Great Scottish Dog Names

By Janice Jones   |Last Updated 03-22-2024

Think Scottish and you are likely to conjure up images of Bagpipes, Kilts and Scotch whiskey. 

Lest sounding a little cliché, Scotland is also known for their haggis, porridge and shortbread.

Home to highlands, lochs, hundreds, and hundreds of islands, Scotland is a modern country with a rich long history. 

The Loch Ness Monster might make his home there,  but to dog people, the country represents a long tradition of breeding amazing dogs. 

Scottish Dog Names for your dog originating in ScotlandGreat Scottish Dog Names

The Scots developed many of the modern breeds, quite a few being small dogs.   

Border Terrier
Cairn Terrier
West Highland White Terrier
Shetland Sheepdog
Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Scottish Terrier

Scotland's terrain is diverse and rugged, ranging from the rolling hills of the Lowlands to the towering peaks of the Highlands.

Much of the country is peppered with beautiful lochs, untamed islands, and dense forests, making it a perfect setting for dog breeds that thrive in the wilderness.

The Scottish climate is renowned for its variability, with the potential for sun, rain, and wind all in the same day. Winters can be particularly harsh, especially in the Highlands.

Such conditions necessitated the breeding of hardy dog breeds that could withstand the country's weather extremes. Scottish dog breeds were often called upon to perform various tasks depending on their size and characteristics.

Larger breeds such as the Border Collie and the Scottish Deerhound were typically used for herding livestock or hunting, requiring speed, agility, and a degree of intelligence. The Scottish Deerhound is courageous and loyal, making it a valued companion in various tasks.

Smaller breeds, like the Scottish Terrier, were bred for their ability to chase down and disperse vermin on farms.

Regardless of their size, all these breeds were bred to be incredibly resilient, just like the Scottish landscape itself.

Those are Only the Small Dog Breeds from Scotland.  Here's More Scottish Breeds that are Too Large for this Site

Bearded Collie

Golden Retriever

Gordon Setter

Rough Collie

Scottish Deerhound

Smooth Collie

Skye Terrier

Girl Scottish Dog Names

Adaira - from the fork at the oak tree

Aggie - Pure or Chase

Aila - From a strong place

Ailsa - from an old Viking name of a Scottish island

Ainsley from Scottish meaning Clearing with a hermitage (girl or boy name)

Alba - Gaelic word for Scotland

Annie - means Gracie

Bietris - voyager

Blair - field or plain

Bonni - Many charms and beauty

Bridget - from the Gaelic meaning power or strength

Girl Names Beginning with C

Camden - Winding valley

Cauley - meaning, "she is like a relic"

Christie - of Scottish origin meaning Christian

Ceit - Scottish Gaelic form of Kate or Catherine meaning pure

Clutha - A Gaelic word meaning  “water goddess”.

Colina -  a little puppy

Cora - Maiden or young woman

Girl Scottish Dog Names Beginning with D - G 

Dallas (boy or girl) means living on a clearing

Davina - from the male name David, loved one

Donna - feminine form of the Scottish name Donald meaning mighty ruler

Donalda - ruler of the world 

Drew - Brave; the feminine form of Andrew

Eara - from the East

Elise - means pledged to God

Elsbeth - the Scottish equivalent of Elizabeth

Fenella - one with a fair shoulder

Fergie (for a boy or a girl) means vigorous

Fiona - meaning fair

Forba - from Celtic meaning headstrong

Gavina - white hawk

Grizel - fighting in darkness

Girl Puppy Names H - I- J

Heather - a type of flower;  It also means good luck

Ina - from Anglo Saxon meaning home or to entertain

Isla - From Islay or Rocky Place

Jaime - Feminine form of James

Jaine - from old Scottish meaning "a little girl that was a gift from God"

Jannet - the Scottish for girls

Girl Scottish Dog Names K - M - N

Keavy - Pretty, gentle

Keitha- Forest

Kenna - meaning Born from the flames

Lesley - Originally from Celtic or Gaelic and comes from a Scottish place name

Macaulay - Righteous

McKinsey - Daughter of the fair one

Maisy - meaning Pearl

Nes - a gentle person

Nessa - another form of Loch Ness Monster

Nessie - from the Loch Ness Monster 

Girl Scottish Dog Names P - W

Paisley - colorful fabric first produced in Paisley, Scotland

Peigi (pronounced peggy) Pearl

Shannon -Originally from Celtic meaning old, wise

Sheena - God is Grace

Sine - (pronounced She-na) God is merciful

Slaine (pronounced Slaw-na) Healthy

Tara - From Celtic meaning hill, star or savior

Tammy - meaning twin, sweet

Teagan - originally from Welsh, meaning pretty, fair

Teasag - (pronounced Chaw-sag)  means God is merciful

Tyra - from Old Norse meaning light, deity

Vika- meaning from the creek

Wynda - from the narrow passages

Boy Scottish Dog Names 

Adair - from Gaelic meaning from the oak tree ford

Agan - can be used for a boy or girl meaning beautiful or handsom

Alaister - defender of men

Aklen - Scottish version of Alan

Alec - from the Scottish meaning abbreviation of Alexander; defender of mankind

Angus - From the Shakespeare Play, Macbeth

Avery - place name

Boy Scottish Dog Names Beginning with B

Banner - ensign bearer

Barclay - originally a Scottish Surname

Blane - little yellow one

Blair - meaning field of battle

Bowie - yellow haired boy

Boyd - meaning blonde

Broc - like a badger

Brody - refers to the castle Brodie in Scotland

Bruce - Originally a surname 

Bryce - from both the Scottish and Celtic

Bryson - a freckled man's son

Boy Names Beginning with C

Cailin - a modern one

Cameron - name of a highland clan meaning crocked nose

Camden - from the winding valley;  originally a surname

Camp - Scottish meaning crooked mouth

Campbell - name of a famous Highland Clan

Carson - meaning son of a marsh dweller

Colin - From the Gaelic meaning child or cub

Collin - from the Gaelic meaning People's victory

Conall - means strong wolf in Gaelic

Cormag - Scottish form of Cormac - 3rd century king of Ireland

Craig - A person who lives near a crag

Crichton - originally a surname meaning from the rocky town (girl or boy name)

Clyde - a place name referring to the River Clyde in Scotland

Curra - a hero

Curran - a dagger

Boy Scottish Dog Names D

Davis - David's son

Donald - From Celtic meaning ruler of all

Dougal - dark stranger

Douglas - from the Scottish meaning black river

Dove - dark and shady

Dow - a dark haired one with a happy heart

Duff - Meaning dark

Dugal - Scottish form of Dougal

Duncan - Scottish royal name and brown warrier

Dunlop - means muddy hilltop

Dun - brown skin soldier

Boy Scottish Dog Names E

Ellar - Monastery steward

Ervin - a beautiful friend

Erwin - a friend that is beautiful or fresh

Ever - strong as a boar

Ewan - of Irish and Scottish meaning Young

Ewen - one who is of the yew tree

Fang - a pen for sheep

Fergus - Strong and manly

Ferris - one who makes good choices

Finlay - meaning White Warrior

Fletcher - English version of Gaelic name, Mac an Fhleisteir

Fraser- coming from Clan Fraser in the lowlands

Boy Names G 

Gavin - Means White Hawk

Gawen - bird or hawk used as a weapon

Gibbs - Scottish surname

Gillean - servant of St. John

Glasgow - biggest city in Scotland

Glenn - Gaelic word for valley

Gordan - (or Gorden) untidy and restless

Graham - from English and Scottish origin meaning from the gray home

Grant - meaning great

Greig - dynamic,restless and independent

Grier - means Vigilant

Gus -  coolest kid

Boy Scottish Dog Names H - J

Hacket - Norman person name

Haddow - a person from Haddo (medieval location in Aberdeen)

Hamil - hill with grass

Harper - English version of an old Gaelic name, Mac a' Chruiteir

Henson -son of Henry

Hogg - Scottish surname

Houston - place name from High's town

Ian - God is gracious

Irvin - from the city

Jackson - God is gracious

Jamie - supplanter

Boy Names K-L

Kade - from the wetlands

Kendric - Royal chieftain

Ken - born of fire

Kennet - Born of fire

Kerk -from the church

Kevin -born of fire

Kin - From the top of the cliff

Kinny - From the top of the cliff

Kirk - Short for Kester, meaning Christ bearer

Kyle - Meaning Church

Lachlan - a person from the land of lakes or lochs

Lennox - a place name and clan name;  Lennox the Scottish nobleman is a character in the play MacBeth

Lewis - Meaning Fame and War

Logan - Hollow or Lowland

Lucas - From Lucania

Lyle - From the Island

Boy Scottish Dog Names M-0

Macbeth - son of Beth

Mack - meaning son of Flann

Malcolm - Servant of Saint Columba; a royal name in Scotland.

Marcas - from Scottish and Irish, form of Mark

Max - The stream of Mack

Maxwell - The stream of Mack

McCree - Scottish Family Name

McDuff - Family or Surname originally from Gaelic meaning dark

McFadden - Anglicized form of Gaelic

McGill - Both Scottish and Irish in origin

McGregor - son of a shepherd

McGowan - son of the smith

Michael - Like God

Mitch - Like God

Monroe - Surname meaning from the mouth of the roe

Muir - The sea

Munroe - from Ro

Murdock - from the Scottish and Celtic meaning protector of the sea

Murray - from the sea

Neil - Champion

Ness - From the Headland

Norris - From the north

Boy Dog Names P-W

Paton - Royal

Peyton - Royal

Pherson - Parson

Quinn - surname

Ramsey - from Ramsey

Reed - red haired also Redd and Reid

Robert - famous

Ross - common Scottish surname

Rory - Red haired king

Roth, Roy, Royal and Royall all mean red

Boy Scottish Dog Names S - W

Scott - a wanderer

Scottie or Scotty - form of Scott

Shaw - terse

Sinclair - From Saint Clair sur Elle 

Sloan - Warrior

Stewart - Keeper of the estate

Stuart - a guardian

Tavis - meaning twin

Todd - fox

Tory - from Craggy hills

Tyrone - Island dweller

Wallace - stranger

Watson - common Scottish surname

A Few Pronunciation Helps

Some Scotish names may be difficult to pronounce. Please note that exact pronunciation may vary slightly based on regional accents and dialects.

  • Adaira - [A-dei-ra]
  • Aila - [Ai-la]
  • Ailsa - [Ail-sa]
  • Alba - [Al-ba]
  • Camdyn - [Cam-din]
  • Ceit - [Ket]
  • Clutha - [Klu-tha]
  • Cauley - [Ca-lee]
  • Colina - [Co-lee-na]
  • Donalda - [Do-naal-da]
  • Eara - [Ea-ra]
  • Elsbeth - [Elz-beth]
  • Feinla - [Fein-la]
  • Fergus - [Fer-gus]
  • Fergie - [Fer-gie]
  • Forba - [For-ba]
  • Gavina - [Ga-vi-na]
  • Grizel - [Griz-el]
  • Lachlan - [Lak-lan]
  • Lennox - [Len-noks]
  • Lyle - [Lai-le]
  • Muir - [Moo-ir]
  • Munroe - [Mon-ro]
  • Murdoch - [Mur-dok]
  • Murry - [Mur-ry]
  • Neil - [Neil]
  • Ness - [Ness]
  • Norris - [Nor-ris]
  • Peigi - [Peg-gi]
  • Teasag - [Tea-ass-ag]
  • Tyra - [Ty-ra]
  • Vika - [Vi-ka]
  • Wynda - [Win-da]

For more information, check out iGaelic 

Place/Locations that Make Great Scottish Dog Names

Sterling Castle ScottlandSterling Castle

Aberdeen – Scotland’s third most populous city.

Andrews – for St. Andrews, a burgh in east Scotland that is also home to St. Andrews University.

Arran – as in the Isle of Arran.

Cuillin – a range of rocky mountains located on the Isle of Skye.

Dunbar - a small coastal town and whose name comes from old Gaelic

Dundee - Scotland's 4th largest city

Edinburgh – the capital city of Scotland.

Embra – slang for Edinburgh.

Glasgow – the largest city in Scotland.

Hamilton - one of the larger cities in Scotland

Iona - Small Island on Scotland's western side

Islay – another Scottish island.

Larbert - a small town whose name dates back to the Dark Ages

Lomond – for Lake Lomond, a freshwater Scottish loch.

Skye – as in the Isle of Skye, a gorgeous island in northwest Scotland. An old castle built in the 13th century

Well Known Symbols that Make Great Scottish Dog Names

Bagpipe player

Ale- beer

Bagpipes - a traditional Scottish musical instrument

Bogbean - a Scottish herb used to flavor some ales.

Cricket - another sport played in Scotland

Drambuie - famous Scottish liquor 

Fog - Very common weather feature (try Foggie)

Golf - popular sport

Haggis - A traditional Scottish dish

Kelpie - a mythical character known as the Scottish "Water Horse."  Probably not appropriate for the Australian Kelpie Dog Breed

Kilt - garment worm by me in the Scottish Highlands

Laddie  - name for a boy

Lassie - name for a girl

Leekie - as in Cock a Leekie Soup - traditional soup of chicken stock and leeks

Loch Ness or Nessie

Neeps - Scottish term for rutabaga

Peatie - cute for peat bogs common in Scotland

Porridge - breakfast food made with oats

Quid - an informal name for the Scottish currency

Rugby - popular sport in Scotland

Scones - a traditional scottish pastry

Shortbread - a popular Scottish dessert

Scotch Whiskey - either name would work for a dog

Sterling - The name of Scottish currency

Tartan - Scottish Football team

Tatties (Tattie) - Scottish name for boiled and mashed potatoes

Thistle -   Scotland's floral emblem 

Famous Scots that Will Share Their Name with Your Dog

Shakespeare's Macbeth posterMacbeth, the character in Shakespeare's play of the same name was a Scottish Duke

Alexander Fleming - Discovered Penicillin

Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the Sherlock Holmes books

J. M. Barrie  wrote Peter Pan

Kenneth Grahame  Wrote the Wind in the Willows

Macbeth - 11th Century Scottish Duke and Character in a Shakespeare play

Robert the Bruce - King of Scotland in 1306 

Robert Louis Stevenson - writer, poet, known best for Treasure Island and the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Rob Roy - the Scottish Robin Hood

Sean Connery - Famous Actor who played James Bond

Sherlock - The character in Arthur Conan Doyle's books.

Spark - from the Scottish novelist, Muriel Spark

William Wallace - known for his role the Scottish Independence

Great Scottish Dog Names Basied on the Netfix Hit Series, Outlander

Male Dog Names

  • Jamie "Jamie" MacKenzie Fraser (a.k.a. Jamie MacTavish)
  • Fraiser
  • Fergus Fergus Fraser
  • Jonathan
  • Bonnet Stephen Bonnet
  • Murtagh Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser
  • Dougal Dougal MacKenzie
  • Randall
  • Ian Ian Fraser Murray
  • Murray
  • Ramond
  • Colum Colum MacKenzie
  • Lionel
  • Hugh Hugh Munro
  • Horrocks
  • Rupert Rupert MacKenzie
  • Hamish Hamish MacKenzie
  • Angus

Female Dog Names

  • Claire - Claire Fraser
  • Geillis - Geillis Duncan
  • Marsali - Marsali MacKimmie
  • Jocasta - 
  • Jenny - Janet "Jenny" Fraser Murray
  • Laoghaire - Laoghaire MacKenzie
  • Lizzie -
  • Louise -
  • Annalis - Annalise de Marillac
  • Phaedre - 
  • Fiona - Fiona Graham
  • Letitia - Letitia MacKenzie
  • Geneva Dunsany
  • Brianna  Brianna MacKenzie
  • Millie  - Millie Nelson
  • Glenna - "Mrs. Fitz" Fitzgibbons

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