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Girl Dog Names
Beginning with B

By Janice Jones   |Last Updated 07-06-2020

Girl dog names beginning with B is the second page in a long list of great dog name ideas for any little female puppy or dog.

Love the movies?  Choose a famous name from Disney

Some dogs are named after an ancient god or goddess. Try a name based on Mythology?

Hungry for a Food Name for Your dog? Or maybe a name based on your favorite drink?

Perhaps you might like a name based on your dog breed's country of origin? 

Love Nature, Check out the Dog Names Based on Nature

Or, you just want a sweet little girl name.  Keep reading.

Girl Dog Names Beginning with B

Baba - African born on Thursday

Babe - Latin form of Barbara or Baby

Babette - French form of Barbara

Babs - American form of Barbara

Bada - Korean meaning beautiful

Bai - Chinese meaning outgoing

Bailey - English meaning bailiff

Baka - Hindi for crane

Bambie - Italian meaning child

Banni - Indian meaning maiden

Barbie - American form of Barbara

Barrett - German strong as a bear

Bay - Vietnamese meaning white as snow

Baylee - English form of Bailey

Bea - American short for Beatrice

Bear - as in Brown Bear

Beauty - Lovely

Bebe - Spanish form of Barbara

Becca- Hebrew short form of Rebecca

Becki (Becky) - American form of Rebecca

Bella - Latin for beautiful

Belle - French for beautiful

Bena - Native American for pheasant

Benita Spanish form of Benedicta

Benni - Latin form of Benedicta

BerkleyScottish and English for birch tree meadow

Bernie - English form of Bernadine

Berta - German form of Berit

Berti - German, English familiar form of Gilberte

Bess Bessie - Hebrew short form of Elizabeth

Beth (Bethie)Hebrew, Arabic house of God, short for Elizabeth

Betsy - American form of Elizabeth

Bette - French a form of Betty

Bev - English short form for Beverly

Birdie - English for bird

Blair - Scottish for plains dweller, could be used for boy or girl

Blaise - French one who stammers

Blanca - Italian form of Bianca

Blanch - French form of Bianca

Blinda - American form of Belinda

Bliss - English meaning blissful

Blondie - American form of Blondell

Blossom - English meaning flow

Blum - Yiddish for flower

BoChinese for precious

Bo Mee - Korean meaning white; senior, esteemed

Bobbi (Bobby) (Bobbie) - American form of Barbara, Roberta

Bonnie (Bonny) - English, Scottish meaning beautiful or pretty

Bonita - Spanish meaning pretty

Breck - Irish for freckled can be used for a boy or a girl

Breena - Irish fairy palace

Brenda - Irish little raven

Brea Bree - Irish short form of Breana

BriarFrench meaning healthier

Brina - Latin a short form of Sabrina

Brisa - Spanish meaning beloved

Brita - Irish form of Bridget

Britney, Britny - English form of Britany

Brock-  English meaning badger

Brook or Brooke - English for stream or brook

Brooklyn - American a combination of Brook and Lyn

Bruna - German, a short form of  Brunhilda

Bryana - Irish, a form of Bryan

Brylie - American, a combination of B and Riley

Buffy - American, for buffalo from the plains

Bunny - Greek, a familiar form of Bernice

Miscellaneous Girl Dog Names Beginning with B



Blue color


Bluebell flower





Bounce (Bouncer) - Someone who jumps

Bouquet - of flowers






Girl Dog Names Beginning with B Inspired by Food and Drinks



Berry or Berri

Bamboo (Shoots)









Brazil (Nuts)









Girl Dog Names Beginning With B inspired by Small Size Dogs 

Babe or Baby - small person

Bantam - Small Chicken

Berry - as a small berry or fruit

Bitty - as in Itty Bitty

Binky - Small Pacifier

Bonsai -Very Small Tree

Bullet - Small amno

Bunny - Small Rabbit

Buttons - Small Buttons on a shirt

Bubbles  - Little bubbles

Bug - Small insect

Butterfly - small insect

Girl Dog Names Beginning With B Inspired by Celebrities

Bérénice -  Bérénice Marlohe - Actress

Barbara - Barbara Palvin - Actress

Bella -  Bella Thorne - Actress and Singer Also Bella Heathcote - Actress

Beth  - Beth Behrs - Actress

Beyoncé - Singer

Billie - Billie Piper - Actress

Blake - Celebrity Blake Lively

Brandy - Brandy Norwood - Actress

Brenda - Brenda Song - Actress

Bridgit - Bridgit Mendler -Actress

Brie - Brie Larson - Actress

Brit -  Brit Marling - Actress

Britt -  Britt Robertson -  Actress

Britney - Britney Spears - Singer

Brittany - Brittany Snow - Actress

Brooke  - Brooke Shields - Actress

Brooklyn - Brooklyn Decker -  Actress and Model

Bryce - Bryce Dallas Howard - Actress

Busy - Busy Philipps -  Actress

Now It's Your Turn

Did I forget your favorite girl dog name beginning with B?  First, let me say, I'm sorry for that oversight.  Secondly, would you care to share?  Please contact me with your great girl dog names beginning with B and I'll add them to this page along with a note giving you all the credit for your creativity.  Don't forget to include meanings if applicable.

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