Black Dog names suggestions

by Jeanie
(Marysville OH)

Some names may be too long for dogs but are fine for cats (they never answer anyway unless they are in the mood).

Here are a few other black animal names for your list:

Regulus (Regulus Black from the Harry Potter series),

Pluto (the cat in The Black Cat by Edgar A. Poe),

Sweet Baboo - the stage name for Welsh musician, Stephen Black, and

Wo - in the Mayan Zodiac this is represented by black sky and by a black panther (August 15th - September 3rd).

Also Darth is a perfect name for a black pug (ever hear them breathe) and Truffles is another dark small dog name.

I have a strange hobby - for years, ever since getting involved in animal rescue - I have been collecting names for rescue animals - have thousands of them after almost 40 years.

Some day I'd like to publish a book of them, strictly to help rescues because some days you just can't handle another Max or Bella.

Hello, Janice Here from Small Dog Place

Thank you so much for taking the time to add some great names to our black dog name list. It does sound like you have a lifetime of experience coming up with names and I do hope you will publish them all into a book real soon. After all, Max and Bella might be great names, but when 50 or more dogs are assigned those names, they really do lose their appeal. I'm with you.

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