Red Dog Names

By Janice Jones   |Last Updated 02-08-2024

Our Red Dog Names list maybe the perfect solution to finding a great name for that flaming hot red puppy you just adopted. 

But what is the best name for your pooch?  

Even though all of these names have one thing in common (they mean red or they refer to something that is red), many of them create mental images that help define the dog. 

For example, let me share a personal story.

A red dachshund is shown in front of a background of red roses

My Search for a Red Dog Name for my New Red Puppy

We adopted a little red and white dog recently and wanted the perfect red dog name for him. 

So we began to brainstorm and came up with names like Carrot Top, Cayenne and Curry. 

They all would have described his color just fine, but they didn’t seem to address his temperament or personal quirks that made him who he is.

Dog Names Based on Color Vs. Names Based on Personality?

We needed to search farther.

Here was a good little puppy who always seemed to be getting into trouble.  Drama followed him everywhere, but in the end, everything seemed to resolve itself and all was good. 

Finally it dawned on me that he was like one of my favorite children’s book characters.  He was a Clifford (from the book series written by Norman Bridwell.)

But at two pounds and not likely to get heavier than eight pounds, he just didn’t look the part of a canine that needed a tractor trailer to transport him to the vet.  Then, the weirdest thing happened.

Help Comes From Unusual Sources When Naming a Dog

We got a packaged delivered to our home through the US Postal Service.  Postal Workers usually hate to come to my home because we have so many dogs, but this one came knocking and out ran this little 2 pound dog. 

The postal worker asked me for his name, and I hated to admit that he didn’t have a name yet.  

But Mr. No-name puppy showered this guy with kisses and jumped excitedly to play.

I commented that the puppy really seemed to take to this man.

Pleased with himself, he nonchalantly suggested that he be called Cliff or Clifford from the old TV series Cheers. 

The screen name for the postal worker on Cheers was “Cliff.” 

That did it!  His name will be Clifford, the Little Red Dog!

Red and White Shih Tzu PuppyClifford, my Lil Red Dog

Red Dog Names

This list includes color names, objects, both natural and manufactured that are red, as well as characters from cartoons, movies, books, and television shows. It also borrows from history and culture, for all of you who need to have a story to tell about your dog's name.  (I know I'm one of those)

I’m sure I’ve forgotten one, so please offer your suggestions in the form below.  I always add your suggestions (as long as they are family-friendly) the next time I update the page.

Red Dog Names Based on Human names.  

Why do people name their little dogs after a male or female human name?  This is easy.

Most people who own small breed dogs choose them because their size and their resemblance to a human baby.  Some even choose to be a dog parent rather than a human parent.  Whatever the reason, this list of names are based on human names.

Girl Dog Names Great for a Red Puppy

If you love the idea of using a human name for your little girl, you are in luck.  You can highlight your girl's lovely red locks and still choose a dog name that is also popular with human parents.

Amber (Girl’s name and reference to red)

Ariel from Little Mermaid

Blaze (Good for a girl or a boy)

Brandy (also an Alcoholic beverage)

Cherry (also a Bright red fruit)

Cheyenne (als the Native American word for red)

Ellie (a girls' name and the animated character from Disney movie, Up)

Fiona (also the main female character in Shrek)

Garnet (used as a girls name and also refers to a precious metal)

Ginger (Reddish colored spice and also a human girl name)

Goldie (a female name such as Goldie Hawn - Great for a reddish-orange dog)

Hazel (a girl's name from the old English means reddish-brown)

Jessica or Jess for short (from the animated character in Roger Rabbit)

Lucy (as in Lucille Ball, the redheaded actress)

Merida (Princess in the Disney Movie, Brave)

Rose (Beautiful name for a girl dog)

Rosie (If Rose is too formal, why not Rosie?)

Ruby (A human female name and also a Precious metal)

Scarlett (An English name that has been in use since the Middle Ages. It originally came from a surname denoting a person who sold or made clothes made of scarlet (a kind of cloth).

Boy Dog Names Suitable for a Red Puppy

Finding a name for that handsome fellow of yours is not difficult if you also want to feature his beautiful colors. Here are a few to get your creative juices flowing.

Archie from the drama series Riverdale.  He has red had and would surely lend his name to your red dog.

Suggested by Aliya Lieberg of Montana, USA

Clifford (The Big Red Dog owned by Emily Elizabeth in the children’s book with the same title)

Elmo (and the Red monster on Sesame Street)

Eric (a boys name, Eric the Red, and the Prince in Little Mermaid)

Flann  (Irish name meaning red, ruddy)

Gilroy (Irish, Gaelic means Son of the Red-head)

Harkin  (Irish boy name meaning dark red)

Harry (Prince Harry, son of Charles and Diana. He has red hair)

Radcliff/Radcliffe (An Old English surname that translates to "red cliff".)

Rogan  (Irish male name means red headed)

Rowan (a boy's name from the Gaelic meaning red; also Rohan/Rohan which means "ascend" in Sanskrit, in Old Gaelic, Rohan (Rowan) means "little red-haired one".)

Rudolph (ok, so Rudolph was really a red-nosed reindeer)

Russell (This name of French origin refers to someone with reddish-brown hair or even a ruddy complexion)

Titian (Referring to the reddish-brown color of hair, named after the great Italian painter Titian who often used this color in his paintings)

Vermilion (A brilliant red color, also a semi-precious mineral used in creating a brilliant red pigment.)

Jeanie Mitchell from Marysville, Ohio
made these great suggestions: 

Axl - Axl Rose, lead singer of Guns 'n Roses, is a red-head.

I love Red Skelton but I think a lot of people would think you named your dog "skeleton".

So why not use some of his characters instead. Clem for Clem Kadiddlehopper or Freddie the Freeloader.

Breda is a city in the Netherlands that holds an international festival for redheads.

Fagan means "small and fiery" in Irish.

The Word, Red in Other Languages

There is a name in every language on earth for the color red, but I have only listed the ones that are short and easy to pronounce for an English speaking puppy parent.  Please contact me if you think of more.

Aka / Akai (Japanese for Red.  In Japanese Culture, red represents strong emotions, life and the sun.)

Flavius (From Latin, it translates to "golden" or "yellow," but was often used to describe people with blonde or red hair in the ancient Roman period)

Hóng (Chinese for Red:  In Chinese culture, the color red symbolizes luck, joy, and prosperity)

Krasnyi (In Rusian Culture, it means beautiful.  So, this name could be perfect for a dog that is red and very attractive)

Lal (meaning red in Hindi).  In Indian Culture, red is a powerful color symbolizing purity, fertility, love, beauty, and power)

Odayin (a Native American name that means "red man"  Native American Culture, red, often symbolizes faith, beauty, and happiness.)

Pula (Filipino for Red) suggested by Torah Roberts from Redcliffe, Perth, Australia 

Rubia/Rubio (In Spanish, these names translate to "blonde," but historically could refer to a spectrum of hair color from blonde to auburn, encompassing some red shades.)

Rojo, Roja (Spanish for red)

Rosso  (Italian for red)

Rot (German for red)

Rouge (French for red, in Hungarian, lipstick) ADDED By Julia from the United Kingdom

Suri (Persian name meaning red rose)

Words that Mean Red

These terms whether from a literary sense, medical term or the everyday vernacular all mean the color red or various shades of red.

Auburn (Auburn is usually associated with hair color in people.  If you hear the term auburn hair, you immediately think a deep reddish brown color.)

Cherry (Cherries are always associated with the color red, some varieties are darker than others)

Flame (A fitting name for a dog with a bright, fiery red coat.)

Ruby (Ruby is a precious gem but it is also a color name used to describe red in a more poetic way.)

Blush (Some people blush more readily than others but it all refers to the reddening of the face). Some cosmetics also use the term to mean the addition of a slight red coloration especially to the cheeks.

Rosy (Rose or Rosy are also terms to describe not only a beautiful flower but the color red)

Ruddy (Normally used to describe the skin color or complexion of a person, the word means reddish or the color red.)

Claret (the color name of a deep red with purplish tones, similar to maroon or burgundy)

Poppy (the poppy flower is red)

Fuchsia (a two-tone colored perennial usually red and purple.  It would make a great girl's name)

Sienna (A form of earth used as a pigment that can range from yellow-brown to red-brown)

Sorrel (Refers to a light, reddish-brown color, particularly in relation to horse coats, but could also work for a dog with a similar color coat.)

Terra Cotta (Refers to the brownish-red color of earthenware clay—could be a unique choice for a dog with a similar coat color.)

Here are a few more great names you could you if want to bring out the color of your dog's hair.  Use Copper if you have a brownish red dog.  Crimson, Rusty, and Sienna are more color words you could consider.  Scarlet comes from old French meaning red and was the name used in Gone with the Wind for Scarlet O'Hara.

Red Dog Names from Food and Drinks

red dog names inspired by food where a bunch of red peppers

Food names make great dog names.  I've divided this list into two parts, drinks and foods for easy reading.  Many of the names on this list are a shade of red rather than the primary color red. Here are a few red foods that may make a good dog name.

Beets (Well, maybe a little on the purple side)

Cayenne (Spicy Hot and Red)

Cheddar (Golden red)

Chestnut (Brownish-red nut)

Chili (Reddish Colored Spice)

Cinnamon (Reddish brown colored Spice)

Cranberry (Deep red colored Fruit)

Currant (Dried Red Fruit)

Curry (Spicy)

Jelly Bean (Well, some are red)

Ketchup (May not work if your family uses a lot of ketchup)

Lobster (For that little crustacean your life)

Mango (orange colored fruit)

Pepper (as in red pepper)

Peppermint (Candy, Peppermint Pattie was a redhead in the cartoon, Peanuts)

Pepperoni (Pepper for short)

Paprika (Spice)

Radish (Bright red vegetable)

Raspberry (Fruit)

Rhubarb (purple-red fruit)

Saffron (Spice)

Strawberry (red fruit)

Sumac (Mediterranean spice)

Tomato (One very red fruit)

Twizzlers (red licorice candy)

Check out our other great dog names based on foods.

Here are some red dog names that were inspired by drinks.  For a more complete list of dog names based on drinks, you'll want to check out that page.

Cosmopolitan (vodka drink)  Cosmo for short

Merlot  (Red Wine)

Bordeaux (Wine)

Burgundy (Wine)

Red Dog Names Inspired by Objects that are Red

To spur the imagination even further, we look at objects in our environment that are normally red. Think Bricks, Hydrant and my favorite, Solo cups.  Solo would be a great name for a red dog, especially if you do not plan on having other dogs in the household.

Red objects include cherries, flame, a red bird, a red solo cup, and a red ladybug.

Autumn (reminiscent of the color of the season)

Brick (Traditional color of bricks made  with clay Is red)

Cinnabar (A mineral that is deep red in color, and can also refer to various species of moths that have wings in shades of red.)

Ember (Fire hot)

Flame (Good as either a boy or a girl name)

Hydrant (Fire hydrants are often red)

Mars (the Red Planet)

Penny (Copper colored)

Peter Pan (Disney Character had red hair)

Phoenix (From Greek meaning Crimson; unisex)

Phineas (little red tuft of hair from Phineas and Ferb cartoon)

Solo (Red Solo Cup)

Spark (first sign of a fire)

Sunset (Red Sky at night, Sailors delight)

Red Dog Names from Animals and Plants

Cardinal (The bird)

Flamingo (A large pink bird. Have a pink dog?)

Foxy (Some Foxes are red)

Lady Bug (call her Lady for short)

Lily (there are different varieties of the lily family that are red)

Panda (as in the Red Panda)

Pansy (Flower that comes in  a variety of colors including red)

Poppy - Mentioned elsewhere on this page;  red-orange in color

Sweet Pea - a flower that comes in a variety of colors including red

Tiger (Tigers are often reddish orange in color)

Tulip (red tulip is a spring flower)

Zinnia (red flower)

Red Dog Names Inspired by People

Frizzle (Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus)

Skelton (Red Skelton, Comedian from the mid 20th century)

Thor (Norse god with red hair)

Wilma (from the Flintstones)

A red corgi is running in a field on a pin image

More Red Dog Names Suggested by Our Readers

Correction:  Amanda from Spokane, WA, USA, wrote,
"Garnet is a precious gemstone not metal. It is dark red in color typically and is the birthstone for January." 

Jennifer O'Brien from Osceola, United States  Suggested Rory which means red King. A great male dog name for a red dog.

Brook from the U.S.A recommends the name, Copper for a Penny colored dog.

Ann, From MA. U.S.A. writes:
for its red rocks.  Could be a great name for a red female dog

Darren from Victoria, Australia suggested the name,
"Carmine."   The names means a vivid crimson color and you get it when you burn Lithium Chloride. 

Any Chemists out there??

Pamela from Oregon, USA writes: 
Dhargan - which is Gaelic and means " red stain"

Liz Bruce from the UK suggested "Annie,"  a red headed orphan.

Elizabeth Boyer from Essex, UK writes:
"When I went to school Ruby was a precious stone not metal.  We are going to name our Fox red Labrador "Rosie" I loved many of your suggestions."
         Thanks Elizabeth

Red Dog Names: 
Pin for Future Reference

Two dogs with red fur is shown on a pin image

Got a few Great Red Dog Names to Add to the List?

Use the form below and give us your suggestions.  Please indicate that you want your suggestion placed on the red dog names page and be sure to tell us why it would be a great name.

Please Contact Small Dog Place

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