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Italian Dog Names

Italian Dog Names originate in a land seeped in culture and history. 

Italian Dog NamesItalian Dog Names

From The Roman Empire to the Renaissance to modern times, Italy is a beautiful country with gorgeous art, amazing architecture, enchanting cuisine and magnificent wine.  

Home to some of the world’s most creative minds, we get a rich melodic language that offers us some fantastic names for our small dogs. 

Whether you have a dog whose breed history can be traced back to Italy or just love the sound of the language, we have some great name ideas for you.  

Maybe you just love Pizza, Pasta, or Espresso and want your dog to remind you of some of your favorite things. 

This list is for you. 

So enjoy some of the rich cultural heritage to accompanies these amazing dog names,

Small Dog Breeds with Origins in and Around Italy


Italian Greyhound


Volpino Italino

Male Italian Dog Names

  • Aberto:  Nobel
  • Aldo:  Means Rich
  • Alfredo:  Counselor of the Elves
  • Andrea:  Manly
  • Angelo:  Angel
  • Brando:  Brilliant Raven
  • Bruno:  Brown Hair
  • Cesare:  Long Hair
  • Corrado:  Bold
  • Dante:  Lasting
  • Davide:  Beloved
  • Elmo:  Worthy to be loved
  • Enea:  Born Nineth
  • Enzo: Rules the House
  • Ernesto: Serious
  • Este: From the East
  • Fabio:  Bean Grower
  • Faust:  Lucky
  • Flavio:  Blond
  • Gabriele:  God Given Strength
  • Geronimo:  Sacred
  • Gino:  Famous
  • Giorgio:  Farmer
  • Giovanni:  Gift from God
  • Guido:  Guide
  • Ilario:  Cheerful
  • Lanza:  Nobel
  • Leo:  Lion
  • Leonardo:  Bold Lion
  • Lorenz:  Laurel
  • Lucca:  Light
  • Luigi:  Famous Warrior
  • Marco:  Warning
  • Mario:  Bitter
  • Matteo:  Gift of God
  • Michelangelo:  Angel
  • Orlando:  Heroic
  • Paolo:  Little
  • Pio:  Pious
  • Primo:  First Born
  • Raphael:  God has healed
  • Renzo:  Laurel
  • Ricardo:  Firm Ruler
  • Roberto:  Fame
  • Rocco:  Rest
  • Romano:  From Rome
  • Romeo:  Pilgrim from Rome
  • Renzo: laurel
  • Rocco:  Rest
  • Santo:  Sacred
  • Sergio:  Attendant
  • Stefano:  Crowned with Laurels
  • Tino:  Small
  • Tito:  Giant
  • Ugo:  Intelligent
  • Valerio:  Brave, Strong
  • Vito:  The Victor

Female Italian Dog Names

  • Agata:  Kind
  • Aida:  Happy
  • Aletta:  Winged
  • Alonza:  Ready for battle
  • Angela:  Angel
  • Anita:  Grace
  • Aria:  Melody
  • Bambi:  Child
  • Belladonna:  Beautiful Lady
  • Beatrice:  Blesses
  • Belinda:  Serpentine
  • Bianca:  White
  • Bruna:  Dark Haired
  • Cameo:  Sculptured Jewel
  • Cara:  Beloved friend
  • Carmela:  Garden
  • Celia:  Heaven
  • Cerelia:  Fertile
  • Cira:  The Sun
  • Clariss:  Clear
  • Dona:  Lady
  • Elda:  Warrior
  • Elena:  Light
  • Esta:  From the East
  • Fabia:  Femminine form of Fabio which means Bean Farmer
  • Flavia:  Blond
  • Gabriella:  God Given Strength
  • Gemma:  Jewel
  • Ghita:  Pearl
  • Giovanna:  Feminine form of Giovanni or Gift from God
  • Grazia:  Grace
  • Isabella:  Consecrated to God
  • Leola:  Lion
  • Leonora:  Light
  • Liliana:  Lily
  • Lunetta:  Little Moon
  • Maria:  Bitter
  • Mercede:  Merciful
  • Mia:  Wished for Child
  • Mona:  Lady
  • Natala:  Born at Christmas
  • Nicia:  People’s Victory
  • Octavia:  Born Eight
  • Olympia:  From Olympus
  • Paola:  Small
  • Pia:  Pious
  • Pietra:  Rock
  • Pippa:  Loves Horses
  • Rachelle:  Lamb
  • Regina:  Queen
  • Renata:  Rebirth
  • Roma:  From Rome
  • Rosa:  Rose
  • Rosetta:  Little Rose
  • Rufina:  Red Hair
  • Serena:  Serene
  • Simona:  One who hears
  • Sofia:  Wise
  • Teresa:  Harvester
  • Terza:  Born Third
  • Trista:  Sad
  • Valentina:  Brave
  • Verdette:  Guardian
  • Violet:  Flower
  • Virginia:  Pure
  • Viviana:  Alive
  • Volante:  Flying

Did You Know...

We can thank the Italians for many words we use commonly in English.  Here are some Italian Words Used in English that might make great dog names:


Putto (baby)

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