. It's just a big thing who "owns" the pet at home.

He came to us as a gift from a family friend. If I remember correctly, he's a mix of a G.Shepherd and a Lab.

He's usually very active and ready to play at any time and has protective tendencies.

If there's a visitor at home and simply stands on the veranda overlooking the backyard, his usual whereabouts, we'd call out his name and call for help.

He'll start barking and his hairs would begin to stand on end. And then we'll show up to calm him down. It's funny.

But he's obedient enough to stay by our side when we tell him to even when there are interesting new people to smell.

We named him Sunog which is a Filipino word. Depending on which syllable is stressed, it can either mean the adjective "burnt" or the noun "fire."

We call him out by the nicknames of endearment by Nognog, Nogs, or Noggie. 'Cause it sounds cuter.

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